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08 Jul 2024 21:18:19
Dessers was infact on the plane today to.


1.) 08 Jul 2024 23:56:01
I heard he missed the flight.

2.) 09 Jul 2024 07:20:22
? Big Dado!

3.) 09 Jul 2024 08:29:04
He will be with the squad until his move is finalised.

4.) 09 Jul 2024 09:39:55
Oooft big dado. I bet a few on here will get there knickers in a twist with that comment.

5.) 09 Jul 2024 11:54:32
?? surely not dave.

6.) 09 Jul 2024 12:38:36
He's missed many things maybe missing a flight would not be a shocker. Maybe was too slow on the stairs and they shut the door.

Btw there's a speedy gonzales type at Luton somebody mentioned we had looked at, apparently the quickest in the game down there.

7.) 09 Jul 2024 12:41:04
Ogbene is his name now relegated and wages to drop .

8.) 09 Jul 2024 13:03:54
I'm not dessers' biggest fan, but I think it's a mistake letting him go now. I'd wait 6 months to see how our signings get on first and Danillo will need time to get back up to speed.

9.) 09 Jul 2024 17:53:19
I agree totally Rfc, unless he wants away we should keep him for another season.
Dessers, Danilo, Igamane, and one more will do us. !



05 Jan 2024 19:59:11
Just heard from my source that mckenna is at ibrox as we speak.


1.) 05 Jan 2024 20:35:10
Is Emanuel Dennis there with him?

2.) 05 Jan 2024 20:41:12
Well if he is there and signs I wish him all the best and hopefully brings us success, not a player I would want but who knows he may be brilliant for us, signs then he has my support.

3.) 05 Jan 2024 21:30:02
Was only kidding lol. Was just repeating Paul's info as that seems to be the new trend.

4.) 05 Jan 2024 22:02:56
How come you get away with that orange tinted and I get told I'm being negative.

5.) 05 Jan 2024 22:19:23
Ally mccoist driving the taxi.



31 Dec 2023 20:31:32
Have u heard any names or positions john? Just going off you saying that hotel is booked.


1.) 01 Jan 2024 10:14:16
Millio definitely one orange
McKenna is a target and Barton a target.

2.) 01 Jan 2024 11:02:28
Millio John227?.

3.) 01 Jan 2024 11:04:03

4.) 01 Jan 2024 11:17:33
Who is Barton and what position does he play.

5.) 01 Jan 2024 11:35:21
Hi All, Happy New Year.
I suspect Barton is actually Barron (pesky predictive text) .

Maybe I am being naive but I don’t think that the last Celtic result is a killer;
If we can win our 2 in hand, find our own killer touch (I believe we simply need a finisher rather than a forward who can play all positions. I won’t repeat the maroon clad player but if not him then someone of that ilk) . We have holes IMO at left back, CH and a true down the line winger, but don’t think we are that far adrift. Those in green were overall better but as we have seen this season both the big 2 look vulnerable if the other SPFL sides can be brave enough…Points will be dropped. So win out games and we will win the league. Not easy granted but got to be optimistic for 2024 :)

6.) 01 Jan 2024 11:39:10
I take it John is referring to Million and Barron lads.

7.) 01 Jan 2024 11:39:31
John means million manhoef Dutch right sided winger and Barron from Aberdeen who will be a long time replacement for jack.

8.) 01 Jan 2024 11:39:47
Think he means barron.

9.) 01 Jan 2024 11:39:58
Don’t want McKenna.

10.) 01 Jan 2024 11:41:50
John, I heard yesterday from a retired Celtic Doctor, that they want McKenna. Have you heard any more on this. (Incidentally, he also said that there had been rumoured interest from Rangers in Luca Ranieri, centre back at Fiorentina) .

11.) 01 Jan 2024 11:51:33
He meant Barron for the sheep I think.

12.) 01 Jan 2024 11:53:13
Joey, it's too Boss midfield n skelp mgregor.

13.) 01 Jan 2024 12:08:29
They tried to sign Mckenna b4 he went to forest.

14.) 01 Jan 2024 12:27:45
Not keen on mckenna imo no better than souttar.

15.) 01 Jan 2024 13:14:49
Sorry folks predictive text, yes million and Connor Barron

There is a lot of interest in McKenna all over, a free.

16.) 01 Jan 2024 16:13:42
Think a Souter/ McKenna CH pairing could be interesting. Always thought McKenna was a good player at Aberdeen and did very well in England when he first went down although latterly not so well. Believe we also have eyes on another option for CH.



07 Oct 2023 07:13:48
Strummer you heard anything re who will be our new manager?


1.) 07 Oct 2023 16:32:33
Orange tinted I'm still saying clement.



06 Oct 2023 08:59:10
Goldsons interview last night suggest a split in the camp. He must have mentioned at least 5 times about "we have to come together as a team" or words similar. He looked fed up and drained I feel there is more than meets the eye with the players.


1.) 06 Oct 2023 09:48:53
I've mentioned this before OT, something isn't right. there are not many smiling faces going around, and you can't see them coming together to fight for each other. Very worrying times.
there a 4 groups at least, 1 old guard Tav etc,2 new signings, 3 young team who probs won't et game time and 4 those who have been told they are surplus.

2.) 06 Oct 2023 10:25:00
I would say the fans are drained by his terrible performance.

3.) 06 Oct 2023 10:55:26
Given the overhaul of the squad out and in, that's what he meant by coming together as a team. Vast majority of starting 11's haven't played much football together as it changes all the time.

4.) 06 Oct 2023 10:55:38
There must be. The body language from some of the players during last night's game was shocking! They aren't running through brick walls for each other.

I fear John's rumour of Lampard being offered the job is true. Surely Glasner and Clement have to be in the mix given their experience. Also, there's normally a left field option in these situations. Just got to get this appointment right. I know we say that for every new manager but by God this is the most important appointment for decades. Can the Board get it right. I've got everything crossed.

5.) 06 Oct 2023 11:15:57
Storm - Agreed and this is where we need an old school man manager who can manage egos and splits in camp and make the players see the bigger picture as well as being tactically astute - basically we have overpaid underachieving amateurs who think/ believe they are better than they are or the next guy - so this need sorted by not having a pally pally manager - ie one who has been over the course a few times! Walter or Jock W would not have stood for this in various aspects of our play and demeanour end of!

6.) 06 Oct 2023 11:19:11
Aye it's a shambles and it's not all Beales fault, those above have no clue . As far as Goldson is concerned then not being able to defend and pinging long balls to nobody should concern him right now .
Lundstram we can't do much about and look like we will have to suffer further from him, useless, slow and brainless.

7.) 06 Oct 2023 11:43:43
More like they are simply not good enough and need to be moved on. They are being extremely well paid for what they do, so get on with it and stop behaving like babies.

8.) 06 Oct 2023 12:32:58
Mossend, bennett and bisgrove didn't appoint michael beale mate that was douglas park and stewart robertson my friend ?This will be bisgrove and bennett's first managerial appointment ?.

9.) 06 Oct 2023 12:49:16
Those "team mates" basically gave Steven Davis a collective smack in the face last night. That opposition were rubbish but at least had the will to put the effort in and commit to the cause while we felt sorry for ourselves and played like a bunch of strangers. Sima / Butland can hold there heads high, the rest can do 1 asap if they think that level of performance is good enough. Lampard wouldn't be the worst decision imo but there are better candidates out there who have proven ability but this board will probably go down the commerce route and think of the personality, not substance. We must win that League Cup no matter who's in charge.

10.) 06 Oct 2023 13:10:10
Coops bennet was part of the board that appointed Beale do not entirely true what you say. I do believe John tho and he said Bennet didn’t vote for Beale.

The players are a complete joke but Beale bought the players also and the majority are utter dugpoo.

11.) 06 Oct 2023 13:17:20
I'm not sure if the ED will allow a YouTube video to be posted, but the video that was posted on the official club channel about two months ago of John Lundstram and Kieran Dowell having a chat on the way to training made me feel really uneasy. It's called The Road to Training and was from 13 July 2023.
Hardly a word between the two, and at that point I was thinking the worst about team moral. Seven minute footage of team mates not talking to each other sums up how together this squad is.

12.) 06 Oct 2023 14:55:02
Lundstrum was taking the piss and giving the content creators a hard time, nothing to do with Dowell.

13.) 06 Oct 2023 15:03:34
Thanks Ed.




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26 Jun 2024 11:44:50
Has the morrocan boy joined yet? It was meant to be feoday was it not? Or was it then monday? can't keep up.


1.) 26 Jun 2024 12:31:19
Feoday has always been my favourite day of the week?.

2.) 26 Jun 2024 13:32:44
Weoday I believe.



18 Jun 2024 23:00:04
If its true that rrahmani club want 7.5m euros then I would prefer miovski for that kind of money.


1.) 19 Jun 2024 05:55:11
Shankland about to enter his last year of contract offer Hearts £3m for him.

2.) 19 Jun 2024 09:16:57
Lennon isn't going to do us any favours in this deal. wouldn't surprise me if he went to Celtic.

3.) 19 Jun 2024 12:07:09
Mark, I genuinely think Lennon is trying to convince the lad and Celtic to do the deal.

4.) 19 Jun 2024 12:13:56
Tin foil hats back out again.

5.) 19 Jun 2024 13:35:03
Its nothing to do with Lennon, the price will be set by the club president and I`m pretty sure he won`t let a manager who is just in the door influence him too much.

6.) 19 Jun 2024 14:30:29
Only if Celtic want him.
Good chance Miovski going to them so they may not be looking for another striker.

7.) 19 Jun 2024 16:40:52
Wsl, Lennon has plenty of influence over the potential deal. All he has to do is recommend him to Celtic and if they’re interested tell the player to hold on a bit for the bigger better club etc as you’d imagine him to say.
If he could get one over us by getting out too target to Celtic it’s silly to suggest he wouldn’t do everything in his power to do so mate.
May not be the case but u can bet he’d do it if he can.

8.) 19 Jun 2024 17:27:47
Stevie, I agree.

9.) 19 Jun 2024 19:43:12
I don’t agree with that.
If Rogers is interested then it could happen, only then would it be beneficial for Celtic with Lennon there.



14 Jun 2024 05:44:05
Too far down now but it's a reply to fork about my post about the European squad. If you only register 5 of a possible 8 home-grown players it does not mean you then have your non European players reduced by 3. It means you just have 3 less homegrown players. That is it. Otherwise it would be like a double punishment. So basically you can have 17 non homegrown or locally trained players regardless, and 8 homegrown players, as a minimum to make your squad.


1.) 14 Jun 2024 06:25:41
You miss the point OT, you lose in overall squad total, yes you still get 17 of the 25, but some of the homegrown are senior or vital, as stated balogun and yilmaz missed out due to squad being reduced, as squad dynamics in managers selection is affected and detrimental to the squad. If you include senior homegrown and don't fulfill your quota, foreign players will miss out, what part of that is hard bud.

2.) 14 Jun 2024 06:31:46
Plus read the posts back, I never said we lose foreign/ European players, I said we can lose them if the quota is not filled, it limits the managers selection choice by list A squad reduction. Uefa rules bud but the managers selection headaches can impact on others not homegrown as stated ie. Balogun/ yilmaz last time out and the squad was only 23 as opposed to full 25.

3.) 14 Jun 2024 06:45:37
Basically it's not the rules that reduce the non homegrown players, it the selection headaches the gaffer faces that impacts them when squad size is reduced. I see where your coming from bud, but it happens and not just to us?.

4.) 14 Jun 2024 07:13:02
It’s a simple rule, we r act The best position we have been in years re our own academy players that are 21 plus, wether they r good enough is a different debate, as it stands we have.
Mccrorie/ kelly
Wright, gk

Add in wright, Barron there’s our 8.

5.) 14 Jun 2024 07:16:15
Balogun and yulmaz didn't miss out because the squad was reduced. They missed out because they weren't picked to be part of the 17 non home grown players. I have read the posts hence why I'm replying. You said if you don't fill the quota for homegrown the squad is reduced, that's why they missed out. But that isn't the reason because reducing the number of homegrown players doesn't affect the amount of non home grown (17). The way you put it across is that if you reduce the amount of home grown that you select it reduces the amount of non home grown. So by that reckoning if you only select 3 home grown from a possible 8 then you reduce the non homegrown by 5. So that would mean 12+the 3 homegrown to have a squad of 15 lol. I don't think so.

6.) 14 Jun 2024 08:29:34
I never said that I said all along the failure of 8 of homegrown players reduces the A list quota, and gives the manager a selection headache in terms of squad dynamics.
Not once did I say that non homegrown players would be reduced, I said in every post that non homegrown player can miss out due to the reasons above and every previous post, you choose to interpret your own ideas of what it involves to suit your reasoning which is wrong. And you answer what I've told you in every post the past week in your opening 2 sentences bud in relation to non homegrown missing out due to manager selection headaches. There lies the issue, its selection headaches is why some miss out not squad size, made this clear numerous times.

7.) 14 Jun 2024 08:33:42
If it's came across wrong I apologise, but as stated its more about squad dynamics and selection problems, that can result in non homegrown not being included and that's included in posts to John, gofor and yourself all at different times the past 7-10 days. Hope this clears my thinking up bud?.

8.) 14 Jun 2024 08:36:36
Agree John it is simple to follow, but selection headaches can still see others miss out in the 17, as stated all along.

9.) 14 Jun 2024 08:43:46
Sorry to go on OT, but your not seeing the bit about players missing out because of selection headaches in a reduced squad.

10.) 14 Jun 2024 09:07:11
Plus, the reduction comes from the 25 not the 17 in list A, not in the way you refer to reductions in your post at 7.16 am, UEFA rules bud. ?.

11.) 14 Jun 2024 09:18:07
We get it. move on fork ?.

12.) 14 Jun 2024 09:43:03
Lol Colonel, just trying to clear it up for OT bud? moving on?.

13.) 14 Jun 2024 10:56:21
John - are we sure to sign Barron?

14.) 14 Jun 2024 12:42:40
Copland mb, if not we move on.

15.) 14 Jun 2024 13:14:09
Does McCausland not count as one of the 8, even though he is Irish he has come through our Academy?

16.) 14 Jun 2024 13:47:45
Agree John ?.

17.) 14 Jun 2024 14:04:58
Mccausland and Souttar count towards 8.

18.) 14 Jun 2024 14:50:57
Wslgers, MaCausland isn't Irish, he's British, as he's from Northern Ireland, thankfully still part of the UK.



12 Jun 2024 09:14:53
Just posting a small rant. Why do people suggest scottish players be signed "for the European squad quota". Does my head in. I'm all for it if they are going to be heavily involved in the games, but absolutely pointless task if they are there to sit on the bench for a quota.


1.) 12 Jun 2024 09:29:30
Because unless we want to fill our squad with the youth we need more home grown players.

2.) 12 Jun 2024 09:42:55
Because you lose main players if your quota is not full, but I understand your frustration and where you're coming from bud. If their in then use them.

3.) 12 Jun 2024 10:04:16
I think all would agree we mean Scottish or Scottish qualified players who can play 1st team football.
Which is why we have been linked at times with Kenny Maclean, Kelly, Barron, Harry Soutar, McKenna and more. Don’t believe we actively seek out squad fillers but at the same time we need to be both diligent and pragmatic in terms of costs and euro implications.

4.) 12 Jun 2024 10:40:23
Fork what do u mean u lose main players, I don’t understand this.

5.) 12 Jun 2024 11:10:41
You don’t lose players as you can still register the same amount of foreign trained players no matter what. It just means our overall squad is weaker as we’d need to fill the remaining spaces with youth players.

6.) 12 Jun 2024 11:23:07
My issue is why waste money on less talented players who would struggle to get a game in the SPFL never mind in Europe for Rangers.
I'd much rather promote the youth.

7.) 12 Jun 2024 11:27:55
Hi John, I think he was meaning if a few of our Scottish Senior Pro's were injured long term, we may have to use youth to maintain the quota levels, I may be wrong though.

8.) 12 Jun 2024 12:33:24
Nobody has asked for a player who’d struggle to get games for an SPL team. McLean McKenna Barron and Shankland are the ones I’ve seen on here and all would be able to do a job for us. Barron is the pick of the bunch for me and he seems to be the most likely.

9.) 12 Jun 2024 14:17:31
So you think McLean, Mckenna, Barron and Shankland will all walk into the Rangers team and are of a good enough standard to turn over Celtic?
Not very ambitious. IMHO.
Each to their own.

10.) 12 Jun 2024 14:35:24
Posted this after you asked gofor the other night John227, if your quota is not fulfilled with your 8 players in list A either homegrown or association trained, your quota of 25 players is reduced accordingly, List b is different, search my posts John, I lifted of Uefa site bud.

11.) 12 Jun 2024 14:52:08
David b you are wrong, A list is reduced if the quota of 8 is not fulfilled, as stated to John227, that's how balogun missed out and can't mind the other, as our squad was 23 instead of 25, only 6 were homegrown, so reduction of 2 players from list A, for every homegrown player not in the quota the squad is reduced, if it was 4 then squad is 21.

12.) 12 Jun 2024 15:05:26
So basically you must have the 8, if not then the squad is reduced, and even foreign players can miss out as the squad is diluted by the reduction, whether its 1 or 5 homegrown not in the squad, the reduction causes selection headaches, as instead of 17 main places in list A for the manager to fill, non fulfillment of the 8 is accordingly detrimental to who he wants in the squad if the quota is not full.

13.) 12 Jun 2024 15:09:27
Cool fork.

14.) 12 Jun 2024 16:29:54
Think the other may have been yilmaz, might be wrong though.



05 Jun 2024 17:58:55
Would not be surprised if both tav and goldson are here next season.


1.) 05 Jun 2024 18:18:03
Would not be surprised if both were gone before next season.

2.) 05 Jun 2024 18:35:31
I would be very surprised if tav isn't still a rangers player for the start of the new season ?I think he's a certainty to remain a rangers player ?.

3.) 05 Jun 2024 20:39:36
Yeah baxter the whole point of me saying that is because the overwhelming opinion is they WILL be moving on ?.

4.) 05 Jun 2024 20:43:26
Sws. What is it that makes you so sure?

5.) 05 Jun 2024 20:45:49
As I said I know ex player tav house is up for sale he will be gone.

6.) 05 Jun 2024 20:51:51
Just out of interest, what makes you think that SWS? I reckon he’ll only be here if there’s a complete lack of interest.

7.) 05 Jun 2024 22:11:17
Or everyone has seen he's a shadow of the great player he was, then he probably will be.

8.) 05 Jun 2024 22:28:07
If they are both still here then we can kiss goodbye to another title.

9.) 05 Jun 2024 22:29:04
You become invisible when you ask questions that are not liked in any narrative re- certain players?.

10.) 05 Jun 2024 23:18:28
What is the ex player you know Strummer an estate agent now or something.




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10 Jul 2024 20:03:16
How do u know this OWS. I guarantee you have seen the new recruits, a grand total of 5 times if you're lucky. And that's being generous.




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10 Jul 2024 20:01:53
How does it look like that OWS. Because we aren't signing anyone in the coming days? U need to stop listening to all the celtic accountants.




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10 Jul 2024 13:41:42
Being scouted in pre season. We have had all last year to scout him. If we are interested, I'm sure that's what we will have done lol.




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08 Jul 2024 13:41:27
Lol south city. another obsessed lurker.




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03 Jul 2024 09:38:30
He impressed last pre season and look how that worked out.





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07 Jul 2024 09:00:51
The window is 6 days old lol. you need to relax a bit. It goes on till the end of August. Plus we have already brought in diamonde, cortes, nsiala, jefte, barron, igamane and Kelly. More than 1 a day from the start of the window opening. What is it you are looking for to happen? 2 a day?




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07 Jul 2024 08:56:08
He does state in the post that this figure will include any fee for people being sold. if dessers and lammers both leave that could generate 7-8m. We have already bought diamonde for a reported 4.5m. Add they two figures together and that's half the 25m already. Then whatever the other players we have brought in have cost so far.




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30 Jun 2024 16:59:06
Igamane being unveiled for over a week now ?.




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29 Jun 2024 09:45:57
This narrative has been used loads now. Tav, cantwell and now dessers. There are lots of players that haven't been involved. Doesn't mean they are leaving.




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29 Jun 2024 09:44:41
That's like saying the club should release a statement for every player we are rumoured to be linked with to explain if we are or not. Going by this page though, they would be releasing a statement every 10 minutes with the amount of them. Would need a full department.




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