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07 Oct 2017 18:08:20
The closed doors friendly arranged to work on defensive aspects against Morton today ended in a 3-3 draw. πŸ™ˆ.


1.) 07 Oct 2017 19:06:14
They keep giving me ammo to fireπŸ”«πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‰

2.) 07 Oct 2017 19:10:52
C, mon it's a bounce game

3.) 07 Oct 2017 19:17:01
It was against morton😩

4.) 07 Oct 2017 19:36:35
@delboy tell that to jack who was again ordered off, THIRD time since joining your lot.

5.) 07 Oct 2017 21:12:03
Its worrying that Dhimalloy knows more than usπŸ€”

6.) 07 Oct 2017 21:15:55
Coldo why do you so desperately need ammo to fire at the team you supposedly support? Going by your previous total negativity, criticism and bile, I've got a feeling your 'loyalty' lies elsewhere.

7.) 07 Oct 2017 22:00:13
Lol bigbam, don't you understand the concept of emoji's, the post was meant as light humour in reference to a poll carried out earlier. Bit of fun, now back under your rock you go.

8.) 07 Oct 2017 23:28:13
The concept of emoji's on my post make reference to a poll earlier, bit of fun @bigsam, lighten up mate.

9.) 08 Oct 2017 00:47:10
Under my rock? The most negative supporter I've ever encountered in more than 60 years now weighs in with the insults. You don't support Rangers, you are a professional whinger who has found an easy outlet for your constant whining.

10.) 08 Oct 2017 00:48:02
Emojis, the last resort of the illiterate.

11.) 08 Oct 2017 03:37:52
@bigsam, did you not read the poll? Fod took the title of the most negative supporter. Ironically you throw out illiterate when you obviously can't read😞. #shouldhavestayedinschool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



10 Jul 2017 15:14:36
Couldn't agree more about Rossiter. You don't get that many youth caps for England and become captain of there U-20s if u don't have something about you.
He shouldn't be written off because of last season


1.) 12 Jul 2017 17:10:04
Imo rossiter is going to be a major player for us this season. If he stays fit and given a chance. He could possibly be our best midfielder, I really do rate him that highly. You don't play at epl level at his age if your bang average. Future captain I think if we can keep hold of him. But I thought that about Kevin Thompson lol.



09 Jul 2017 16:44:55
Do we actually need McLean, I don't think so, we've got Rossiter, Jack, Pena and Dorrans all as 1st choice central midfield players, we only play 3 in the middle, I obviously haven't seen Pena play but McLean isn't better than any of the others.

I do think we need Jamie Walker tho, If Barry McKay went for 500k Hearts can't really expect double that for him.


1.) 09 Jul 2017 18:51:42
I really don't see what anyone sees in rossiter absolutely terrible if you ask me. Looks tiny, brown will do him in the first old firm game if he makes it.

2.) 09 Jul 2017 19:35:34
Rubbish, the boy Rossiter has great potential and will become an outstanding player if he can stay fit and develop.

3.) 09 Jul 2017 19:37:03
We also have young Barjonas who plays CDM and hopefully Pedro will give him some game time depending how things go. Would like to think he would be used for Lge Cup games same for Atayaki and definetely Alnwick. Always think the back up Keeper should get that Comp. These lads need to get on and Lge Cup is perfect stage.

4.) 09 Jul 2017 21:38:23
Haha brilliant. "He looks tiny", what do you think of Messi? Rossiter gets stuck in more than most, he's one of the only players we have that is good at pressing players when we don't have the ball

5.) 10 Jul 2017 11:19:15
ever heard of Billy Bremner, one of the hardest midfielders ever, all 5ft 6inch of him

6.) 10 Jul 2017 15:31:06
I'm not talking about his height. I've seen more meat on a butchers pencil. The guy is rank rotten and if any of you can come on here at the end of the season and tell me different then fine. How any of you actually know how good he is, is beyone me as I've never heard of many people who watch England or Liverpool under 20s. He won't even get a game this year.

7.) 10 Jul 2017 16:06:18
Perth, maybe you should try some of your own medicine.
How come you get to voice your opinion but everyone else needs to wait until the end of the season?

8.) 10 Jul 2017 16:55:49
Who needs enemies when you've got supporters like Perth. Deary me, get a grip. Rossiter will be the real deal if he can stay injury free.

9.) 10 Jul 2017 17:15:38
Of course I hope the boy proves me wrong. But haven't seen anything that leads me to believe he will can't see him getting a game. Maybe I'm being slightly critical but after last year can you blame me.

10.) 10 Jul 2017 17:18:59
What do I think of messi? Haha don't really think that's got anything to do with it? I think the role rossiter is supposed to be doing requires someone with a bigger physique but that's just my opinion

11.) 10 Jul 2017 23:32:28
Ok then if you want to compare position for position then what about Mascherano, Cambiasso or Davids. All were small guys but get stuck in. Judging by your standards they're too small to have made it in football

12.) 10 Jul 2017 23:56:19
N'golo kante is 5ft 8 and is considered the best holding midfielder in the world. Tenacity, positioning and timing more important than height and strength

13.) 11 Jul 2017 13:26:39
Haha well we'll see if he ends up in the same bracket as them then, my guess is he won't. I'm not saying the guy is sh*t just because he's wee but the SPL is pretty physical and I think he'll struggle. Only time will tell.



25 May 2017 14:25:27
I read yesterday that every team line up Ajax have put on the pitch since 1981 has had at least one academy player in it. That is quite remarkable.
I know we are going down a different path with our academy now and i hope it's productive but I really think that is something we should aim to copy. I'm still for signing 2/ 3 quality players each year if we can but realistically we have to promote more of our own and make it clear there is a pathway for them.
Hopefully there will be no signing of mercenaries after a retirement package or diddies from lower league England who can't believe there luck when they get a 3 year contract and double there old wage.


1.) 25 May 2017 15:25:58
aye a can see barry mckay playing in a uefa cup final.

holland have had a quality international team, we have not . end of story

2.) 25 May 2017 16:33:14
That's his point blueblood. Holland have a good international team because of their youth set up and the way they develop younger players. It's something we should be copying. I saw a stat last night, don't know how accurate it is, but it said that Ajaxs team is only worth 15 million so surely that should be motivation to get a better youth setup along with youth scouting in place.

3.) 25 May 2017 16:50:54
totally agree PeterHuistra said a while back too Benfica do exactly the same with there youth, there team is crazy young

4.) 25 May 2017 16:55:59
Our young guns never fulfil potential. why. not given a chance. simples. 60 to 100 first team games by 20 year old soon mature them

5.) 25 May 2017 21:41:27
Davie that is right but the fans won't wait. Whilst the young players get that 60 game experiance there are a good few losses along the way. Then the fans want the msnager out so the manager won't take the risk.

6.) 25 May 2017 22:32:06
It doesn't have to be that way Johnny. 2 good youngsters coming through each season playing alongside good players should progress. there is always pressure on Ajax, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Dortmund to win games/ leagues but they don't fear blooding the youngsters. Now more than ever we have to hope to produce more of our own

7.) 25 May 2017 23:31:01
Peter you know that all Rangers want is a winning team. I agree that 2 young players coming through each season is great but they need to play alongside established good players. Rangers don't have any.

8.) 26 May 2017 06:05:27
I don't think we are too bad at bringing young players through HOWEVER, we are very quick to get rid and other teams in Scotland pick up the nearly finished article FOR FREE!

9.) 26 May 2017 07:29:59

Good post mate and spot on the issue is that there currently are no good established players in our team to help the youngsters. Barjonas in his limited appearances showed more than Halliday, Holt and Windass showed all season

10.) 26 May 2017 18:07:55
Holland cannot have that good an international team because they didn't even qualify for euros last year

11.) 27 May 2017 07:37:17
Yeah the national team is struggling just now but they have had some amazing teams in the last 40 years and have been a force in world football



13 May 2017 19:22:57
I agree that just about all our problems lie in the fact we don't have a midfielder than can boss a game and if need be crunch his opposite number. we are all lightweight and predictable at best with a real lack of quality. I hope we see Rossiter blossom next year and Niko comes back like he was when he got injured and not when he signed.

What I'd like to see is 3/ 4 quality players sign, no more squad players. An athletic dominant centre half. A box to box midfielder, a forward that has that little something in his locker to bring others into the game and will easily hit 20 a season and one other.
I honestly think with 3/ 4 quality players it will bring more out of the players we already have.

For the avoidance of doubt, players from Ross County, Motherwell and Hamilton are not what I'm talking about as the answer.


1.) 13 May 2017 19:56:16
Kenny Miller thinks Rangers only need 2 or 3 quality players to win the league? So it should be pretty easy then. Just bring in 3 and that's it sorted.

2.) 13 May 2017 20:14:40
I should have finished off by saying what a nuptie kenny millsr is. He is trying to undermine Pedro. Saying how rasy it would be to make rangers invincibles. Comparing what Rodgers has done to how Pedro should compete. He needs to look at how many goals he has scored compared to Dembele and concentrate on his own perfirmance which has been average at best. Instead he wants to tell Rangers how easy it would be to win the league? Kenny if you think anyone is buying into your undermining bullshit then you carry on.

3.) 13 May 2017 21:44:49
Maybe when Miller said we only need to players he was referring to Gareth Bale and Messi! Even then our dodgy defence would let us down!




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19 Jan 2018 15:39:17
Play Dodoo. guy couldn't get a sniff at Charlton, so he's a no thanks for me.
I've already said we shouldn't be in a rush to sell Windass, there's more to come from him.




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11 Jan 2018 17:46:07
I understand the point you are trying to make supercoop but come on, I think our new U13s coach has a long long way to go




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31 Dec 2017 19:11:45
Totally agree about MacLean. Decent SPL player, nothing more




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16 Nov 2017 17:53:14
None of the above please




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18 Oct 2017 23:20:27
Mate, I gave up on your rumours after you said our new strips were going to be under armour, then New Balance, then Nike then Adidas. πŸ˜‰





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19 Jan 2018 15:47:42
Why do you use so many capitals?




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18 Jan 2018 20:12:37
Personally I'm delighted to see the boy back in training. He's a young lad with massive potential. Let's not be hasty in getting rid of him




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17 Jan 2018 11:01:29
I don't want to sell him at all. I think with better players around him and hopefully a more settled team he'll only get better




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06 Jan 2018 18:22:49
I'd rather play Windass ahead of O'halloran mate. He's only back cause we made him, come the summer he'll be itching to get away again




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06 Jan 2018 18:19:56
Absolutely not mate, Hughes is a roaster who buys buys buys until he gets the sack. He's spent millions on strikers at stoke and decided this season Peter Crouch is still the best he has. πŸ˜‚