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01 Feb 2024 20:28:20
Si Devine not away on loan to Kilmarnock he's away to Motherwell.


1.) 01 Feb 2024 21:00:55
Transfer Scotland saying rangers offficials still working on a deal right up to last min for striker ?

I’d be delighted even if it was just a back up.

2.) 01 Feb 2024 21:17:22
Everyone tweeting our business is done. Transfer Scotland know ef all mate.

3.) 01 Feb 2024 22:42:58
Was just reporting what I seen Ned didn’t say they knew or not think everyone can see from posts over last few days that nobody was in the know and rangers kept things to themselves well.




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18 Apr 2024 07:39:52
Getting away from how bad we were for a moment because it's painful, how bad was bernardo silvas penalty last night.


1.) 18 Apr 2024 08:07:33
Who cares?!

2.) 18 Apr 2024 08:10:59
Occasion got to him. having to wait for the ball from the crowd he had too long to think.

3.) 18 apr 2024 09:24:23
really, mate i'm gobsmacked.



15 Apr 2024 07:30:27
There was much wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth. Dreadful lack of effort and performance yesterday. At least it gave the I told you so posters the chance to revel in their brilliance. What yesterday shows across the leagues is that there is no such thing as an easy game when teams near the bottom are fighting to stay in the league. Just ask Jurgen klopp and Arteta.

We hopefully have 8 games left this season and time to stop the finger pointing and get behind the team. Will we win all 8, it seems unlikely and we all know it's the hope that kills us but hope we must.


1.) 15 Apr 2024 08:54:12
We had a poor day, but hats off to Ross county who were magnificent. We failed to take our chances and it cost us. The league is still in our own destiny, we now need 6 great results.

2.) 15 Apr 2024 09:02:38
Honestly, these types of posts actually frustrate me more than yesterday’s performance and every big game performance by the same set of senior players over the last 3 or so years.

Rather than come on and accept that you’ve been wrong your now trying to spin this on a group of fans basking in our teams failure? Are you serious, in your opinion this is the best strategy for you right now? Have a go at frustrated fans and take a moral high ground that your a better fan?

Honestly, while you are initialed to your own opinion this type of attitude is part of the problem and why we’re destined to fail.

Please don’t have a go at a group of realistic fans who have had enough failure from that team and don’t think your a better fan because your heads buried in the sand.

3.) 15 Apr 2024 09:05:00
We need 6 great results - but won't get them. This team and certain elements within it have proven time and time again that they can't handle pressure or roll the sleeves up when needed.

4.) 15 Apr 2024 09:09:46
Bizz. Ross C, missed a hat load of good chances as well mate, hate to say it but I think we got off light.

5.) 15 Apr 2024 09:16:55
Or it could just be that we have too many prima donnas that think they are better than they are.
Everyone wants to get behind the team but when players are not even trying, (and I will highlight Lundstrum in the last two games), they really don't deserve our support.
As for the manager blaming the Dundee debacle, what kind of players do we have these days. In the past days, days when we had players that fought for the jersey, they would have played in mud, travelled anywhere and been back on the Saturday for another game.
We seem to have an unenviable ability these days to sign cowardly losers that don't know what it means to play for rangers.

6.) 15 Apr 2024 09:25:09
Never said I'm a better fan dado.

7.) 15 Apr 2024 09:27:50
Exactly Dado! That was a terrible post, Jfm, truly awful.

8.) 15 Apr 2024 09:29:59
The fact your saying hats off to Ross County says it all, we got humiliated by the team 2nd bottom of the league who is most likely going to go in a play off game to stay in the league.

9.) 15 Apr 2024 09:58:14
Was it rtr, I didn't come on yesterday because I knew what it would be like. We were dreadful and I said so, some of the posts after the game were verging on hysteria.
The I would drop the whole lot of them, replace them with who, the I would drop tav and bb, do people think Sterling can play both rb and lb at the same time.
As Dado said I am entitled to my opinion, and before you say I am comparing Liverpool to rangers I am not, simply the situation, Liverpool despite their riches and a manager who I think is one of the best list to a team fighting to get out of the relegation fight.
Arsenal list to a team trying to secure a cl spot.
Ross County deserved their win they are fighting hard to avoid the play off and could now overtake st Johnstone.
I too was shocked by the lack of effort and performance yesterday, but will I come on and vilify individual players, no I won't, I'll leave that to the usual suspects.

10.) 15 Apr 2024 10:58:31
People are entitled to have a go at players not at their best JFM, we all invest in our club in many different ways, too many not interested yesterday imo, think a few will be going too.

11.) 15 apr 2024 11:10:37
at least 7 deserve to be villified, I've never sdeen such an abject defence, they didn't even look like football players, and the cf is just a joke, sadly.

12.) 15 Apr 2024 11:38:26
Jfm, that's some post mate. Just because we called it as it is, we are revelling in our brilliance? My heart is breaking every bit as much as yours mate, gives me not one bit of pleasure to come on here with these posts, would rather be apologising to you guys that I got it wrong. Come on mate we are all hurting. We are no less fans because we call it how we see it.

13.) 15 Apr 2024 11:39:48
Good post Jfm, too many I told you so types on here, think they would take rangers getting beat every time if they can be proved right.

Beat Dumdee and we are a point behind, we are still in a title fight without doubt.

14.) 15 Apr 2024 11:52:28
Bb3 show one place where I said you or anybody else is a lesser fan.

15.) 15 Apr 2024 12:12:21
Bb3 I actually consider myself as a lesser fan, I've not hidden the fact tgat I can o longer go to games and haven't been able to for the last two years. I genuinely feel for those that continue to pay for their football. I have said on the discussion posts page that I will never give the other lot the satisfaction of seeing me trading into our players. Bad enough they are gloating over the result without giving them the added pleasure of that type of post. Just as our posters look at their site they look at ours.

16.) 15 Apr 2024 12:17:57
Id put my mortgage on ross county losing their very next league match.

They smelt blood due because they knew they could attack a weak defence who were wide open, and a postman up front trying to put a something through the letterbox with his teeth. that's what its like watching him trying to score.
Instead of demoralising them we gave them hope at every turn. This was not a spectacular performance from RC. But it was the beginning of the end for a lot of our squad.

17.) 15 Apr 2024 12:35:10
Jfm, I never said you said it mate, was just pointing it out that's all. You'll never in my eyes be any less of a fan because you don't go to games mate.
Tommygunn, worst post I've ever seen you know nothing about me to know how much I'm hurting right now, but yeah would want to go through years of hurt just to be right, absolute nonsense from you. You have supporters who blindly follow, supporters who call it as they see it, the latter gets vilified for thinking/ seeing things differently why?

18.) 15 Apr 2024 18:17:56
Hats off to Ross County!
That result was god awful, embarrassing call it what you will, we are going for a league supposedly and a team who struggle to stay in the league outplayed us and had more effort and heart.

Sorry Bizzmy there are defeats but that type of defeat should never be accepted.
The only positive might be is that it shows that a clearout is needed and these players stop thinking they are better than they are.



26 Mar 2024 07:28:52
I see someone has objected to Scott Arfields renewed application for planning permission to open a bar on copland Road stating it is a family area, makes you laugh, the premises in question was a bookies, not sure how that would have benefited a "family area".
They have also said that there are flats above the proposed pub, they need to take a walk around Glasgow and they will see how many pubs have flats above them. I await the council decision with interest.


1.) 26 Mar 2024 08:05:47
Jfm, everything I'm reading lately seems to be anti Rangers.

2.) 26 Mar 2024 10:25:58
Not sure how objecting to a pub is anti rangers.

3.) 26 Mar 2024 10:41:10
C'mon guys, please refrain from this tin foil hat conspiracy stuff. That sort of thinking belongs in the East End.

4.) 26 Mar 2024 10:46:07
Id say glasgow council are more anti business and entertainment than simply anti rangers. The snp government and councils want Scotland to look more like east Germany. No to business, investment and free speech. Soon they will start shooting those trying to leave ?????.

5.) 26 Mar 2024 11:52:59
Never said anything about conspiracy rtr. Just commenting on a story that I read on Google and the objections raised.

6.) 26 Mar 2024 12:07:05
Rtr u r 100 % correct.

It’s worthy of note that the council granted licences for all hospitality in the stadium
For EH
For the new sports bar in the old Rangers shop
Tents for old firm game.

Not withstanding the louden bar has an licence which covers an extensive beer garden,
Masonic next to proposed new pub

Wee rangers club

Couple bowling greens which fans can use on match days

Mb there is an over provision, however it’s for rangers to satisfy the objections.

7.) 26 Mar 2024 13:53:14
Sorry arfield.

8.) 26 Mar 2024 15:08:52

Copland Road ain't exactly family area, but any objection can't simply be two word 'no thanks'. Objections have to be carefully worded letter highlighting areas of possible negotiation. And LBH Copland Road ain't exactly area natural beauty. Planners are weirdos, but if existing building, any moans are dead, and even more so, if existing empty building, planners will be usurped by DOF thinking new employment oppos.

9.) 26 Mar 2024 15:28:15
Bit severe MBW, l actually think the Copland Road area is a tourist attraction, infact the other day as l was walking down the Copland Road, l met a couple of strangers!

10.) 26 Mar 2024 15:47:46
Like I said the objections raised were the flats above and it being a family area. The previous occupants were a bookmakers which doesn't fit with the family area argument. Take a walk down Dumbarton Road and just about every pub, has flats above them.
He was already denied permission and has addressed the areas he was denied on and has re applied.
Nothing to do with conspiracy I just thought because it was Scott Arfield and copland Road some on here would have been interested in the article.

11.) 26 Mar 2024 17:00:20
I hope and pray scotty arfield receives the permission to own his own bar on the copland road ? He's a cracking fella that i've always had time for and a big mate of mine knows him well from the dechmont/ broxburn area ?I've met scotty arfield myself through my mate and he's a very good, very witty fella who loves the rangers and our supporters, unlike his brother who is a big supporter of that other mob.

12.) 26 Mar 2024 17:40:47
Jfm, don't think the tin foil hat thing was aimed at you mate.
Rtr/ John totally agree, seems every time I look at the site last few weeks, it's been conspiracy against rangers, we slaughter that lot for it leave that stuff to them it's there favourite past time.

13.) 26 Mar 2024 17:56:54

14.) 26 Mar 2024 18:43:29
You are correct bb3, it was the same when the dundee game got cancelled.

15.) 26 Mar 2024 21:55:18
Boy blue on the button.

16.) 27 Mar 2024 11:19:41
guys licencing act demand the council to consider the impact of premises in the community. consideration of how many premises that already exist in the general area. so scotty could do everything desired for those premises to satisfy objections and still be refused simply on the basis that the council consider that there are already enough similar premises in the close proximity.



16 Mar 2024 14:55:59
Don't know if anybody watched Wolves v Coventry. What a great game of footie and a well deserved win for Coventry.


1.) 16 Mar 2024 15:51:21
Jfm, some finish to the game.

2.) 16 Mar 2024 15:54:04
Seen bits of it, don’t know how the wolves boy stayed on the pitch with a high footed challenge.

3.) 16 Mar 2024 16:05:04
Brilliant game jfm, I'll watch 3rd 4th division footy if its on jfm, my poor missus is starting to know players and teams as it's on that much.

4.) 16 Mar 2024 16:05:50
Thought that ex hearts striker simms done well.

5.) 16 Mar 2024 16:38:26
2 ex targets scoring for coventry i see.

6.) 16 Mar 2024 17:52:36
I noticed that Paul86.

7.) 16 Mar 2024 19:45:58
king and ulster i liked him when he was with hearts. Wiuld have taken him not a problem.



14 Mar 2024 20:55:16
I thought Tav defended really well tonight.


1.) 14 Mar 2024 21:03:34
I thought they all done well, but it just wasn't to be. Unfortunately, I think all the games we've played is catching up with us, and we look tired in areas.

Beat Dundee on Sunday, regroup, then we go again. Good to see Cantwell back.

Thought S Wright played well tonight.

2.) 14 Mar 2024 21:08:02
Aye Tav did well tonight.
Team lost nothing in defeat either, gave a decent account of themselves over the 2 legs.

3.) 14 Mar 2024 21:42:00
Agree guys tav was good the night, scott Wright played well too, where has that s. wright been. ?.

4.) 14 Mar 2024 21:50:25
Thought we looked leggy second half but players gave everything.

5.) 14 Mar 2024 22:42:38
jogn souttar our m.o.m but if people think scott wright played well i'm shocked. Is running around aimlessly enough these days? zero quality on the ball and breaks down every time he touches it nearly. matondo managed to look worse. But to be fair i'm content that its now the league to concentrate on and the cup.

6.) 14 Mar 2024 22:57:05
I really think we lack that bit of luck needed at this level, Benfica were very fortunate not to be trailing going into tonights game, but no doubting their quality.

7.) 14 Mar 2024 23:04:51
Butland, Tav, Souttar and Yilmaz had good games. Goldson needs to be rested. Lawrence had a decent game in midfield until he tired. Lundstrum was poor and Diomonde struggled. Wright was our best attacker, Dessers added nothing, he isn't a goal scorer and Matonda added nothing when he came on.
Good to see Cantrell back and Raskin looked decent when he came on. Hopefully he is on his way back to the form that he showed last season.
Sorry but we should be scoring at Ibrox with that crowd behind the team.

8.) 15 Mar 2024 01:12:18
Wee Scott doesn't even get any praise when he plays well. cannot believe that post big Dado. Grossly unfair imo.

9.) 15 Mar 2024 01:17:17
Fork, if you remember Scott Wright was playing well before sustaining an injury. Tonight was close to his form before the injury.

10.) 15 Mar 2024 05:30:41
Agree seeker, just meant best I've seen him in while mate, and don't know what Big Dado is on, but he needs it upped??.

11.) 15 Mar 2024 08:12:07
Fork ??.

12.) 15 Mar 2024 09:24:55
Im fine fork. The thing with wright is that he's generally that poor that anything above that you are accepting as good. When really he lost the ball every time he had it.

13.) 15 Mar 2024 11:59:46
Naw he didnae. ? Remember him tearing through the defence and setting Dessers up. Dress it up any way you like, he played well. You're the only one I think that's said otherwise. Though I'm sure Slim Jim, king of the live chat, would agree with you ?.

14.) 15 Mar 2024 12:03:40
Aye and naw Dado, boy showed up, ran himself into the ground, never hid, best game in ages for me bud?.

15.) 15 Mar 2024 12:39:55
Ooft seeker lol??.

16.) 15 Mar 2024 21:51:11
Thought Scott Wright was the one player who tried to make things happen offensively for Rangers.

17.) 15 Mar 2024 22:04:29
Players running a lot and making one burst through does not translate into "they had a good game", that is the absolute bare minimum required. And I've read several player ratings from diff places giving him 5/ 10 which would tie in with what i feel. Need 7 and 8s in forward areas to beat Benfica. I thought the front 3 were poor and the scoreline will back that up.




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20 Apr 2024 09:44:22
Tom I would imagine that balogun and barasic know without being told, obviously if they were wanted next season then contract talks would have happened by now.




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09 Apr 2024 19:12:17
It's currently Wed, Sun, Sun. The problem I have with it is the rangers support who have organised travel getting mucked about again.




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10 Mar 2024 20:13:02
You mean the way he did with Shankland?




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09 Mar 2024 14:53:36
Same as you fork, seen it mentioned and had a look at the story, both pkayers that seem to have a lot of suitors.




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14 Feb 2024 07:45:37
Fork we used to shop in the asda close to hampden, the staff there always said the worst support was the hibs fans, they used to walk down the booze aisle smashing bottles and rubbish in the sinks in the toilets. Total scum.





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22 Apr 2024 06:45:39
If we win the league which is the most important, it would still bother me to lose the final.




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22 Apr 2024 06:38:17
Sorry Tom, I ignored your comment when you posted it the first time, think you've got this one wrong.




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17 Apr 2024 12:30:32
He looked decent but u don't think we seen enough if him to make that judgement. Another loan would be better imo.




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16 Apr 2024 07:34:45
It was a fair question from John onewalter, I hinted at the same when I said we can only spend so much unless we increase our revenue. By the way I can no longer go to matches because of I'll health, do you think that makes you a better fan than me? Your OP suggested that you expect John Bennett to bankroll a big spend on players.




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16 Apr 2024 06:42:24
He's away looking after shergar.




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