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15 Oct 2023 11:23:23
Welcome to Rangers Phillipe Clement.

I sense the majority will be happy with his appointment, even if they had other ideas. let's give him the space, time and backing he needs to turn things around.

On another note:
I'm assuming with the appointment of Phillipe a DoF will be incoming sooner rather than later.
Does any of the posters have some insight they can share regarding who this might be and how far along the process of appointment we are?


1.) 15 Oct 2023 12:40:01
Souness wants it. His words, not mine. Board are undecided but whatever happens expect Souness to have a much much bigger role in the club. He is seen as the man who can bridge the gap between football staff and directors ?.

2.) 15 Oct 2023 12:41:22
I doubt there’s any rush with the DoF. The windows are closed until January anyway. It’s all about this manager doing what he can with this squad. There is a long way to go between now and January.

3.) 15 Oct 2023 12:46:29
Media speculation only - Paul Mitchell, Sam Jewell.

4.) 15 Oct 2023 14:07:29
Media speculation? Noth been named on here in last few days.

5.) 15 Oct 2023 14:33:00
Verdant it not just transfers windows dof are there for Jesus Christ do you know anything about football?

6.) 15 Oct 2023 19:42:08
You’re right OT but there are more media links other than this site.



12 Oct 2023 22:48:15
My problem with VAR and it's the same with the Roofe Goal in the Celtic game as I feel with the Scotland goal disalooud tonight.
Both VAR decisions I think debatable at best.
We need to hear the discussion happening in real time with ref and VAR officials so to be clear and transparency when on field decisions are overturned.
Both decisions changed the matches and all anyone asks for is to know why the on field decision is overturned.
I'm wasting my breath though because the officials want to hide behind VAR.
If you hear the logic in real time then you might not agree but are more likely to accept it and move on.
I'm still unsure the reasoning behind the disallowed goal for Roofe in the Old Firm.


1.) 13 Oct 2023 07:20:33
The reason behind roofes no goal was that dessers prevented the celtic defender from kicking the ball the reason that was given very same as morelos in the dortmund game. didn't watch scotland game but apparently was offside.

2.) 13 Oct 2023 08:23:53
CO2, I have been jokingly referring to it as VIR since it came in,
" video INSTEAD of ref "

3.) 13 Oct 2023 08:27:54
VAR is ruining the game 100%. Scared to celebrate a goal now. can't stand it.

4.) 13 Oct 2023 08:38:31
I don’t think VAR has improved the game. At least when a mistake happened before you could say well it’s a tough job for the refs. The over analysis of little details in goals that nobody has seen is a load of rubbish. I actually think a challenge system would work better in a similar manner to tennis. I don’t even think Spain would’ve claimed for anything in that goal.

5.) 13 Oct 2023 08:54:59
We know in England that the 'clear and obvious' instruction is supposed to be applied. Also, VAR is not supposed to re-referree the game. In Roofe's case, it is questionable whether VAR should have intervened (or even if it was a foul at all since even top referees think not) especially when you look at Sima's goal v Livi and the foul on Barasic before the Aberdeen goal. If the Roofe goal stood, would we be looking for a new manager now? On the Scotland game, if it was offside, the ref would only have to judge whether Hendry was interfering. But his signal was for a free-kick, not offside. This was confirmed by the screen saying 'Foul'. Again dubious as the contact was minimal and if that was the bar for a foul then the contact on Dykes was greater and they should have considered if it was a penalty. Why they later said offside suggests an error was made at some point in the process.

6.) 13 Oct 2023 09:26:35
Yea I agree bear great assessment.
Even though as storm says Spain we’re far far far superior… that dosnt deter from the facts you are stating.

7.) 13 Oct 2023 10:01:54
That McTominay free kick was outstanding.
Hendry marginally offside but is he interfering with play, it’s debatable when you watch in slow motion but in real time the ball flashes into the net before the goalkeeper or Hendry even see it.
So it’s down to the slow motion which never tells the full story in my view.
Im not totally against VAR but feel if we hear the conversations between VAR and the ref during real time at least the fans may not agree with the decisions but get an insight into the rationale behind them.
I wonder how many of the fantastic goals from days gone by we would have been robbed of if VAR had been around then and intervened on a technicality back then.
Paul- your rationale behind why the Roofe goal was cancelled is very debatable especially when you bring the phrase clear and obvious into the debate.
If the ref and VAR are aware everyone can hear their rationale in real time I believe it would focus their minds especially when discussing clear and obvious errors.

8.) 13 Oct 2023 11:17:51
He pushed keeper in the net and he was offside either way it’s not a goal.

Paul good post mate.

9.) 13 Oct 2023 13:23:57
As soon as I saw it from the correct angle I knew it would be disallowed . Hendry was offside and standing next to the keeper and even if that had been given he stupidly put his arm out and shoved him, it may not have been much but if seen, and they all are nowadays, it was always going to be disallowed. It also confirmed that he was interfering with play for the offside decision. If it hadn`t been offside the big question would have been, why was Hendry stupid enough to push the keeper when simply standing there was stopping him getting to the shot. Last nights was a correct decision and you can`t just change the rules because it doesn`t suit your team, if Scotland had got the same decision they would have been praising VAR to the heavens. A few of the players were rotten last night and cost Scotland the draw not the ref or VAR.



06 Oct 2023 20:27:29
Just a note to all my fellow Rangers fans.
Whoever the board choose to be the next manager and I really mean whoever that may be.
The next manager needs all the backing he can get with those players.
I smelled a rat in close season when some players chose to show a bad attitude with the Rangers in-house media at the training camp.
At the time I thought it wrong and showed a bad attitude especially when new players were in the building and we all wanted to hear from them.
I was prepared though at the time to accept they were just trying to be funny.
It's the fans like myself that they let down as we pay subscriptions for RTV and I expected better from our professionals.
Anyway I urge all of you to watch the training session on RTV aired before Thursdays match which must have been one of Steven Davis first training sessions and tell me the body language from the players walking out to start the session was good.
Throughout the session they look lethargic and show no edge.
I have to tell you the result and performance on Thursday wasn't a surprise to me.
Again I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe I'm wrong with my observation.
The next manager will need all the support he can get from us because we're going through manager after manager and the players really need to take some responsibility for the performances.
The least I expect is for the players to stand up show some leadership and pride for the jersey and supporters that they represent.
Again I suspect the manager whom ever he may be will need all the support he can get from us supporters, to change the attitude of some of the players in order to change the mentality turn them into a winning team.


1.) 06 Oct 2023 21:07:25
Co us supporters who pay thousands per year to go to ibrox will decide, others who can’t attend for whatever reason will do the same

If you refer to Lundstrum that is clearly a wind up, guy may not be good enough but he gets it.

2.) 06 oct 2023 21:12:25
voice of reason mate, instead of the endless screams about a guy who might never even consider a job with our club
i wonder what the editors think of the abusive reactions to lampsrds name even being mentioned. i have to say it's shocked me how vitriolic the mere mention has become over the past few days, the absurdity of arrogance is mind blowing, we don't have a lot of cash, don't win anything and are regularly embarrassed, but frank lampard isn't good enough for us, whit? , good enough for 3 major english clubs, one being one of the richest on the planet, twice, but nowhere near a rangers manager, he may nit be. but i for one would be very excited to find out. unless of course we have a genuine managerial genius coming hot foot from spain or italy of course.

{Ed001's Note - he's crap so I am not surprised no one wants him. The worst Everton manager of my lifetime.}

3.) 06 Oct 2023 21:31:28
Thought Lundstrum was struggling a bit with his weight and he has definitely lost any pace he may have had, very cumbersome in my opinion.

4.) 06 Oct 2023 21:31:54
You seem to be the one of three out of around 30 posters who wants Frank Tom.

5.) 06 Oct 2023 21:36:46
Also John there might be something on co2 s post .
Lunny might get it but his fight has went downhill . the difference in his Betis performance and the rest of his performances is staggering.
I must admit I noticed at the warm up against Aberdeen how lathargic the team were absolutely no zip . Meandering about . I noticed this but didn’t think anything of it . It backs up CO2s post though .
Might be nonsense but they definitely carried that to Cyprus… no one can deny … sima apart.

6.) 06 Oct 2023 21:43:19
TT he wasn’t good enough 2 major English clubs he got the sack from them and got sacked twice from one of them. Derby are not a major English club.

If he was good enough for them he wouldn’t be out of a job ?.

7.) 06 Oct 2023 22:15:55
Mols, Lundstrum hopefully moves on. But has taken inject majority of games last season and this.

8.) 06 Oct 2023 21:41:49
Well said Ed.

Mols TT is only thinking this way because I am one of the ones saying I don’t want Lampard anywhere near the club. If I said I wanted Lampard it would he wouldn’t. He does it every time but hey Ho whatever floats his boat.

A blind man can see Lampard would have been the wrong choice.

9.) 06 oct 2023 22:18:28
i didn't once say i wanted frank, my 3 would be clement first. muscat them lampard, i said i would be as excited as i was when gerard came to scotland, that's my view.

10.) 06 oct 2023 22:31:19
bit like you were only one of 2 people who couldn't see that beale was an unbelievably bad manager and had to go assp mols eh, i have no issues with being interested in frank lampard. in fact i can remember on here before stevie there was many calling for lampard on here. more than gerard actually.

11.) 06 Oct 2023 22:31:30
He is a committed player that way John.

12.) 06 Oct 2023 22:36:54
Appreciate that totally John but the fight against Betis compared to Thurs night was unbelievable. If he didn’t have the desire we really needed someone in there that did .

13.) 06 Oct 2023 22:50:40
Firstly I have to say I respect your opinions when you post.
My family spent thousands on debentures to help the top deck on the main stand get built and have spent on season tickets through the years.

I’m not suggesting all the fans shouldn’t get their say only that we all need to get behind the manager whoever is eventually appointed whether or not we agree.
I have my favourites but if it’s not my guy he’ll get 100% from me.
Yes I wasn’t impressed with Lunstrum on the pre season trip because IMO I felt as one of the so called leaders in the group he should be setting a better example to the new recruits.

At the time I was happy to accept it was a wind up and am glad to accept that Lundstrum “gets it” especially coming from your good self.
I wasn’t impressed with the body language and that of all the players in the training video especially as it was one of the first under Steven Davis.
My observation may well be completely wrong.
I hope and believe that if the fans unite to support the new manager whether it not he’s that individuals man the players may get that lift they clearly need.

14.) 06 Oct 2023 23:19:56
Tom my dear friend… how many times … how many …ok again … I never once said beal was a good manager … all I said was can we not support him and the team in times of turmoil ., instead of kicking them when they are down . please try and understand ?I’m sick of asking my wee 6 year old niece for a loan of her colouring in pencils so I can illustrate a point to my fellow posters on the rangers banter .
She always says no uncle molsgoals there mine, you just need to put up with Tom thumbs nonsense’s.

15.) 07 Oct 2023 00:58:58

Don't think Thurs night down to fight, more all round speed and ability. Whole team so cumbersome lacking proven ability. Park like ploughed field but easy excuse. No real excuse, we were c##p and SD knows it.

16.) 07 Oct 2023 01:43:02
What must the younger ones like Rice be thinking of Lundstram who is rotten and taking injections is getting game time before him.



16 Sep 2023 15:28:19
I'd like to say well done to Mikel Beale and the lads today!
Definitely signs that that the players we have can come good given time.
Tom Lawrence I thought very good today and like a new signing.
Also after scoring a fantastic goal, I'd like to wish Danilo all the best for a quick recovery.
We move on to Thursday, hopefully with a bit more positivity on here.


1.) 16 Sep 2023 15:38:23
I agree mate. Well done to the manager and his staff and well done to the players. ??
We done the job and we go again.

2.) 16 Sep 2023 15:51:00
Is that Mikel Beale or Michael Arteta? ??.

3.) 16 Sep 2023 17:40:41
Steve you didn’t watch the game today did you?

4.) 16 Sep 2023 18:25:46
No one would believe you did either unbeliever.
the clue is in the name … Are you sweep 7641?

5.) 16 Sep 2023 18:26:34
Tough watch today, so many pointless backwards passes.
We won which was needed, we will need to play better on Thursday.
Lawrence got better as the game went on, tough luck for Danilo.
It costs a lot of money to follow the team so a bit of entertainment would be nice verdant.

6.) 16 Sep 2023 18:34:59
Unbeliever I did mate yes.
Why do u say that.

7.) 16 Sep 2023 18:52:48
I thought there was some good signs today also but for me it only highlighted Beale doesn't know what he's doing someone has obviously told him a few truths

Yilmaz . in from nowhere when he doesn't even make euro squad

Danilo starts over his favoured dessers

Davies back in from nowhere under Beale

On a plus Lawrence looks like the man to have in behind forwards and Davies had a good game.

8.) 16 Sep 2023 19:06:15
Gofor, when the squad was named manager did not know if he would be fit, who would u have dropped to include yilmas.



14 Sep 2023 19:40:08
With an important week of matches starting 12-30 Saturday and a big European match on Thursday.
Can I suggest the narrative of the conversation changes for the time being to support the current management and players in order to help change the mood within the supporters and give us the best chance of 2 positive results.
We all have strong differences of opinion about the current situation and the way forward, but can we park this for the moment please as all the negativity is depressing and can't be helping our chances of turning performances around, which I'm sure is what everyone wants.
There is still the possibility that performances improve, we get a run in Europe and win the league, (dare I say it a treble) and all with MB as the manager.


1.) 14 Sep 2023 19:46:40
I wish you the best of luck getting that on here CO2.

2.) 14 Sep 2023 21:40:36
Surely this is the ideal place to vent our frustrations?
I know plenty ( and they are not all from the West of Scotland ? ) who are pi$$ed off at the current situation but at the sound of the first whistle will give their all to back the team.

3.) 14 Sep 2023 22:13:18
You’ve got no chanceCO2. Folk have made up their minds and won’t change it until Beale wins us the champions league.

4.) 14 Sep 2023 23:11:14
Not from the west of Scotland hilarious. still don’t get it do you tattie …. I’ll get my crayons out then for you then ?.




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06 Dec 2023 23:56:16
I can’t remember how much we paid for Lammers,
But I wouldn’t be prepared to let him leave without recouping the fee.
I feel the same about Dessers but may be prepared to make a small loss if a replacement became available at the correct price which I think is unlikely in January.
We definitely can’t afford paying out 4 million on players and letting them go after half a season for nothing and that’s the problem.




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18 Nov 2023 11:09:17
Wouldn’t complain as we definitely need to sign some Scottish players.
Not only for the European squad but I feel having a Scottish identity will help make us a little stronger, obviously they have to be good enough and I would say those three players tick the boxes.
18 top quality players from other countries with 8 Scottish and home grown players that are good enough to make up European squads, that gives us the Scottish identity required and the bases to build a squad for home and European competition.




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18 Oct 2023 17:58:41
I’d be happy with Sam Jewel,
Hopefully your spot on with this info John,
CoplandFront5 had mentioned previously that he was the clubs top target also.




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16 Oct 2023 19:43:20
I’m sure the board will do their due diligence with all the above concerns.
But let’s not trivialise drink driving especially when it appears to be an offence that’s reported to have been repeated 5 times.
This suggests his relationship with alcohol had been out of control in the past.
Ii will be in his hands during the interview process to show the board that he has rehabilitated himself properly and is the best candidate for the job.




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16 Oct 2023 06:31:49
5 times drink driving John,
Sounds like more than a few personal issues to me,
Let’s hope he’s addressing his alcohol problems.





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02 Nov 2023 18:25:15
Common sense,
Don’t light pyrotechnics at football match,
Ok to have coffee or hot chocolate at football match.




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26 Oct 2023 20:09:15
Have to say I’m not sure about Dessers, maybe he will turn good but I’m not holding my breath.
I’m happy for everyone to get a clean slate with Cleamont though so let’s wait and see.




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26 Oct 2023 08:15:14
What non home grown player or Scottish grown player would you have left out instead?
IMO we need to sign the best Scottish grown players that are good enough when available to give us the chance of having a squad with the full quota and hand pick 18 quality non Scottish or home grown players for our squad.
Our signing policy, we have been to quick to overlook Scottish based and signed non Scottish based players who are no better.




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24 Oct 2023 22:13:36
Hear Hear mate,
You can never tell what’s going on in another’s mind and a real reminder to always try to be respectful to others as you never know what they’re going through.




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22 Oct 2023 10:13:33
That’s as good as it gets for a first performance in charge.
Structure of the ball.
Players covering for fellow players,
Structure on the ball.
Intention to play the ball forward with shots on goal and chances created.
The luxury of getting Danilo 14 minutes and young Mccousland also who looked good when introduced.
It just shows that the players given the correct structure can all play.
Sima my man of the match but not a bad performance among them.




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