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28 Jul 2015 19:39:49
Here guy news from Easter road tonight hibs have told Scott Allan they have refused his transfer request and he will remain at hibs for the season.as he's under contract there's nothing he can do but he's also been told he can go to septic ( in return for £250k plus mcgeough) or the sheep( for £250k plus willo flood ) reliable source but you all know things can change


1.) 28 Jul 2015 20:11:30
If this is true its an absolute disgrace they are holding the boy back he wants to come to Rangers let him come we proved that we don't need him to win the league anyways but obviously Hibs do. plus what difference does it make if he goes to Celtic and strengths them even more for when they get back up to the SPFL absolute spanners.

2.) 28 Jul 2015 20:23:41
Does this sound familiar to anyone .
28 Jul 2015 19:32:38
Latest I've heard from Easter road is that hibs have rejected Scott Allan's transfer and have told him he will be staying for his remaining year or he can go to septic or Dundee Utd hope they stick to this

3.) 28 Jul 2015 20:26:16
Garder you talk the most . Ever

4.) 28 Jul 2015 22:07:28
I don't think hibs would go that far. Money talks so best offer will get to offer deal if they are going to let him go but he will reject other scottish teams. I think for Hibs it is more they don't want to lose their best player on the cheap than any great grudge with Rangers

5.) 28 Jul 2015 22:24:59
The words of a desperate man!

6.) 28 Jul 2015 23:31:27
Scott Allan asked to be transferred to rangers bibs said no they won't transfer him to rangers stalemate hibs lose either way,even if rangers don't get him hibs are weakened



26 Jun 2015 19:46:40
Scott Allan to see out rest of his contract at hibs end of speculations


1.) 26 Jun 2015 20:15:03
he will if no-one bids on him obviously. but there is now way hibs will turn down a bid of 500-700k for him

2.) 26 Jun 2015 20:17:12
Don't always believe what you read in the papers.

3.) 26 Jun 2015 20:22:58
You see his interview? He is on his way out. Maybe not to rangers, but can't see him being at hibs come September. He said everything his agent told him to say

4.) 26 Jun 2015 20:39:53
All he said as far as I read is that he is content. I didn't see him ruling out a move or promising to stay?

5.) 26 Jun 2015 22:16:07
Watch the interview again he says "nothing is concrete until then I'm a hibs player" .

6.) 27 Jun 2015 00:24:24
with Scott Allan saying he is happy to see out his Hibs contract is just his way of respecting the contract he is on perhaps been told to not say nothing towards the media. if and when we bid for him he will be ours no problem unless the them lot or an english team try for him.

7.) 27 Jun 2015 13:32:23
Scott Allan will leave at the end of his contract hibs have knocked back 2 bids 1 for £500k and 1 for£650k he's going nowhere this year

8.) 28 Jun 2015 06:45:18
You are kidding yourself if you think hibs will turn down anything near 500k. You have just made that up

9.) 28 Jun 2015 11:06:37
No that's fact mate straight from er if he was to go now it would be nearer the £1m mark but rangers couldn't afford that so he will be at hibs till his contract ends

10.) 28 Jun 2015 19:06:01
He wouldn't be worth 1 million with 3 years on his contract. 500k and you will bite our hand off. Can even see him putting a request in if you don't except the first offer

11.) 28 Jun 2015 22:52:02
I don't pay too much attention to who runs other Scottish clubs but if it is still Rod Petrie and near the end of the close season a club comes in with a few hundred thousand and Scott Allan wants the move then I would suggest he will be off.
One of the many bad decisions we had was keeping Brian Laudrup for a fourth season and letting him move to Chelsea at the end of the season for nothing.
By his own high standards he was rubbish that season and contributed to the Gers coming up short in the bid for 10 in a row. IMO

12.) 29 Jun 2015 09:52:29
No chance hibs have already turned down 2 offers I've said the highest being £650k he's staying end off

13.) 29 Jun 2015 15:18:44
There was 2 bids from dundee united. The max was 650k. if a bid of that amount or more comes in, they WILL sell.

14.) 29 Jun 2015 22:46:57
That's what I said mate £650k but the bid would have to be about £1m then he will go until then I still see him staying at hibs



02 Mar 2015 19:03:33
Just heard king will not get the blessing from spl of football commissioners


1.) 02 Mar 2015 20:07:00
Dont know aboot fellow bears I would rather have mick ashley look what he has done at newcastle well run bedt free club we bears must remember king and p murray were on old board that was the start of all our troubles worried bear not feeeling good aboot this anyone agree

{Ed039's Note - You do realise that Newcastle are in debt to the tune of about £150m to MIKE ASHLEY alone ...... debt free club my a**e)

2.) 02 Mar 2015 20:25:40
With all due respect gardner 1965, how do you know this to be true that king won't get the spfl commissioner's blessing as a fit and proper person to run rangers, can we all not be happy we're finally getting shot of these rats instead of people coming on with negative stories of commissioners not passing king fit & proper, when clearly nobody just now can know this to be the case, its total scaremongering amongst our own pessimistic fans who start negative stories

3.) 02 Mar 2015 20:55:35
King would have notified the sfa of his intentions, and got the green light, but suspect the sfa will want others to make it easier for them to clarify that he is a fit and proper person to be on board as chairman.

4.) 02 Mar 2015 21:09:02
Op the spfl don't have a fit and proper thing in there association,

5.) 02 Mar 2015 21:17:08
Does it really matter if SPFL allow Dave King to be a member of the board? Surely Dave King would simply be replaced with a like minded fellow or someone acting on his behalf? I can't see his support diminishing so long as he believes that we are being run properly, transparently and run an investigation into how things have been running since liquidation.

{Ed039's Note - Dave King has said all along if he is not passed "fit & proper" then he will step aside and allow someone else (like minded) to do the job)

6.) 02 Mar 2015 21:20:40

You sure your not on the stir mate. bit of light at the end of the tunnel and you want to create that bit of doubt. What was your source?

7.) 02 Mar 2015 21:53:22
Sfa. Alcohol by the sound of it eh lol lol.

8.) 02 Mar 2015 22:47:31
He has good alibis for both failings. But you know what the sfa are like with Rangers. Literally do sfa for us.

9.) 02 Mar 2015 22:54:45
if this indeed turns out to be true, then it is surefire evidence that 1) the SPFL want Rangers to fail miserably and 2) they also couldn't care less if Scottish football lives or dies

It has become clear this season that without a successful Rangers the Scottish game is heading for the graveyard. Attendances everywhere speak volumes.

10.) 03 Mar 2015 00:08:10
I ask myself why I'm answering to such a nonsense post, but I have, don't get involved with someone like this chaps, he, s full of pxxh, a troll I think the word is, and sum have fell for it, get a grip,

11.) 03 Mar 2015 17:15:59
The SFA is the least of his worries. What does he/they do if the Stock Exchange actually ban him from being on the board?

12.) 03 Mar 2015 20:29:00
@wee bill. Just a thought. Where would Rangers be right now if it wasn't for Scottish football. I don't recall interest in Rangers from any other country.

{Ed039's Note - Funny that being a football team based in Scotland ....... I believe we have honestly found the nomination for the newly created "stoopidist post o' the day" sponsored by B.B.)

13.) 03 Mar 2015 20:40:43
Fly fifer mr king said if he was not allowed on the board he would just put a family member in his place mate, as it was his family company that bought the shares, I think mr king will be okay, but like I say he has it covered eh.




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13 Sep 2015 19:06:23
Your teams doing well guys but your manager is having a laugh about beaten celtic to the league next season you may get back to your best but it's going to take 5-8 years to be back at top of the spl and it will be without warberton


1.) 13 Sep 2015 22:52:22
Gardner 1965 I agree to an extent that challenging next year may well be a tad ambitious but we have to be ambitious. I also think although Aberdeen are doing well they are pretty average in a poor league. I also think celtic are as weak as I've ever seen them. Defensively they have a decent right back (when he feels like playing) and we are yet to see this new guy from Croatia but if reports are right he wasn't a massive fans favourite over there. In midfield they are average at best and up top although Griffiths is on he is good spl level at best. I think king was right in saying we will need 5 decent players to challenge because not only are celtic poor on the pitch their manager is tactically shocking and has failed when put under pressure.

2.) 13 Sep 2015 22:57:57
Nothing up with the man being confident only Time will tell how close They can get!!

3.) 13 Sep 2015 23:10:04
I'll give you 3-5, but 5-8, I don't think so, reckon you are overestimating the top part of the Premier League.

4.) 13 Sep 2015 23:37:56
Gardner your full of it the standard of the top league is mince I think we would give them a run for their money now the only reason that they say it will take 5 years is they are trying to convince themselves they didn't need us in the top league and for marketing it doesn't look good that the teams in the lower leagues could walk in and wipe the floor with them. Hibs will stay down dundee utd will go down they are teams that no one needs I will love it when we go back up and win everything because they won't be ready for us because they think they are playing at a higher standard when really they are kidding themselves and conning the fans because the spfl is crap

5.) 14 Sep 2015 10:40:25
Good post gary75.

6.) 14 Sep 2015 10:48:10
No way this can be proved, either way, but I think we are a better team this year than Hearts were last. I also think we'd be top 6 in the SPL this year. Both Warburton and DK have said we will strengthen, it would be safe to assume Celtic will too for next year. I really hope Aberdeen do as well which would strengthen the whole SPL.

So yes I'd say it would be fair to say we could challenge next year, but will probably fall short due to lack of depth in the squad pretty much as Aberdeen did last year and probably again this. I'm with Scotjo 3 years.

7.) 14 Sep 2015 11:23:57
Gardener. In all honesty I'd be more worried about your own team that what our manager and chairman are saying. I heard that Celtic Reported a £5mil lose for last year and that is INCLUDING money brought in from transfers and also Europa league football. not looking too good financially.

8.) 14 Sep 2015 13:57:03
Gary75: Good post, good point at your last part of it.

9.) 14 Sep 2015 14:43:27
Gardner is a hibs fan lads

10.) 13 Sep 2015 23:13:59
Lol he literally is taking the piss out of his players daily lol

11.) 14 Sep 2015 12:21:17
Gardener, you must be joking 5-8 years believe me we'll be challenging next year, another year under the warbs and we'll be ready also some of your so called class players are a mile slow. broonie, commons, mulgrew look like there pulling caravans

12.) 14 Sep 2015 14:29:00
Another one who claims " Transfer money included" which is rubbish. The transfer money & 6 euro fixtures will be included in the next term of fixtures. Incidentally when are RFC due to announce there's (Paul Murray's a top Accountant lol but his figures on the last board where from an abacus helping the last accountancy firm). Finances down govan way are toxic & have been for 3 year. 9 month in & no change there then

13.) 15 Sep 2015 09:23:50
Well spotted Steffantos but even next years accounts will post loses so with your club that has no decent players that yous can a get an over inflated transfers fee for and let's factor in no cl money then your club will be posting major loses for the foreseeable future but don't let that get in your way of coming onto a rangers site and trying to point out our discrepancies

14.) 14 Sep 2015 17:59:35
Gardener, I don't know if Ryan's at the wind up about you being a hibs man, if this is true, then we will eventually get back to the top of Scottish football youse will never be anywhere near the top of Scottish football Gardner, in fact I would maybe go as far as to say by the time youse get out of the championship we will have won the top league,

15.) 15 Sep 2015 22:34:14
Steff after admitting the 4 millions losses, pl also declared 17 million debt brought forward due the no euro money last season either, in all I think your debt sits at 32 million, how can that be possible for a club that took in 94 million last season? I bet lawell ect still got there million pound bonuses .



10 Apr 2015 19:20:07
Now Ashley owned the badge and all rights to Broxie etc how much will Rangers stand to lose through merchandising etc


1.) 10 Apr 2015 20:10:16
I think the current deal nets us 7p in the pound ffs!And we can't boycott buying shirts because we'll have to pay for any unsold.The fat ride has us done up aw wiys.



08 Feb 2015 22:42:19
Got to feel sorry for the fans 9000 at Ibrox and humiliated by faith what is it coming to??




31 Jan 2015 10:51:50
I really feel for rangers fans and what there going for, and really fear for them tomorrow as I think they will get hammered


1.) Cheers for your concern Sheepman, you worry about your own game.

2.) Here, here gkk, they all do it mate, septic fans, sheep fans the lot, they are all obsessed with the famous glasgow rangers my friend, we are afterall the most successful football club not only in scottish football but worldwide football, as the legendary great bill struth once said 'let us continue to lead, we welcome the chase', that eastend of glasgow mobhave always been known to us as obsessed utd!

3.) 31 Jan 2015 13:40:29
No One Likes Us. We don't Care!

4.) We will be hammered on the champagne tomorrow pal, celebrating a great wee victory, As our big Jock says "WEVE GOT THE BATTLE FEVER ON".

5.) @2 that is so funny, and there you are talking about your beloved Celtic pmsl! Oh the irony lol



25 Jan 2015 20:03:34
Thursday d day as its pay day if not paid administration looms


1.) @gardener1965

There is absolutely no chance and I will repeat NO chance the wages will not be paid on Thursday, here is why.

The club can not default on paying administration staff, playing staff and other club staff or it will be in direct breach of SFA and SPFL rules which include many sanctions that are enforcable immediately, that's why there will be money on the table to ensure the wage run goes ahead, expect an announcement from the LSE either tomorrow or Tuesday confirming the acceptance of a loan, now who supplies the loan will be the critical factor, if Spivs direct then the word boycott will be ringing in this boards ears until the EGM is confirmed shortly.
If the loan is from T3B and or king then a compromise will have been reached. We can still not be 100% certain which way it will swing, but I suspect T3B and king have the upper hand as wee toxic is spouting all sorts of Mince on the LSE chat room using his proxy name "sitonfence" and is defo running scared

But we will see! Keep an eye on the LSE for the next few days as notices will be posted confirming the next move.

The boycott will start in earnest if Spivs direct gets any more control at the club


2.) Please can people we STOP posting 2nd Admin comments when it CANNOT and WILL NOT happen. There are we know at least 2 offers of multi millions and what you are suggesting is that those and every other party that stands to lose multi millions were we to go into admin will not be accepted investment wise, jesus it pains me at times the lack of business knowlege people have at times and to be honest common sense.

We are not now or at any time going into a 2nd Admin, there is no 100million pound big tax case hanging over us anymore Rangers minded businessmen were only ever put of at the Admin time by the worry of the big tax case.

So please can we draw a line under this insane train of thought finally it plays right into the hands of people like ashole and the board relying on fear tactics amongst the fans and investors.

i am george

3.) Iamgeorge I have allready posted there is no chance of the wages not being paid one or other of bidders for the club will pay the money

4.) @ I am George

You are 100% correct admin can not legally happen when there are several options to provide funding immediately any judge sitting on an admin case HAS to consider all options before granting administration, there is NO chance ANY judge would grant admin on behalf of this board! Regardless of how they plead.

I have it under confirmed sources that there will be notices to LSE to confirm who is providing the loan, the problem this board have is they know they are a busted flush if they go with Spivs direct, any normal thinking fan looking at all the available evidence would know that to go with Spivs direct and the incompetents at boardroom level is the wrong way to go and will cause untold confrontation for months NO years and the word boycott will continue to haunt them until change is brought to bear (sorry for the pun)

As you mention George the shares are the crucial point, who has the advantage? Will we get the required amount to win the EGM?

The one thing that MUST happen and should not be interfered with is the calling of the EGM.

We must go with it regardless of the attempted threats and excuses from the board etc, because that's wee jacks MO and he will be trying every trick in the book.

Mr King and T3B you must hold your nerve and don't flinch





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06 Aug 2015 16:57:25
They have said they will not sell to rangers it's not a case of coming in at £400k it's the fact there our biggest threat this season so they will refuse again and if he doesn't go just now to any one else then he will sign a preaseson and join in June




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05 Aug 2015 15:35:10
Ezyezy ye right a dreamer mate won't be at rangers till June if at all




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05 Aug 2015 15:33:12
Offer refused




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04 Aug 2015 21:07:58
Has been rejected notification from HFC




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04 Aug 2015 20:41:08
The bid was between £300k and £325k and hibs rejected it and told them he's not for sale so you will have to wait for pre season and get him in June





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