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08 Apr 2024 07:37:42
Ive said it before on here and I'll say it again

We are mentally damaged against them.

We have a huge mental barrier to get over and the bulk of this team don't have the minerals to do it.

We almost start every game 1 down and scared against them.

It won't be until we turn the majority of that squad over and squeak a few wins that we'll see a step change.


1.) 08 Apr 2024 08:05:42
100%, athole.

Guys like Tav and Goldson go into these games expecting to get beat because it's what they're used to. It's ingrained into them, and is buried into their psyche. This game turns them into quivering wrecks who are all over the place. Sorry, but there's no getting over it with those 2, and they'll always be the same.

Honestly, the way they laughed and joked as their partook in that bile inducing "lap of honour" was both infuriating, and embarrassing. What a rid neck celebrating failure, and getting out of jail by dropping 2 points in such an important game.

We were hoping they would lay down a marker, but all they done was lay down themselves and got pumped in that 1st half.

2.) 08 Apr 2024 08:30:27
Yeah I agree, I’m happy to acknowledge that some of these guys have been great servants to the club and they’ve be remembered fondly for winning the league and the Europa league final but it’s time to move on and get players who can play with no fear again.

Too many of our senior players are scared of Celtic and simply don’t perform time and time again.

I’m with you Roofe, I’ve no idea what the lap of honour was about, this was actually driven by PC, he told the players to clap the fans.

A draw at home when we’re so close to winning the league should result in the players apologising, not clapping.

3.) 08 Apr 2024 08:49:19
Absolute B*llocks?

The simple fact (IMO) is that Celtic have been the better team in recent years and have had better managers for much of the time.

Their first goal was a freak ~ ball held up by the wind before anyone settled Tavs clearance could have gone anywhere. You could argue that Butland was caught flat footed.

Did we play well? nope. Was the level of play acceptable? Nope

2nd half showed who we are as a team ~ we won the half at a canter despite a poor goal against. Again Butland could have done better as should a few other players.

Tav is one of our all time greats (despite the turncoats against him) and to say that he is beat before walking on to the pitch against Celtic is an insult to him, the manager (s) and the club in general.

On the lap of honour ~ I thought it was a thank you for the fans who continued to support the team and did not throw in the towel at half time.

4.) 08 Apr 2024 09:16:46

5.) 08 Apr 2024 09:17:20
As much as I can hardly fault PCs time so far, to play Scott Wright is just beyond me and the difference was clear when Sima went on instead. Also why Dowel and not Raskin?

6.) 08 Apr 2024 09:19:45
So, if you go by DK's reckoning, we won a half game of football. So, do we get half a title? Automatuc half entry into CL? Half bragging right? The answer, of course, is no!

What have you been told before about flogging dead horses?! ?.

7.) 08 Apr 2024 09:42:41
Dowel fully fit putting raskin lunny to bed around better football player than both, just not seen enough a think.

8.) 08 Apr 2024 09:48:22
We were not good enough and in big games like this were continuously let down by the same group of senior players.

Tav didn’t have a clue what he was doing for the first goal, he’s looking at Butland and Goldson until the penny drops that he needs to get to the ball.

He’s the captain, he should be taking control and dictating to everybody what they’ll do.

Tav has been sensational for us, great player who will always be remembered as our captain, his goal scoring records will remain intact long after my life is over. The reality is we need players who can play without fear of Celtic, Tav is one of many who struggle with this concept and he’s not the only one.

Don’t turn this into a Tav bashing because it’s not.

9.) 08 Apr 2024 09:50:28
I didn't see it as a lap of honour.

More of an apology lap and to say thank you to the fans for their support.

Without Rangers giving Celtic a 2 goal head start it could have been a very different game.

10.) 08 Apr 2024 10:05:44
Unfortunately, Dado, DK can't help himself, and when anyone dares criticise Tav, he accuses them of bashing him. It's just who he is mate.
Remember, DK has backed that many losers over the years that he's become a bookies dream. The guy has got 95% of things wrong, and backed every failure, but still comes on here all high and mighty telling anyone he disagrees with, they're taking "B*llocks"!

11.) 08 Apr 2024 10:27:52
You might be right Ally, I seen PC telling them to go to the fans but I was still trying to claim myself down from that performance.

Even the defending for the 3rd is shocking after just getting the game back level. Absolute school boy.



01 Apr 2024 21:50:40
Some inane ramblings.

1. Disappointed we've reverted to the predictable outswinging corners that bring us little or no sucess.

Does no one have any set piece ideas?

2. As much as i think Diomande is a cracking wee player and has a big future ahead of him, i think the pace of the O. F. game might pass him by. I'd be tempted to play Sterling.

3. Why did kamikaze pilots wear safety helmets?


1.) 01 Apr 2024 23:16:09
?? no3 is one of lifes great mysteries.

2.) 02 Apr 2024 00:44:59
Outswinging corners allow attacking players far more purchase on their efforts as the ball is coming onto them it's all about movement and aggression when attacking the ball.

3.) 02 Apr 2024 07:09:38
J-zer i get that but when's the last time any of our players got a head to it let alone got any purchase on it?

If you mix it up and sometimes put it in on top of the keeper there will be a spill that you can feed off.

Everytime we concede a corner i feel we look vulnerable but conversely we don't look threatening at our corners.

4.) 02 Apr 2024 07:37:15
ATHOLE - totally agree
JZER -Little or no success from intended high floated corners that normally don't even clear 1st man - there is no reason why we don't alternate as if you watch Benfica game they fired corners into our front post and on GK with pace and we looked terrified at most (as most opposing teams in SPL do to us - Killie terrorised us with the same) - We have players in Tavs, Barasic and Ridvan who should be hitting inswingers a lot of the time with pace and bet your bottom dollar we would have more success if not from 1st ball from any parry out on second ball. Teams now have dedicated personnel who work on corners and set pieces - wonder if we have the same? It is part of game we need to capitalise on more imo - do any of our stats guys have info on corners as can't remember last headed goal we had from one?

5.) 02 Apr 2024 08:37:17
Jo Potter the womens Manager produced a great move from a corner in the recent league Cup Final for Smith Rowe's goal.

6.) 02 Apr 2024 11:02:50
Inswingers at pace causes more problems in my opinion.

7.) 02 Apr 2024 11:21:02
A regular bugbear of mine, if I was a defender I would happily concede a corner our % success is woeful (&I'm being nice! )
If I was an attacker I know our defence would flap, panic, and my team would probably get a shot/ header away.
It's been obvious for years unfortunately.

8.) 02 Apr 2024 16:37:36
That was my point lads, PC is a class manager. Why doesn't he address it? Is it left up to the players to decide?

I reckon good aggressive inswinging corners could easily yield 5 goals a season. Would most agree with that?

That could ewuate to another few points.

And another thing. why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle.



30 Mar 2024 22:22:19
Good performance today and good win. Silly goal to lose. I didn't see who didn't track the runner from midfield. We can't let that happen next week.

Souttar superb. Dessers very good. Tav's resillience to pop up with that goal after missing the pen a lesson to all players. Matondo goal was superb.

Great to see Sima back.

Thought Wright had one of his best games for us today.

Hopefully Cantwell getting an ice pack on his leg is just precautionary as he was very good today also.

All in all a good day's work.

Over to you wee Davie ?.


1.) 31 Mar 2024 09:03:41
Good performance result brilliant can't agree with Scott Wright he's not making it for me.

2.) 31 Mar 2024 10:08:22
Thought Wright was very good but it seems nothing is ever good enough on here. Unbelievable.

3.) 31 Mar 2024 10:23:33

Lundstrum did try to track, but was just too slow.

4.) 31 Mar 2024 11:47:58
Wright played ok but ok ain’t good enough sadly the boy has never been good enough for us there is nothing wrong with that. He should never have been signed.

5.) 31 Mar 2024 14:38:52
Every manager has thought differently funnily enough. Boy never really seems to get an extended run. When he does he picks up a niggling injury. Was doing very well when PC came in then got injured and has struggled a bit since coming back. He could have a big part to play in the run in. There is definitely a player there imo.

6.) 31 Mar 2024 16:45:54
Wright not good enough.



26 Mar 2024 21:12:02
Scotland fans booing own national anthem. Nuff said.


1.) 26 Mar 2024 22:40:46
****bags mate ????.

2.) 26 Mar 2024 22:45:10
Can't for the life of me understand this.

3.) 26 Mar 2024 23:01:44
That's a strange one. Did Clare Grogan sing it?

4.) 26 Mar 2024 23:10:50
Our own national anthem, what a load of Jimmy White, we have our own national anthem ??????? ??????? ??????? always will have.

5.) 27 Mar 2024 03:55:32
Will always support Scotland but never go to a game because of this athole. Too many SNP wet wipes amongst the regulars.

6.) 27 Mar 2024 04:10:23
It’s not Scotland national anthem they booed.

7.) 27 Mar 2024 08:47:06
At the risk of being pedantic, but as Scotland is in the United Kingdom, would that not mean that God save the King IS indeed the National anthem? Rhetorical question! ?.

8.) 27 Mar 2024 08:49:18
Shouldn’t boo any national anthem.

9.) 27 Mar 2024 08:56:10
You’re wrong stormtrooper as we part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland our official national anthem is god save the king. Out unofficial national anthem is flower of Scotland.

10.) 27 Mar 2024 11:22:51
Good result for NI last night. some promising young players coming through.

11.) 27 Mar 2024 11:28:47
I’ve never been so embarrassed today when talking to my neighbour Who comes from Dublin, It was he who was telling me about what happened at Hampden, He said even with all the troubles in the past in Ireland he would never boo the GB and NI national anthem, So why o why do these idiots have to embarrass Our Country. ???????????.

12.) 27 Mar 2024 11:43:00
NI have a very young team in general, and shouldn’t live with the likes of England etc, it’s just the never say die attitude we seem to have? Scotland always had it in the past as well, “ pride “ . Michael O’Neill is a good patient manager? And he’ll build a decent team from players from the lower divisions, because that’s all we have, excluding Evans, Bradley, Tria Hume will be a big asset in the future with a few others?

13.) 27 Mar 2024 12:04:36
England to win the Euros?! ???

Nope, not for me guys. I might not have anytime for the Scottish national team, but the thought of the English football team winning a major, is vomit inducing.

This has got nada to do with English bias as I'm a massive English cricket team fan, it's more to do with the insufferable, in your face crap, that we would need to endure across all media outlets. Plus their manager has as much character as a 300 year old corpse.

14.) 27 Mar 2024 12:37:03
?? Wrong post guys, meant for the one below.

15.) 27 Mar 2024 12:39:29
I am not wrong as I am Scottish 1st and that is our national anthem plain and simple. That’s my take on it others can have different takes.

You shouldn’t boo anyone’s anthem as a mark of respect but hey Ho.

16.) 27 Mar 2024 15:40:23

Bit pessimistic, one more loan season, or gers bite bullet this season, marqee signing 15m next year. Not outside realms possibility, Flo was 10m and in real terms probs more.



08 Mar 2024 16:45:01
A few good performances last night, for me though, i thought Ridvan edged it for MOTM. All about opinions though.

Ridvan blocks a lot of crosses into the box, which is something i feel didn't happen often in recent times but is a primary function of a FB.

Lot of guys throwing themselves in front of shots and leaving every thout on the park so well done.

Confident of progressing, but not overly confident.


1.) 08 Mar 2024 19:32:39
He’s playing really well just now, Butland was my man of the match, we’re so lucky to have him.

Another few good performances against top opponents and I think he’ll make the England Squad.

2.) 08 Mar 2024 20:18:22
Ridvan looks like a new player. I thought his performance last night was top drawer. I think his delivery into the box is improving as well.

3.) 08 Mar 2024 20:53:10
Im a big fan of Ridvan but i fear Barasic will play on Sunday as PC will rotate his squad, this worries me as Barasic is a weak link.

4.) 08 Mar 2024 22:14:39
We can only hope Ridvans performances recently will make Barasic try harder when he gets a chance.

5.) 08 Mar 2024 22:20:16
Think Barasic will play Sunday.

6.) 09 Mar 2024 01:16:21
Since the Shankland goal months ago can’t remember when Ridvan has been beaten cleanly with a high ball, always does enough, thought him and Silva worked well together on Thursday night and both young and fit enough to go again on Sunday, Roofe might be fit enough to start and give us an hour.

7.) 09 Mar 2024 07:51:12
Did you see shanks interview? If that isn't a come n get me plea, I dunno what is lol.




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08 Apr 2024 07:29:23
Spyder- thanks for the share bud.

Dont know these guys much but if we're in talks, i trust the manager that they will improve us.




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25 Mar 2024 16:25:03
RTR - Wolves didn't know we would only have had 2 more ties in EL. We have been in 2 finals in relatively recent times.

Youre making assumptions silva had options in the EPL or other big leagues.

Lets be honest, we can't entice top players away if the big keagues are interested.

Truth is, you and i have absolutely zero idea if its true. John has a source of info who intimated it might be the case. that's good enough for me to believe its PLAUSIBLE. that's all.

Instead of rubbishing it in your usual belligerent way, why not be open minded enough to give our directors some credit that they might just be really savvy businessmen that know more than we do.




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25 Mar 2024 08:51:22
RTR Why do you think it's BS?

They have an asset they have spent upwards of 40m for in fee and wages on.

They don't have a hope in hell of recouping that if he's not playing.

We're effectively advertising their asset for them across Europe.

Surely you can see how that contractual clause could come to be?




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20 Mar 2024 08:13:09
One scottish player we should take a look at but he never gets mentioned is that lad at hearts, a striker i think.




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20 Mar 2024 08:09:55
RTR - can't disagree

Some good performances but too heavy a jersey for him.

After McGregor screamed at him calling him a shi**bag in an OF game and he showed nothing, he'd never have played again for some of our previous managers.





athole's banter replies


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07 Apr 2024 12:49:29
Usual bottle job by the usual weak minded players!

Butland only 1 with pass marks but silva has been ridiculouly woeful.




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05 Apr 2024 16:37:15
BigDado - I'm with you re Barasic and the joke.

If that constitutes offensive on here now then it's time to shut the site down.

To all of you men with the faux outrage on behalf of the women who do have periods, i showed my wife the comment and she thought it was very funny.




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02 Apr 2024 16:37:36
That was my point lads, PC is a class manager. Why doesn't he address it? Is it left up to the players to decide?

I reckon good aggressive inswinging corners could easily yield 5 goals a season. Would most agree with that?

That could ewuate to another few points.

And another thing. why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle.




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02 Apr 2024 07:09:38
J-zer i get that but when's the last time any of our players got a head to it let alone got any purchase on it?

If you mix it up and sometimes put it in on top of the keeper there will be a spill that you can feed off.

Everytime we concede a corner i feel we look vulnerable but conversely we don't look threatening at our corners.




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29 Mar 2024 18:23:50
Name the most obscure/ bizarre/ random signing ever. the weirder the better. who pops into your head?

I loved Sebo. He reminds me of my labrador who has no idea of stopping distances and just runs into things.




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