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05 May 2024 15:15:17
And that’s why Dessers will just never be good enough. The guy can not… in fact WILL NOT, hit a first time shot. It’s completely baffling how a forward just can not shoot. Could easily of had a hatrick today if he would just shoot! ?. It’s so frustrating to watch.


1.) 05 May 2024 15:55:44
Hes very poor but at the moment he's really all we've got he won't be our main striker next year hopefully not a bench warmer either.

2.) 05 May 2024 16:49:57
Scored against Hibs with a 1st time shot and one other chipped goal and that’s just off the top of my head so your post is bs.

3.) 05 May 2024 16:51:21
King? He was poor today but scored winner against st Mirren and scored the 2 goals that got us to a cup final that’s 3 goals in 3 games.

4.) 05 May 2024 19:49:42
Some are never happy Storm, big guy will be here next year, name a striker that scores every game? You can't, Spot on Storm utter BS.

5.) 05 May 2024 20:22:08
Storm seriously stop being an a**e. If you seriously think that Dessers is the quality of striker we need going forward then god help us. I will not fault him for his effort however he unfortunately lacks in most other areas. And yes he actually scored against Hibs and St Mirren with first time finishes but both were with his head from a few yards out where he couldn’t miss. However you can easily count at least a couple of chances a game where he loses out by trying to take far too many unnecessary touches before trying to shoot. A striker who won't or can’t hit a first time shot just isn’t good enough for us. I know Roofe is by far not the answer but just looking at today he would of scored a couple at least.



Rangers Squad Rebuild For Next Season

30 Apr 2024 07:39:38
{Ed's Note - Gers78!! has posted a new article entitled, Rangers Squad Rebuild For Next Season




29 Apr 2024 15:41:05
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Gers78!! has written an article entitled, Rangers Squad Rebuild For Next Season


1.) 29 Apr 2024 16:52:26
Pretty much spot on Gers78, I'd keep Lawrence, he can still offer something imo, Raskin, I thought done well initially when played with Cantwell, you may be correct in that a full pre-season may help. Balogun for another year as cover. Gd read bud?.

2.) 29 Apr 2024 16:59:22
Good post 78. We may need three goalies.

3.) 29 Apr 2024 17:57:44
Was hoping there might be someone within the B team set up that is ready to be third choice keeper John, but not sure if that’s the case.

4.) 29 Apr 2024 19:08:28
Nicely summarised 78, i’d agree with pretty much all of that??.

5.) 29 Apr 2024 19:27:06
John is that you teasing that Butland is leaving?

6.) 29 Apr 2024 20:32:08
Storm no, plenty says he will go, I hope not, the thread talks McLaughlin and Mccrorie will go

Ger 78, wright was third choice for Europe this season but is behind McLaughlin now for domestic games.

Mb McLaughlin stays if mccrorIe goes

78, imo none of the reserves have any experience above say Alloa Stranraer, but that was same re wright.

7.) 29 Apr 2024 20:54:48
Good post and hard to argue but with such a big rebuild we may need to keep some players like Lawrence because we need to use money in other areas I'd certainly sell hagi lammers goldson Wright and not offer deals to any if the ooc players I'd keep tav unless a bid over 5m is made and would look for at least 10m if butland is to. leave so potentially with sales you could generate over 20/ 25m and save over 100k a week on wages so daunting but not impossible.

8.) 30 Apr 2024 07:57:27
If butland goes to the euros then min 15m.
I know he is 31 but we should play hardball. Celtic would get top dollar if it were them.

9.) 30 Apr 2024 08:52:38
We certainly won't turn down 15 million for him.

10.) 30 Apr 2024 09:15:43
Lawrence has been awful wouldn’t have him near my team he looks broken.

11.) 30 apr 2024 12:54:16
lets nit start with the “ not a penny less “, kent, morelos spring to mind.



22 Apr 2024 17:49:21
Fair play to Dessers for his two goals yesterday. Can’t fault the guy for the effort he always puts in as well. However unfortunately, he’ll just never be good enough to be our main striking option going forward. 19 goals in 38 is a decent return but if you look back on all his games one major thing sticks out. He can not hit a ‘first time finish’. Almost every shot he takes he needs 3 or 4 touches first to set himself.

This results in either: him being tackled, defenders getting back and blocking his shot, or on occasions goals like his first on Sunday, which looked really good as he ‘beat’ 3 men before shooting. Proper strikers can hit first time finishes or at most one touch then shoot. How many times do we see him balloon first time efforts over or well wide.

He just can’t finish with out taking an age to get a shot off. Even both yesterday’s goals were a bit fortunate. The first went through Gordon’s legs, the second seemed to go through him completely some how. On another day both of those are saved. We are desperately Needing someone who can instinctively finish without taking an age to think about it.


1.) 23 Apr 2024 10:16:39
Dessers or alfie.

2.) 23 Apr 2024 12:43:03
Christen - A morph of the pair please - Dessers workrate and attitude and Alfies finishing (in his prime) - I will phone PC and see if he can oblige with this mash-up?.

3.) 23 apr 2024 17:38:43
think i would much rather have dessers finishing to be honest mate, in fact anyone's finishing.



06 Apr 2024 10:21:51
So the official Rangers facebook page just dropped an interview with Butland regarding the Old Firm game about 15mins ago. Doubt they would do that if they knew he was injured and wouldn’t be playing so hopefully it is just nonsense.


1.) 06 Apr 2024 10:43:57
There's nothing on the other main forums such as Follow Follow or Rangers media. If there was any truth in it, it would be all over those 2, but there's nada!

2.) 06 Apr 2024 12:16:49
It was just some wee attention seeking fanny on twitter posting bs.

3.) 06 Apr 2024 12:21:36
Wishful Declan thinking ??.

4.) 06 Apr 2024 13:11:04
Same as the rumours flying around ccv is out, all b. s.

5.) 06 Apr 2024 16:10:41
It was Twitter bs again I don’t know why people believe that rubbish I’ll never know.

6.) 06 Apr 2024 17:09:49
I never bother looking at those sites. complete and utter rubbish.




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12 Jun 2024 09:13:23
Woohoo let’s slate another player before they’ve even signed and played any games for us! ???. Think of it this way. How many players have we signed in the past that we’ve thought would be great and turned out to be trash? (Won’t name them as don’t want to slate players, but I’ve got at least a dozen in mind).




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11 Jun 2024 11:16:31
Generic I have literally just explained above why we need another striker, at the sake of repeating myself, we all know Lammers is leaving, there is no way Lovelace can be classed as a first choice out and out striker, he may well be around the first team this year but likely to play either on the right or left. So as you say we need 3. Danilo, Dessers and A N other. It’s really quite simple, we WILL be signing another striker. It doesn’t matter if that is before or after Lammers is sold as he is definitely leaving.




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11 Jun 2024 09:37:32
How are we heavy in the striking department? We played half of last season with only 1 available striker, and he’s not exactly a world beater. Roofe has just left, Lammers will 100% be leaving, Lovelace has only ever made 2 first team appearances and tends to play right or left at times rather than through the middle. So really we only have Dessers and Danilo who has been out for 8 months with a serious injury. Of course we need another striker.




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10 Jun 2024 15:54:38
No he’s not. This is why you shouldn’t believe click bait nonsense. In fact one site ‘sports world’ wrote a story basically saying he’s off back to Turkey and then the same site (sports world) wrote a story about 30mins later stating Yilmaz himself has stated that he will not be returning to Turkey this window ?. These sites literally write any old crap just so that they can then write another story dismissing the first! ? 2 clicks for the price of one!




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09 Jun 2024 13:13:20
Yet the Daily Rubbish says it’ll be closer to €1m. No one really knows, just like no one knows how much we want for Lammers. We may find out once any of these deals are actually done. Then again we may not. Either way doesn’t really matter, as long as the club get the best deals they can for the players we want, both buying and selling.





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11 Jun 2024 18:44:22
Weellll apparently he missed training today and was the only one to do so. Sounds about right, after all he did played about ten minutes the other night.




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11 Jun 2024 09:43:22
Carrick both Stuttgart and Hamburg in Germany and a couple of Italian teams (Lecce were on I think) were in for him. He is also a French under 20 international so hopefully he has something about him. like most seasons we aren’t just going to play with 2 CB’s all year. He will be one of 4 that will play regularly.




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11 Jun 2024 07:52:31
He’s for the first team. Apparently one of the main reasons he chose us over the numerous other options he had was he was promised regular first team football.




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09 Jun 2024 15:10:29
Are we? Didn’t realise a sale had gone through? And didn’t realise the club had come out and officially stated how much we got for him? … one paper, the Record, claimed with absolutely zero evidence, we are looking for £2.5m (because of course the club had a sit down with one of theirs reporters and laid out exactly all the prices we want for all the players who may be leaving) and every other on line outlet picked that up and quoted it.
No one knows what fees we will be looking for, a lot of time it’s not even officially stated after a player is sold.




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06 Jun 2024 11:20:43
It’s not so much that we have ‘no money’ Tommy, I think the problem is that year on year we seem to be wasting so much of it. Every time we sack and replace a manager it costs us millions, we then need to completely rebuild the team in the new managers vision, which costs millions, whilst still paying massive wages to the players the previous manager brought in that are no longer wanted that we can’t get rid of (because we offered them way more than market value to sign in the first place and no other club will pay them as much so they won’t leave).

Last year our wage bill was much higher than Celtic's (yet who would you say has the better players unfortunately) . I’m not saying that some of these managers didn’t deserve to be sacked, more that we need to make sure we now have the correct man in charge, the correct team around him and back him well but also sensibly. Just think back to some of the incredible wastes of money we’ve been involved in just since returning to the top flight.

Pedro for starters. His two Mexican jokers who we paid around £5m in total for, easily another couple of million on wages and got nothing at all in terms of performance from. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So yes, we bring in lots of revenue, unfortunately though we seem to absolutely waste so much more ☹️.




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