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26 Dec 2017 15:12:20
Rangers have played 20 games this season 10 under pedro and 10 under murty. Pedro played 10 won 5 drew 3 lost 2. murty played 10 won 6 lost 4 both crap records yet people on here are already suggesting that he stays on after the season ends and even saying he is a good tactician?

murty has no tactics at all, his teams have no shape and are all over the place, he sets out to let teams attack us and in 2 of the games he's lost we scored first then appeared to sit back and try to defend that lead for the rest of the match and I will include the hibs away match in this even though we got away with that one. We invite crosses in to the box by playing narrow yet we have not been able to defend crosses since Ally was in charge, we are a mess tactically.


1.) 27 Dec 2017 02:37:35
Ever think it’s the players who aren’t good enough?

2.) 27 Dec 2017 12:21:04
Graeme. you have a point there about the players not being good enough, but all the teams who have beaten us this season are below us excluding the manky mob,
That then tells us that the players from the teams below us who have beaten us are putting in a lot more effort, commitment etc and most of them would never ever be good enough play for Rangers, some of these players are only on £800 - £1000 per week!
Conclusion. sadly we have players who are not only not good enough but who are not putting in enough effort or commitment to justify the money that are getting week in and week out,

3.) 27 Dec 2017 22:28:52
Killie's players were awful as well and look what a proven coach is doing there



11 Nov 2017 07:19:32
Mcinnes has been asked to walk away from the sheep and the job would be his, the ball is in his court. Before ped he would have walked down to Ibrox but has since signed an extension to his contract which his honor makes it hard for him to break.


1.) 11 Nov 2017 08:40:51
Who asked him?

King. right derek i need you to walk away from your job i ain't got the cash for compo

Derek . i need to think about it

King ok but sssssshhhhh don't tell any one

Derek ok is it ok if i tell some family n friends i got on my bt list

King ok but only a few . aye rite you are i just stole the fone comfo had king line tapped too lol

Mcinnes wanted it so much he would be there by now still gio van bronckhurst for me but if switzerland put out northern ireland i can see michael oneill getting the job

2.) 11 Nov 2017 09:09:45
I don't know who asked him kaymer but my info is sound. Do you really think we have done nothing in the last couple of weeks? Sent us your CVs and we'll have a look! No, our No.1 target was and is Derek Mcinnes but I don't think it is going to happen, do you?

3.) 11 Nov 2017 09:35:24
The news this morning is that they haven't spoke to anyone yet. They have been assessing cv's and discussing it internally but no managers or clubs have been contacted

4.) 11 Nov 2017 12:26:05
I heard the situation is he wants to come but it won't happen until end of next week start of the following week regarding compensation discussions with Aberdeen, so they can put McInnis on garden leave over the back to back games with Rangers. This way he won't face them straight away while they search for a new manager.

5.) 11 Nov 2017 13:32:26
Jyf, i don't want it to happen, regarding delboy mcinnes becoming our next manager! Like i've said previously, if it was to be him, i'd back him wholeheartedly, but imho there's better candidates available to us, with no compensation money required! Don't rule out graeme murty getting the nod!

6.) 13 Nov 2017 13:43:01
supercoop who is better candidates? eck - no chance ruined rangers last time and he came into a worldclass team!

has done nothing of note since

pardew mclaren preudhomme just naw as they don't know us or our game in scotland!

rangers need a man to steady the ship, get us beating the rest the same way celtic do (with ease) and then sign one or two real tallents to make us a much better side and we will be challenging before we know it.

i just wish the board would huury up and appoint the man that most Rangers fans want in



23 Aug 2014 08:23:08
Ally Mcoist to become the next Crystal Palace manager, my source, an person.


1.) You would know, your his agent lol

2.) If he is looking for a lift down I am avalible any time any day 24/7 lol

3.) If its true, I'lll give him a lift there myself

4.) It would be great if he went, I thought I had imagined this. The prospect of losing our fantastic manager to Crystal Palace would be fantastic for the club.

I was speaking with a Jambo friend and he was very upset at the thought of McCoist leaving Rangers!!!

5.) Seriously you do not have a source this time next week we will still have ally here and you will be still clutching at straws absolutely no chance of that happening

6.) They couldn't afford his wage demands lol

7.) Stiv65 I think you right this time lol

8.) Mcoist will be lucky to reach xmas in this job




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17 Mar 2019 08:33:43
Hands up anyone on here who would have made those substitutions to turn things round! Changing the left back was not a priority yesterday and bringing a player on for his first game this year was hardly tactical genius.
On a plus it was Davis' best game since he came back and it was worth the admission money alone to be present and witness broadfoots save of the season.
P. S. hope gerrard gives a good presser to keep most on here happy!


1.) 17 Mar 2019 10:54:41
Thought Davis was dreadful yesterday and looks a shadow of the player he was first time around. He pulled out of tackles and had a great chance second half and chose to play it across goal to no one.

Also think Andy Halliday was injured. I saw him speaking to the bench just before half time.

2.) 17 Mar 2019 10:56:32
No one would have. No one would have started coulibally either. Mcrorie all day long. Really want Gerard to succeed but I'm lost at the moment with a lot of his thinking.

3.) 17 Mar 2019 11:12:52
According to reports Coulbaly won’t be there next season so why is he anywhere near the team. No point playing loan players who won’t be there next season.

4.) 17 Mar 2019 12:03:41
Can't understand why mcrorie has found himself back on bench.

5.) 17 Mar 2019 12:40:10
The ball hit broadfoot on the back, nowhere near his hands👍.

6.) 17 Mar 2019 12:59:42
Posted that in reply last night coldo. Folk looking for excuses as usual it was never a pen.

7.) 17 Mar 2019 13:01:46
Grezda done nothing when he came on, I know he's just back from injury but he doesn't look anywhere near what we need. Barasic to be fair made some great overlaps and put a few good balls in but again that was when we went 442.👍.

8.) 17 Mar 2019 14:16:08
Davis was absolutely WOEFUL. 12 stray pases then I stopped counted. He was a GREAT player. He’s DONE.



14 Mar 2019 06:50:31
My opinion here is that our squad is better than aberdeens, hibs livingston etc, so why are we not beating them? I say its down to the manager and his total lack of tactics, that's my honest opinion! what's your take on why we can't beat them supercooper, jboy etc.
Surely you don't think that the manager is above criticism. When you start throwing accusations out at people that critisise Gerrard it suggests to me that you just follow along like sheep with your heads in the sand. As I said just MY opinion.


1.) 14 Mar 2019 07:59:40
Pretty simple, we are far too predictable in terms of team selection, tactics, substitution timings etc. Other managers have us worked out. It's like Warburton mk2.

2.) 14 Mar 2019 09:13:28
SirStruth you complain on here about being too predictable on team selection in your opinion. Others complain that SG changes the team too much and that is their opinion. The manager can only win when Rangers are winning, and all the doubters come out of the woodwork when results don't go our way.



21 Feb 2019 17:26:51
First thing first, no human being should ever be abused either physically or verbally by another human being, that said when you go to a football match, any football match, its going to happen. What difference does it make if you take abuse for liking other men or let's say a liking for sheep its still abuse is one OK and the other homophobic and therefor against the law. Do supporters of "wee teams" never shout abuse at the refs or opposition?
My point is is some types of fan abuse acceptable and others not or is it a zero approach?
P. S. the ce*tic fans sing brendan rogers' fenian army. Is that abuse?


1.) 21 Feb 2019 19:36:07
Mob mentality. People will do and say things in large groups that they wouldn't dream of doing on their own. I wonder if those who shout such drivel, cheer when out Catholic players score goals or have a great game.



17 Feb 2019 12:07:24
Gerrard saying we have no leaders well that's not true, he's the bloody leader and what HE says goes that was a disgrace yesterday with the lack of leadership obvious HIS leadership.


1.) 17 Feb 2019 17:11:01
Totally agree Jyf. He has hung the players out with that statement and that is not on! He brought in Davis and a number of the empty shirts on the park yesterday and he must shoulder the blame. He picked the team, chose the formation, and instructed them to play the way he wanted them to. Is Steven Gerrard's skin so thin that he can't hold his hands up and admit he got it wrong?

I could be wrong, but is our manager beginning to think this might not be for him and the cracks are appearing by coming out and slating the players like that in the press? If things continue like this, do we really think he will hang around? Brand Gerrard has bigger ambitions than managing us. If there is any risk of this taking a battering, he will be off.

2.) 17 Feb 2019 17:20:46

I think he said there were no leaders out on the pitch.

3.) 17 Feb 2019 18:12:18
He signed 18 players and moans about no leaders 😂 Who’s fault is that exactly!

4.) 17 Feb 2019 18:45:07
When did he discover this then Arthur d? That was shambolic yesterday for the whole game and He should have done something about it and didn't (couldn't? ) Tav is not a leader but that didn't just come to light yesterday and by saying what he did he is highlighting his own deficiances.



31 Jan 2019 06:43:46
Ok, what did tonights game tell us?
1.Flannagan is crap no matter where he plays
2.Defoe offers nothing.
3.Gerrard does not have a tactic in his head.
4.The officials are an embarrassment to the Scottish game
5.Cowdenbeith were the better team in the second half against unmotivated players.
Feel free to add to this list.





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24 Jan 2019 15:47:28
1 game wittler?




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14 Jan 2019 06:44:45
Whats the matter with you people, a rumour gets posted and you slaughter the poster! Where else would you see clips of an 18 year old Iraqi? If he looks good on you tube why not say so?




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11 Jan 2019 06:38:53
Para-glider accident.




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03 Jan 2019 06:37:30
I'll second that coop.




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24 Dec 2018 07:44:20
you are definitely at the wind up, "technically gifted"? Not even when he was in his prime.





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09 Apr 2019 17:12:30
Well if you're not sure then we should leave it at that coldo, as I said I'm NOT SURE whither you're a tim or not but you act like one.
Over and out.




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09 Apr 2019 15:13:28
No coldo I said you act like a tim.




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09 Apr 2019 12:39:19
"Im not a tim, you are" nice debating skills coldo.
If you don't see that Wallace has been unfairly treated then fair enough. He and Miller put their Rangers careers on the line by speaking out and telling a few home truths in my view something that any Rangers captain should be willing to do.




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09 Apr 2019 06:42:11
Not playing any card coldo just stating that you have turned on our ex captain who showed incredible loyalty when the going got tough and got thrown out of the team for doing what any real Rangers man would do after that debacle. If you are not a tim I certainly do not apologize because as I said YOU ACT LIKE ONE.




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08 Apr 2019 17:17:05
coldo, you get upset when you are accused of being a tim but you really do act like one at times.