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08 Sep 2023 13:05:38
Rangers have received two offers from Turkey.
One for wright which has been accepted, he may go talk to them Sunday

One for yilmaz, a loan, rangers want loan to buy

Also told interest from turkey for Barisic but no offer as yet.


1.) 08 Sep 2023 13:18:42
Can we still sign free agents?

2.) 08 Sep 2023 13:41:15
Think so.

3.) 08 Sep 2023 13:46:24
Yes Davie we can.

4.) 08 Sep 2023 13:54:16
Davie, yes, but why squad too big.

5.) 08 Sep 2023 14:05:46
Yes John it's a problem for the manager he's tried to shift more and had no luck.

6.) 08 Sep 2023 14:13:42
Mext two windows we need to shift at least 8, that’s b4 we look at who we signed this window.

7.) 08 Sep 2023 14:20:43
I was reasonably happy with yilmaz at the end of last season, think he just needs a run of games.

8.) 08 Sep 2023 14:39:04
I'd definitely keep Yilmaz. Talk Sport talking again this afternoon of Eustace to Rangers.

9.) 08 Sep 2023 14:46:20
Burt I would not get rid of yilmas unless he is doing a Colak.

10.) 08 Sep 2023 14:54:27
Is Yilmaz himself not settled, John27?
Or do Rangers themselves see his career too stop / start with us and are prepared to cut their losses?

11.) 08 Sep 2023 15:17:27
If there’s any interest in yilmaz who’s only in the door

And it’s a loan to buy
Obviously we want rid of him
This smacks of a disaster
Especially if barasic goes also

What’s actually happening at our club.

12.) 08 Sep 2023 15:22:06
Would Yilmaz be leaving us short at full back or does Beale have trust in Devine/ Yfeko?

13.) 08 Sep 2023 15:25:07
Great info John thanks again mate
Any idea on the fee involved for wright? And even what we’d be wanting for yilmaz in the obligation?

I think if Beale is to stay he will need to move on some of his own signings before next season starts, I can’t see dessers and Danilo. Both stil being here start of next season, I think one stays and plays and one moves on, I think the big lad fae Norwich will be gone by next season starting, lammers also may be moved on again.
A lot of these signings might need moved on.

14.) 08 Sep 2023 15:40:31
The Yilmaz rumour simply won't go away and I have heard on a number of occasions, the latest this week, that he is wanted by Besiktas, his previous club as well as Galatasaray and Fernabahce.

The interest from Besiktas and Fernabahce comes from folks that are linked to their perspective football clubs. (Both clubs were interested early in the Scottish Transfer window. At that time Besiktas wanted a loan deal and Fernabahce were interested in a straight purchase although my understanding was that they were undervaluing the player) .

I haven't heard Wright's name linked with any of these Clubs.

15.) 08 Sep 2023 15:52:02
Lammers needs a shout as a striker big lad good in the air good feet, he isn't what Beale is using him as . Sima is a headless chicken and Danilo unfortunately is wrapped in cotton wool for some reason by the manager.

16.) 08 Sep 2023 16:18:36
To be be Davie that's not a bad shout.

17.) 08 Sep 2023 16:30:43
Ravers how is it a disaster all the experts want rid of both players

Wright to club he has already met twice.

18.) 08 Sep 2023 16:42:48
Same as Hagi . don't want Yilmaz to leave. He should be starting games asap.

19.) 08 Sep 2023 17:02:39
John I’m referring to yilmaz
We pay x amount then a loan to buy the lads just in the door so someone doesn’t see him staying
Then there’s barasic if he goes
That’s a disaster

So who we playing there
Sterling is out of position
Yfeko still learning some say he’s good others not so
(Shakes head) in frustration.

20.) 08 Sep 2023 17:03:25
As744 aye maybe mate and I did hear Danilo was fairly quick so why not right side for a wee trial . Matondo, Lammers and Danilo switching around at will may make the opposition dizzy I'm thinking.

But I still don't know who Will is TBH.

21.) 08 Sep 2023 17:18:17
Why would we want to sell both Barasic and Yilmaz?
If the rumours are true this would leave us short of cover at LB, as both Devine and Sterling are right sided players.
The only other left sided defenders we have in our squad are Davies, King, and Yefeko?
Another tough decision for MB.

22.) 08 Sep 2023 17:20:34
John we may have a big squad but or defence is lacking quality especially in the art of defending some fans now making excuses because players playing left CB etc… we need a new defence pronto.

23.) 08 Sep 2023 17:31:48
Oh right ravers u now worried about players u run down and want rid off. Archive a great read.

I can’t see both being allowed to leave but not bothered with them constantly feigning injury.

24.) 08 Sep 2023 17:31:56
I think one of the other may leave and going by Beale this season it would likely be yilmaz.

25.) 08 Sep 2023 17:35:52
My auld uncle was insistent there should be no left footers at Ibrox, he was off his nut though eventually.

26.) 08 Sep 2023 17:49:58
Eustace's record for Birmingham is worse than MB's was for QPR, let's hope Bennett and Bisgrove have got a contingency plan in place a poor result against St Johnstone and I think there's no way back for Michael Beale. several of the summer signings when they were first interviewed by the press talked about being impressed with Michael Beale's playing philosophy! and that was a big reason why they signed for Rangers perhaps some of these players now feel they were conned by MB.

27.) 08 Sep 2023 17:50:01
So, we are thinking of letting Yilmaz and Barisic go to Turkey . Is this part of a new tactical plan to play without a left back or like we did on Sunday with no left footers in the side at all . As for reducing the squad by 8 . The squad is currently 23 plus two youngsters and McLaughlin and Wright who both do need to go . Why would we take 8 players out of a 27 man squad, that would leave us barely enough to fill the bench.

28.) 08 Sep 2023 17:59:46
John I have never ran down any mentioned
I can’t run yilmaz he’s hardly kicked a ball
As for barasic well half this site agree his time
Should have been up a long time ago
I will praise players like others I’ll also stick up for those being slated and I’ll run those down like everyone else on this site it’s only an individual opinion.

29.) 08 Sep 2023 18:04:09
I’d quite like to see Danilo and Roofe play together, and just stick with it. No more chopping and changing every time we play. So they could get used to each other. Although Roofe would have to stay fit which is not garenteed.

Lawrence can play wide left. So that’s a option there. These are things I’d like to see I’m not saying it’s the answer or anything.

But one thing that is bothering me is Dessers getting constantly picked over Danilo. He was the so called big signing yet just sits on the bench. I would love someone to ask Beale wtf is going on there- it’s making me tthink something isn’t right there. It just seems strange to me. Just my thoughts.

30.) 08 Sep 2023 18:26:09
Stormtrooper . we've needed a new defence for a long long time. The fact our club haven't recognised this is why they are the completly the wrong people moving forward. I honestly can't belive we didn't strengthen defensively especially at R and L back and don't get me started on our lack of width!

31.) 08 Sep 2023 18:32:03
MrRangers87, I agree with you reg Roofe and Danilo. I want to see players playing in their natural position. I'm convinced Beale isn't the manager to get the best from these players.

32.) 08 Sep 2023 18:43:40
Lawerance is first name on team sheet for me when fully match fit.

33.) 08 Sep 2023 18:44:04
Your right mr rangers
Danilo was the flagship signing
Only to sit on the subs bench
It’s absolutely wild.

34.) 08 Sep 2023 19:15:19
Danilo should be starting as main striker cannot understand that so obviously carrying knock not settled or something. Scott Wright is better option than sima lammers etc yilmaz can go couple games little promise then takes an injury.

35.) 08 Sep 2023 19:54:54
Yes let’s sell one left back and loan the other out! Why no add to the growing list of stupid decisions! Ridvan should be starting every game not loaned out! He has so much potential and we’ve ruined him! Turkish number 1 left back before we signed him! Can’t even get in the team now!

36.) 08 Sep 2023 21:07:40
If we are looking at Eustace then ? I'd rather try give Beale time.

Why do we jump from rookie manager to rookie manager do we never learn meanwhile Celtic go with proven records like Rodgers Ange and win titles.

37.) 08 Sep 2023 21:58:07
Wslgers. First I’ve said enquiries. We may say no.

Yes eight, over next two windows, not tonight.

Davies Steve
Ben Davies
Mb yilmas. I’d keep

Then many on here want rid Dessers, Lammers, sima et al

So another rebuild yes.

38.) 09 Sep 2023 07:30:22
Beale needs to find his best starting 11 and soon and then stick with it. With all this pressure mounting on him I'd say he still doesn't have a clue and that's really the crux of the issue. He's not got faith in his marquee signing (what's going on in the background as that's just weird) and can't decide who the other main two attackers are. The midfield should pick itself in my opinion; Raskin, Cantwell and Cifuentes. The defence needed more of a refresh but it's been overlooked and Harry Souter would have been a great addition but left too late to do anything as at that point it relied on other outgoings - defence should have been as much a priority as upfront was deemed to be.

39.) 09 Sep 2023 08:08:36
I don’t know regarding yilmaz. Rumours not going away is he wanting to go home? Personally I’d keep him till January see if he can string some games together and find form. At least that way we can bring in a replacement.

40.) 09 Sep 2023 08:23:57
“ defence should have been as much a priority as upfront was deemed to be. ” - Last season Rangers conceded only 3 goals more than Celtic. However, we scored over 20+ less. Also, at the end of last season we lost two key attacking assets in Kent and Morelos for free.

We went into the summer with the firm intention of strengthening that forward line, and we did. The manager tried to get Trusty but we were priced out. He’s brought in Stirling who gives us a more defensive full-back to go up against guys like Abada. Beale also brought us another Keeper who looks to be the best in the country. I’m a massive fan of McCrorie but there’s no question Butland is the real deal.

But yeah, we had to buy forwards, and we did. I know everyone on here has already written off every new forwards. However, I’m confident Danilo will score 20+ this season. I think Dessers was desperately unluckily with that VAR decision last weekend after some fantastic work to create a goal out of nothing. Sima was ripping it up a few years ago and is still only 22 I don't think we’ve seen anything close to what he’s capable of yet. Lammers has all the right attributes physically and technically, we’ll need to wait and see what his numbers are like over time.

We won't know how good this team can be if we break it apart a few weeks after it was put together.

41.) 09 Sep 2023 11:58:10
I agree Verdant, Lammers up top with Danilo or Dessers feeding off him . All three have got to be given a chance .

42.) 09 Sep 2023 12:18:46
John27, you said that squad is too big and that we would need to shift at least 8 before even looking at the new signings who should be dumped. I thought this was how the club was looking at it not just your opinion which is fair enough. I don`t think a squad of 25 is too big but obviously if guys like Jack, Barisic and Lundstram go because their deals are done then we will need to replace them . Please stop including Davis as a viable member of the squad, we are helping him to rehab but surely his days as a Rangers player are over . He was done before he got the injury and would surely have been freed in the summer. If he gets back in the team then it really is time to give up . I don`t care how good he is in the dressing room we need players to play on the pitch.

43.) 09 Sep 2023 12:39:56
I agree John27, squad is too big I would go with a squad of 20, shame about Steve Davis, but his age and injury is against him, great servant for Rangers and NI.

44.) 09 Sep 2023 12:51:32
You should take your own advice u give verdant, read or check google

Re Davies our present manager stated two weeks ago in a live press conference that he hopes to give Davies a deal soon, I agree with u but am quoting the manager.

45.) 09 Sep 2023 13:01:24
Getting fed up with the same old issues re left back situation - whether Barasic injured or Yilmaz injured or whether both at it potentially? - just get Devine in there imo and give the boy a decent run in the side - he has never let us down and we need our own boys to come through and step up to the plate - we need some identity in this team and players who know what it means to play for the jersey.
Beale no doubt scared to do this as heard his old soundbites re youth - but still waiting to see any of our young lads get in regularly.

46.) 09 Sep 2023 13:30:27
John27 trust or believe our manager really!


Funny I distinctly remember telling everyone we need to move people on before we signed anyone with everyone else saying we would sign 1 maybe 2 ?

Beale needs to stop thinking he's pep and stop changing the lineup every game football is not that hard you get a team that wins you stick by that team until you get a loss or injury.

And maybe try playing your most expensive signing rather than benching him ?

Just a thought ?.

47.) 09 Sep 2023 13:31:55
Blue Floyd ?????100% devine should get chance.

48.) 09 Sep 2023 14:09:56
A settled 11 should well and truly be in place by now
I agree with @goforbigcf2.

49.) 09 Sep 2023 14:22:59
Yilmaz and BB will not be leaving at this rate we would have to go back to the transfer market to replace them surely the club isn't that stupid.

50.) 09 Sep 2023 19:37:10
Scott wright isn’t a better option than anyone.



04 Sep 2023 14:27:30
Copland5, Iheard, ibrox 4 me or anyone

Have u guys picked up we can terminate Beale contract within a year off appointment with 500k pay off.

If true Wilson should get a knighthood.


1.) 04 Sep 2023 14:43:11
John ? clearly not good enough

And for once please rangers go with a manager that has plenty of experience.

2.) 04 Sep 2023 14:45:09
News to me John. Would be a sensible clause in any managerial appointment nowadays. You think there is legs in that? Would the Board act?

3.) 04 Sep 2023 14:58:18
We’re on a break so do it now not later now please ?.

4.) 04 Sep 2023 15:01:02
Ibrox it makes a lot of sense after Gio, who actually negotiated a pay off and not the full payment he could have pushed for
It would equate to six months of Beale salary

If it was true board May act giving he was not bennet choice.

5.) 04 Sep 2023 15:27:50
Very much doubt the board would act anyway. Think he’ll be here til January at least. He has to win league cup, qualify out of the group in Europe and be no further behind Celtic in the league at the very least to keep his job at January.

6.) 04 Sep 2023 15:37:30
Hope you’re right John.

7.) 04 Sep 2023 15:49:31
If, and it's a big if, Beale was sacked who would we want guys?
Also, if anyone knows, who was Bennets choice if it wasn't Beale?

8.) 04 Sep 2023 15:50:37
If indeed this clause is there surely the board will act you can all hear what the supporters think at FT on Sunday and once you loose the support it’s very difficult to win them back, so if the board don’t act now and the clause passes and performances don’t improve it’s only going to get worse I’m old enough to have sat inside Ibrox with 15000 at the game punters voted with their feet and I fear it will happen again, I’m not in favour of changing managers to often but I’ve said on here before the style of football we are watching is boring I was brought up watching wingers entertaining the fans this depending on full backs to create width is not for me our full backs are not good enough for that as we give the ball away to often exposing our CBs we need to sort our defence out it’s our week link.

9.) 04 Sep 2023 16:05:22
Jesus John, I don’t think I’ve been this excited by rumour in the last 10 years. Please let this be true and please let the board act now.

10.) 04 Sep 2023 16:06:30
Not heard anything about this John. Thanks for sharing regardless.

11.) 04 Sep 2023 16:08:10
If that is the case he is gone. why would we wait any longer.

12.) 04 Sep 2023 16:09:54
Afternoon all! If this info is true John the. It is a very astute price of business by Wilson. I agree this day and age we should be looking at clauses like this or rolling contracts going forward especially for untested managerial appointments.

13.) 04 Sep 2023 16:10:05
“we need to sort our defence out it’s our week link. ” - One could argue that our full-backs are our biggest attacking threat. The two highest all-time scorers currently at the club are James Tavernier and Borna Barisic. The amount of goals they create is just as impressive.

Our attacking full-backs is one of the few aspect of our team that actually works well. If we remove that we’re will the attacking impetus come from? Will Stirling drive us up the pitch? How bad and unexciting will the football be then?

People constantly complain about Tavernier but as soon as Stirling goes in there watch the script flip. People will express constant frustration at the lack of attacking ability because, after all, we dominate the vast majority of the games we play.

14.) 04 Sep 2023 16:20:36
Made my day john as you are not someone to put that out there without a degree of substances. Nothing against beale but he's out of his depth anyone of us would take the job amd be in the same state. I don't think he's the kind of man who'd know when to walk away so a wee push is needed.

15.) 04 Sep 2023 16:26:58
Fingers crossed it’s true and they trigger the guy is never a rangers manager.

16.) 04 Sep 2023 16:29:15
just imagine he turned it around and won the league and got a decent run in Europa HAHAHAHAHA.

17.) 04 Sep 2023 16:33:53
If ever there was a rumour we hope is true, surely it has to be this one. the man is a charlatan and has talked himself into this job.

18.) 04 Sep 2023 16:35:57
The fact that our full backs are our biggest attacking threat is part of the problem.

Beale did not address or poor defence but spent the money on improving our attacking threat.

Now we have no attacking threat and our defence is still hopeless.

19.) 04 Sep 2023 16:51:47
Verdun we buy a front line that will do the task. We allow someone else to take penalties. Honestly take away your full backs where’s your threat. That your argument.

20.) 04 Sep 2023 16:55:50
Celtic are only one or two results away from a league winning points gap. If we try to change manager and backroom staff now, less than a week after the transfer window has closed, the disruption could hand Celtic the title. The most logical and pragmatic thing to do is stick with the man we have and see if he delivers. If a change needs to be made do it next summer.

If a new manager is brought in now you’ll all want him sacked by the time the end of the season comes anyway because Celtic won. People will say that's not the case, but it is. When Pedro came in Rangers we’re 20 points behind Celtic and everyone said he would be judged on next season. But by the time the summer came the movement to have him sacked was already in full swing. One bad result the following season and we’re ripping everything up and starting all over again. Round and round we go….

21.) 04 Sep 2023 17:06:04
He was appointed in November from what I remember so I guess we don't have a lot of time to decide assuming the rumour is true however since talk on the Forum has been Christmas, November still gives him plenty of time to prove that he has what it takes and not too far away from January to give his replacement an opportunity to bring in defensive recruits come January.

Although I wasn't Wilson's biggest fan in terms of player recruitment he certainly could not be criticised for his ability to secure a good result in outgoing transfers and given that he most likely knew that Bisgrove and Bennett were taking over the Top Jobs in the Club I can definitely believe that such a clause would be inserted in Beale's contract and Beale is such an arrogant character that he would probably have gone with it.

I live in hope!

22.) 04 Sep 2023 17:24:57
Posted this earlier don't see it, I would talk to G Potter and Billy Reid now just to see if they were at all interested.

If Potter isn't I would like to see Billy as chief scout .

23.) 04 Sep 2023 17:27:10
Ally mc I’d be delighted for the club and fans.

24.) 04 Sep 2023 17:27:48
How bad and unexciting will the football be then?

Are you serious our play is bad and not exciting since he came in bar 3 games and one them didn’t matter.

25.) 04 Sep 2023 17:28:13
I was unsure of Beales appointemnt, but fully prepared to back him when he came, and to be fair he did well in that first part season. We have recruited some good players this summer and most of us were very excited about seeing the team come off the blocks flying, kaboom. The last two games have seriously dented moral but I believe that we have to give Beale a chance to show what his new squad can do. The alternative is to replace him with yet another manager working with someone elses squad, and then spit the dummy out if it doesn't suddenly work. I think we need to Give Beale to Christmas and pray he has us in the mix on all fronts.

26.) 04 Sep 2023 18:03:09
AllyMc62 hitting the caps lock with an axe and laughing will damage your equipment.

27.) 04 Sep 2023 18:08:17
John, this is a rumour which I hope is true. Beale has to go, Simply not good enough.

28.) 04 Sep 2023 18:13:46
Verdant ; that is my point our full backs are pushing up the park and if the ball is lost there are huge gaps left behind then either a midfielder or a defender are pulled over to plug that gap, I sit in the Sandy Jardine rear and look down on the pitch you can see teams playing balls into that spaces so our defence is weak, if we’re going to play that way I’d rather see a back three to help cover we give the ball away to often.

29.) 04 Sep 2023 18:16:08
Verdant I'll give you your dues, your relentless in defending these performances.

30.) 04 Sep 2023 18:16:39
BizzmyBrox, what good players have we recruited this summer? Butland yes, Dessers, Lammers and Sima have been hopeless . Cifuentes may be good but not in the role he is playing, Danilo can`t get a start and Sterling, Balogun and Dowell are bench warmers . We only signed one player ( Cifuentes) who was doing anything at their previous clubs and we are seeing why .

31.) 04 Sep 2023 18:30:44
Don’t you want beale to stay john?

32.) 04 Sep 2023 18:42:46
There was a lot of excitement on this very forum to most of these players arriving, I say give them a chance.

33.) 04 Sep 2023 19:05:40
If Beale gets sacked I want Kevin Muscat in.

34.) 04 Sep 2023 19:14:52
Twacoos - I’ve been watching Tavernier and Barisic for many years, mate. I know exactly what they bring. We need their ability to go forward and create and score goals. Without our attacking full-backs there would be no width, or attack to speak of.

When we get attackers who are banging them in from all angles then we can talk about swapping out the attacking full-backs for defensive ones. Until then, it’s not going to happen. The attacking full-backs are far too valuable going forward; especially in Scotland where we dominate possession and need full-backs who are good on the ball. Tavernier and Barisic contribute 30+ goals and assists a season. Do they cost us 30+ goals a season? No. Our fullbacks do a lot more god than bad.

Also, put Sterling in there at RB and see how long it takes for 50k fans at Ibrox to get frustrated at the fact he's not getting up the pitch as much, his delivery is poor, etc.

35.) 04 Sep 2023 19:30:02
As bad as it is how bad is it?
Ok out CL and trail them by 4 points
Beale can turn this around
This break has came at the right time
The players signed some have showed up some better than others, it’s a settled 11 we need
I’m going to keep positive despite poor results and performances.

36.) 04 Sep 2023 19:32:35
I’m not against relieving MB of his duties ASAP.
I’m all for standing by managers and think Gio deserved to be given more time but that’s history now.
It’s very difficult to defend MB based on the performances I’ve witnessed this season and I just can’t work out what the playing style or football identity of our club is.
John do you have any info that we’re any closer to appointing a DOF as I was led to believe part of his brief would be to oversee all the age groups so that they all approach training and games with a view to playing with the same style and identity that the first team do in order to make it easier for them to develop through the age groups.
I’m sure I recall someone from the board stating that having a Rangers identity and playing style would lead to less disruption when first team managers are moved on and lead to more seamless transition.
I’m asking because as we don’t have a clear playing style at the moment has this idea been binned or am I mistaken altogether.

37.) 04 Sep 2023 19:44:09
Verdant we didn't need them for years before they were here there is always someone else

It's just finding them

People are right Tav and goldson think they are undroppable and have no reason to work on Thier game Tav is the same player that got slaughtered by Anthony stokes and people still expect him to be able to defend against better players it's baffling ?.

38.) 04 Sep 2023 20:21:41
We have to sack Beale NOW and go all out and get Graham Potter. A top class manager who done very well with Brighton and plays attractive football. After Chelsea he is looking to rebuild his reputation and I feel we are a great suit for him. Bring him in with Billy Reid as he knows the SPL very well from his time with Hamilton Accies.

39.) 04 Sep 2023 20:30:44
The man can't work out 3 at the back and he's had plenty time to do so also playing a guy at left back who would have fallen on his arse if he tried to use his left leg was ridiculous, jeez even Ralston was made to look good later on and that's near impossible.

Whatever gobskitter Rodgers say's his CB's were diddies and we could do nothing against them.

The biggest nonsense however is not starting Danilo, did he sign him because something ain't right there. Regular with Dutch champs and Mick sits him on the bench .

40.) 04 Sep 2023 20:41:22
I don't think a Rangers manager survices a fan reaction like that ibrox, kilmarnock away was bad enough, the way people were talking about him in the stands was shocking then, ibrox on sunday was as bad as i can remember, possibly big ecks final couple of games.

41.) 04 Sep 2023 20:42:59
I think we need someone with experience of the league and knows what the club is about.

42.) 04 Sep 2023 20:51:49
Gazgers I said that earlier, Potter has worked in Sweden so Scotland shouldn't worry him, Billy Reid has spotted many players here and with Brighton it's ideal if it can be done, both not attached to clubs at present . They made a mistake going to Chelsea everyone does.

43.) 04 Sep 2023 21:10:18
Really hope that is true and the board act over the international break, in my eyes this is different from Gio as he at least had some successes to point to for some credit in the bank with supporters. This guy has given us nothing to suggest that he is the man for the job.

He has failed in every remotely important game for the club, the playing style is completely non existent and he is incapable of making a tactical tweak or substitute to change a game that's slipping away from us. The forwards that he has brought in have decent goalscoring records elsewhere and i don't believe that they have became bad players almost overnight since joining rangers, a decent manager with experience will get that forward line scoring i'm confident of that. Do the right thing rangers and get shot of this pretender while we are still in all 3 competitions.

44.) 04 Sep 2023 21:24:19
On top of my last post i said at the time we hired him that i didn't like how he conducted himself when Gio was toiling towards the end, hovering about ibrox like a bad smell hoping people would notice him. Not how a rangers manager conducts himself at all or any decent human for that matter, guy is a total con man. Get rid.

45.) 04 Sep 2023 21:40:45
If true what we waiting for! He’s lost the plot!

46.) 04 Sep 2023 22:59:19
Hagi, Colak and Sakala might have improved that side. oh and Lowry too .

Phone Gerrard and negotiate a job lot, Dessers, Lammers, Matondo, Sterling, Sima and another dumpling I can't mind the now . Very good price to you Stevie. oh aye Lundstram and that's his fault anyway.

47.) 04 Sep 2023 23:04:11
Let's not forget this guy was after players that clubs like Swansea don't want, that's insulting.

48.) 04 Sep 2023 23:25:22
The job won’t interest Potter, Billy would def try and persuade him though. They will be back in a prem league job very soon I reckon. on a side note Potter plays a system not too dissimilar to Beale albeit with 3 at the back and with width coming from his FB’s and a box of 4 with 1 CF. He doesn’t use wingers but has rotations like what Beale is trying to implement. He’s def not an attacking pressing coach imho.

49.) 05 Sep 2023 00:06:56
Nice one man! Xx.

50.) 05 Sep 2023 00:41:23
I entered this season with nothing but competition! Now? I’m absolutely done! Struggling! I am actually lost for words right now xx.

51.) 05 Sep 2023 06:02:24
Verdant a blind man could see after a couple of games we had made a horrendous error with Pedro, so no wonder we were wanting him out that summer but no we kept him on and the rest i'd history, we kept GVB to long last year as well, keeping him opened up a gap we couldn't close and we run the same risk this year with Beale.

52.) 05 Sep 2023 06:39:16
Honestly don't think potter is a great choice for us. He doesn't play much different to how we try to play ATM. His team's sit deep and defend in a 532 and then in position it turns into a 3421 two 10s.

When Chelsea started to struggle he panicked and went to a 433 and things just got worse.

He's a great manager and certainly his short Chelsea tenure shouldn't tarnish his career but to come here right after that Chelsea gig and when fans see us not change style. It would become toxic quick.

Personally don't think Beale gets sacked but regardless what happens we need so much more from our midfield as it's been non existent outside the first half of the PSV game this season.

{Ed001's Note - none of that is true about Potter. He plays multiple formations and changes them within games as well. And he doesn't usually sit deep and defend, that was the problem at Chelsea as the team had been drilled to do that and he wanted them to push up higher.}

53.) 05 Sep 2023 07:51:25
John, surprised at you, what happened to “thick and thin”.

54.) 05 Sep 2023 07:56:08
I'm not a Beale fan and never really was from the start as I never believed we played much different than under Gio. but if this rumour is true then how does this look to potential new managers? We seem to be turning into an Abramovich Chelsea (without the money) sacking managers every 6 months or so when its not working. We need to actual see a project through and give a manager time to build and sadly maybe sacrifice a season or 2. Or we need to burst the bank and literally get a manager in give him like £40million and take a huge risk to make the champions league a few seasons in a row.

55.) 05 Sep 2023 08:17:15
Potter and Reid are a team, Billy would fancy Rangers so ask the question, Ostersund, Swansea and Brighton ain't Glasgow Rangers and Potter went to them taking Billy to all of them.

56.) 05 Sep 2023 08:40:39
Even with £40m, what good players are going to come to play in Scotland? When they can double their money elsewhere.

No actually plays for the jersey.

57.) 05 Sep 2023 09:15:44
All I am going to say is be careful what you wish for. Nobody has come up with a replacement who in my opinion will be any better than Beale. Potter had a good track record at small clubs but got his fingers burnt when he went to a big club. Seen some folk mentioning Lampard which hopefully is a joke. And gimme a break if you are thinking about Sam Allardyce! The likes of Muscat, untried at any decent level. I can't see any decent candidate at the moment.

58.) 05 Sep 2023 09:47:46
Brighton are not a small club now and Potter/ Reid made them a big club, it was miraculous . Ostersund were a tiny club in a low division and the same guys lifted them to respectability in European competition. Not a decent candidate? is it Jesus you want? Many have failed at Chelsea and many more will also fail.

59.) 05 Sep 2023 09:49:09
What’s wrong with big Sam do the bouncy?

60.) 05 Sep 2023 10:02:52
Bankie what do you mean, I’m reporting a rumour, where do I suggest I want him sacked, not once have I said change the manager.

I would keep him till at least next season, probably at least two years.

61.) 05 Sep 2023 11:05:07
In response to the above nonsense, Brighton have become a big club since Potter left. Undeniable fact. Big Sam is a fire fighting mercenary who has dinosaur type views on football, 100% not what we need right now. And back to Davie, Jesus died 2000 years ago, he never managed a football team, so no I don't want him to be our manager. Any other ridiculous suggestions you would like to put forward?

62.) 05 Sep 2023 11:26:32
Beale should be given the year to win the league, as should any managerial appointment. He knows what it takes, and has proven he can take a team on a run of consecutive victories in the SPL. The early signs and performances this season aren’t good, that I agree with, but what guarantee is there by changing the manager at this stage? We will still have the same group of players that the majority of people on this page were raving about just weeks ago. 4 points behind and 6 points from 12 is a terrible start, but it was clear the manager hasn’t found his best 11/ 14, and trying to find solutions within games, which inevitably is costly. I, though in the majority support Beale up until the next OF game……. If we fall further behind in the league, game over and he should do the honourable thing and resign.

63.) 05 Sep 2023 11:30:32
Exactly the reason big dam would be a good option IF we wanted to get rid of Beale. His experience of coming into a club at short notice, organising the defence and grinding out results would be exactly what we need to steady the ship. The quality of football becomes secondary in importance if we are winning. The reasons u give for not wanting Sam are the reasons he would be an excellent appointment.
Fire fighting mercenary?
I suppose all other managers just come to rangers for their live of the club?
Fite fighting is exactly what we need.

64.) 05 Sep 2023 11:34:54
Personally I would keep Beale till next transfer window at least. We were robbed of a perfectly good goal, and it was the opening goal which is crucial in these games as only twice in the past 60 has the team opening the scoring lost the game. We shouldn’t just accept it and say well we still had time to turn it around as over the 90 there wasn’t much in it when all the pressure and expectations was on Rangers.
I’m not saying it’s acceptable but I don’t think it makes sense to sack him and bring in someone else to work with his players.
Can he win league cup? Can he qualify out of Europa Group? Can he close gap in league? These questions are yet to be answered and if the answer is no to any of these questions then pull the trigger but not now.

65.) 05 Sep 2023 12:39:45
We want to give Wilson a Knighthood for being able to sack Beale with minimum compensation . He picked the guy in the first place and if he is deemed sackable after less than a year then that was a bad mistake by Wilson . His second, having appointed GVB and then sacking him after a year or so, that's without talking about the players he brought in that have either left again or simply can`t get into the first team . Forest are welcome to him .

66.) 05 Sep 2023 12:49:20
Verdant is Michael Beale. Defending in indefensible. Honestly, mate take off the blue tints. He is utterly out his depth, the longer he stays the more damage he will do. He needs relieved now, not when (and it will be) it's worse. 88% of fans on this site want him gone. The horse is dead mate you can stop flogging it.

67.) 05 Sep 2023 15:54:13
Wslgers4ever, how do you know that it was Wilson that picked Michael Beale. Parks was still dictating things was he not when Beale was appointed.



04 Sep 2023 14:02:47
Been told today from my number one source
Beale has made it plain he does not wish to work under a DoF

I'd employ one asap.


1.) 04 Sep 2023 14:43:35
Lol good call john.

2.) 04 Sep 2023 14:48:38
Agree John, if he feels that strongly and we appoint a DoF he might walk away!
However, if the termination clause you speak of is indeed true (not doubting you) and we can part ways within 12 months for £500k then Wilson has been very shrewd and it changes the conversation on whether or not he deserves time, it seems clear he’s lost the majority of the support which is usually terminal so this would be a financially prudent way out.

3.) 04 Sep 2023 14:55:56
Not a fan of Beale at all but I dislike DOF roles as much as he does. It's an unecessary meddling in the manager's job.

4.) 04 Sep 2023 15:02:13
Good response brown brouges.

5.) 04 Sep 2023 15:03:53
See this is the problem, Beale seems to be too self reliant. Maybe arrogant. If there’s a dof he would have avoided some of the flack, would have taken some pressure off him so he could concentrate on his job.

6.) 04 Sep 2023 15:15:54
Crowdfund it.

7.) 04 Sep 2023 15:18:48
He worked with one at QPR.

8.) 04 Sep 2023 15:56:54
We would need a ready made replacement (experienced this time) to step in quickly.
He is clearly way way out of his depth, but is arrogant enough to think he is the dogs.

9.) 04 Sep 2023 16:03:40
Davie and he did not like the scrutiny.

10.) 04 Sep 2023 16:12:23
John27 Yes Les Ferdinand, he had been there for 5 or 6 years in the job so maybe Mick should have had a long chat before taking the job or spoke to the previous manager .

11.) 04 Sep 2023 16:19:05
I don’t think he’s just lost the fans, surely the board must be seriously concerned by his results? I can’t see the dressing room supporting him much long (if they still do) .

Too much talking (from Beale) and not enough delivery (results and signings)

12.) 04 Sep 2023 16:27:57
I've always said Ross Wilson should have been replaced straight away. no way in the world Beale should have 100% control of the football side of the club.

13.) 04 Sep 2023 16:37:34
If the rumour regarding a ‘buyout’ clause exists then it is very sensible (regardless of the manager) .
That being said a ‘New Manager’ would need to be happy working with the current squad, as I doubt even in January there would be room or funds for another overhaul. As it is not simply a case of adding new players, but equally key to move on those deemed surplus to requirements. Which means a real man manager is needed and one who is both experienced, progressive and willing to live with the pressure and expectations of being at the helm of Rangers.

14.) 04 Sep 2023 17:14:42
MacNaughton, finding that person will not be an easy task. The alternative is to find a Manager and Assistant Manager that together have the traits needed. It was why Souness and Smith and then Smith and Archie Know were so successful in their day.
The Board will also need to be willing to spend big to get the appropriate level of quality and be able to provide funding to secure at least a couple of players that the manager wants.
Bennett and Bisgrove clearly have a strategy for the Club going forward and the fact that neither was principally involved in Beale's appointment should make any decision more straightforward.

15.) 04 Sep 2023 17:26:32
Get him to France.

16.) 04 Sep 2023 17:37:34
Need to remember the board are fans aswell, if the polls of between 70-82% are anything to go by then the same % of the board will also be wanting him out around now. I think he needs to win his next 5 games or he may well be sacked.
After his recent signings failures so far I wouldn’t trust him in January.
Perhaps a new gaffer could sort out the shape and tactics to better suit these players before having to re evaluate the squad in time for the next window opening.
I really wanted Beale so I don’t blame anyone for his failings so far I just think it’s about time I admitted it’s not working out.
Some people are better no2s and it seems this is the case here. It’s a pity as he does have a clear love for the club the fans and the country.
I feel torn in a way as to whether I say give him a few games but have a back up plan in place so there’s no Messi g about, or do we take the leap now?
Perhaps the board have met today and will make a decision this week, if they’re not giving him the chop then a statement of support and intent is needed to put it to bed for now, the scrutiny and gossip will only make things worse for management players Howard and fans so we need a statement in next few days.

17.) 04 Sep 2023 18:01:59
StevieG2,i', m the same mate and hold my hands up, as i also want michael beale as our manager before gio got it and after gio was sacked ?But i've a lot of experience over the years following my club everywhere and if it doesn't work it doesn't work and up until now it ain't working for beale ?He has a lot of work to do now to turn this around if possible but from a guy that wanted him as manager, i honestly hand on heart don't know if he can ?.

18.) 04 Sep 2023 18:24:01
Seems a bit strange that Beale took the job if he doesn`t want to work under a DOF unless he knew Wilson was leaving or pushed the board to get rid of him . The DOF is in charge of more than just scouting first team players and I notice there were no Academy signings this summer unlike last year when we signed 8 or 9 . Beale surely isn`t in charge of all this as well and if he is, he shouldn`t be, he should be concentrating on the first team. A new strong DOF is required asap to put pressure on him to deliver.

19.) 04 Sep 2023 18:33:17
Aye coops it’s at a point now we need to make a decision, I think the problem here is his signings, I don’t think we could expect to win the league this year with the amount of players coming and going.
We did however need to see improvement from the previous team and signs of quality.
What’s worrying for me is bringing in 9 players and only starting 3 yesterday.
As it stands I’d rather have sakala Colak Morelos and Kent than what we’ve brought in.
That doesn’t mean I’d rather have kept them all but certainly if it was between them and what we’ve brought in I would.

20.) 04 Sep 2023 19:46:34
I full expect Beale to be in charge for a a few weeks possibly months yet.

But I also expect the board to have started looking at possible replacements already.

21.) 05 Sep 2023 08:39:55
Gerrard might want him?

22.) 05 Sep 2023 12:43:08
The only way we get by without a DOF is if we managed to get a really strong, experienced, Walter Smith type manager who would run the football side with the right guys working beneath him . Using the DOF wages to add the the managers wages might be a way of affording a better standard of manager.



02 Sep 2023 14:44:26
Here is my info, coupled with a couple of statements from Beale

Trusty rejected rangers as did arsenal, Beale says we would not pay price
Not interested in maja after meeting
Palma no interest our end
Haji wright rejected Scotland
Pantilla Columbia still on our radar
Cooper stays Millwall, definitely met Beale.

Panzo, interesting one we really wanted him, but not sure we bid.


1.) 02 Sep 2023 15:45:00
John what’s your opinion on our centre back now window is shut? Do u think we’re weak.

2.) 02 Sep 2023 16:08:22
Rangers desperately need a DOF Michael Beale is the first team manager and he shouldn't have to spend time chasing signings if it all goes wrong tomorrow it will all fall on him.

3.) 02 Sep 2023 16:32:52
Mick Beale stated we don’t need a dof as he can do that job! He wants to be chief scout, head coach, spokesman, etc etc . Some on here were glad to see Wilson go now we have the bold mick chasing guys he saw having a good game at the under 17s!

4.) 02 Sep 2023 16:46:39
KJB we had folk on here at start of window saying we didn’t even need a DOF.

5.) 02 Sep 2023 17:24:47
Great info john27

Palma will be interesting to see how he turns out. If he's good for that mob most people will believe we tried to get him and couldn't, hopefully he's a dud.

6.) 02 Sep 2023 17:27:36
If MB doesn't get a result tomorrow it maybe a new manager and a DOF we need, in hindsight allowing MB to identify all players maybe a mistake.

7.) 02 Sep 2023 17:41:52
I'm hoping the failure to bring Palma doesn't come back to bite Beale on the arse. Having said that if Palma is as good as some folk seem to think he'd have had better teams in for him.

8.) 02 Sep 2023 17:53:00
One Walter I’m not sure if your age. But u must know the concept of backing your team through thick and thin

But loads on here wanted Beale to have total control of recruitment.

9.) 02 Sep 2023 18:48:40
Well, I hope Auston Trusty is enjoying his view of the EPL from the bench as an unused sub.

10.) 02 Sep 2023 18:59:05
Folks a DofF is not about formations or tactics or players fit therefore I don’t believe we need a DofF. Regarding Beale picking those players and buying them, I’m sure him and his coaches discussed the players fit to the formations being used. Very often on here there was confusion on whether Ross Wilson or the manager was to blame. Well if it goes great or rank it’s on Beale.

Another wee point. The board gave him the job to manage our great club, so he really should get to pick the staff. ?.

11.) 02 Sep 2023 19:03:58
Stevie, I replied re our defence we require four starters by next summer, yilmas imo could be one.

12.) 02 Sep 2023 19:14:21
Lazio, I'm sure he will be crying all the way to the bank!
John27, agreed 3 definite first starters maybe 4, yilmaz needs to up his game time and performances as well, but again ì agree, there is a player there.

13.) 02 Sep 2023 19:28:07
Palma can’t come back and bite us as we didn’t offer him anything.

14.) 02 Sep 2023 19:37:15
Lol it would all fall on him anyway it's his team he got what he wanted we definitely overpaid I told all of you that we had to knock back a few of those frees and wait to get some for nothing just to show we were willing, we didn't and it just sent out the message we were desperate to get players in and teams made us pay over the odds.

15.) 02 Sep 2023 19:38:29
Don’t care what others think,
We definitely need a director of football to whom would work hand in hand with Beale,
In this day and age the negotiations and contracts are a specialised subject that require different qualifications that a football coach has.

16.) 02 Sep 2023 19:41:29
I do think we need a DOF bearing in mind this role is more than just scouting. The current manager might like to talk to all the players himself which is fair enough but this week was the last in this transfer window and he had two massive games to plan for. He had to give them his full attention so how could he possibly have had time for last minute transfer business. We should have a DOF just a better one than the one who left us.

17.) 02 Sep 2023 19:46:45
John I'm 51 and have followed Rangers all my life and maybe I read more on social media than you do so believe me there's many fans going into tomorrow who's patience with mB is running low and i its a combination of style of play the signimgs gthe inability to win the big matches thath has him under pressure.

18.) 02 Sep 2023 19:48:52
Again don't see trusty any different to Davies and if he was that good why USA not interested didn't make USA squad

Cooper told everyone he was making mugs of us again we don't learn

Maja similar and did he not choose France over is before

Mantilla I'd a cracking prospect but if anyone did Thier research they would realise he is a player who will hang around South America a few years before coming to Europe

Panzo didn't want to come his preference is to stay and fight for place and if it doesn't work out will look for another prem or higher champ team as his ambition is to play premier League football

Haji wright not interested in us and fee was too big

Palma the interest was there but aris wanted more than we were willing to pay I believe this was only early interest nothing concrete similar to the feelers we put out for other players.

19.) 02 Sep 2023 20:07:03
If yilmas does not up his game we need four imo bar.

20.) 02 Sep 2023 20:16:49
Cool Walter. 70 years of attending ibrox and away plus europe for me

Majoryon here who r moaning about Beale were creaming themselves to get him in. Some on here don’t realise what can be looked up in archives

His starting 11 is vital tomorrow and imo the first goal.

21.) 02 Sep 2023 21:12:31
It’s crucial that we learn how to defend. Get the basics right and the rest takes care of itself. Unfortunately we can’t even do the basics right currently.

I do hope I am wrong but it could be another hide behind the sofa game tomorrow.

22.) 02 Sep 2023 21:25:59
Maybe people were creaming themselves John to get Beale in and it’s his job to deliver and I do worry about him although I still back him. The main worry is the tactics and the fact we still have the same defence as last year which leaks goals! Can only Hope tomorrow, but they are no mugs✌️??.

23.) 02 Sep 2023 21:45:34
John I certainly wasn’t creaming myself and the thought of beale I still don’t think he is the right man but hope he gets 3 points tomorrow as we need it badly and so does he.

Gofor you did say that about frees but you were wrong then and you are wrong now. Also a free transfer isn’t actually free but you should know that with your knowledge ?‍♂️.

24.) 02 Sep 2023 21:51:43
John he's been in half of last season had summer to rebuild yet we have no style of play many fans can identify with have the same back 4 who lost stupid goals since 55 except soutter have no real winger I'd want rabbi to show more for longer and has bought 3 forwards who seem to play same position and not 1 has impressed so yes he's got my backing but the evidence against is stacking up.

25.) 02 Sep 2023 23:43:21
He won't get sacked regardless of what happens tomorrow, Pressure is always huge in a Oldfirm but end of the day win or loss it's the games against the rest of the league that matter, it's your away games to Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and the rest of the hammer throwers.

We haven't been consistent away from home in almost two years now. Really tiresome hearing the same comments over and over again.

26.) 02 Sep 2023 23:52:13
DOF nope just need a good scouting network a good lawyer and sharp accountant, no way we need another Wilson. The manager makes final decision on the player and the rest sort the terms, or we end up in a farce like Hibs and clubs like them.

27.) 03 Sep 2023 02:59:15
If my sources are correct none of the above is true.

28.) 03 Sep 2023 07:05:13
Only my opinion but i believe we', ll appoint a director of football and were probably waiting until the transfer window was out the way ?.

29.) 03 Sep 2023 07:33:20
Coops am sure John posted that was the case ages ago.

30.) 03 Sep 2023 07:57:44
We 100% need a dof, Beale too big for his boots.

31.) 03 Sep 2023 09:54:21
Storm 8t is free in that you don't have to pay the club a fee you know like the nearly 2-3 million we paid for cantwell and raskin that won us nothing.

And your missing the point entirely

Think what did Alex Ferguson do at united when a player was targeted it was his only chance to sign for them it's about the mind games and dealing from a position of power

32.) 03 Sep 2023 09:55:17
Lol John true on Beale but then again he always has been.

Like flapping his lips about transfers before recruitment team has a chance to do Thier job ?.

33.) 03 Sep 2023 09:57:43
John in that case he will come tumbling down. Bennett’s job to sort that out.

34.) 03 Sep 2023 10:17:57
DOF should be a respected football man not a wee fat annoying attention seeker.

35.) 03 Sep 2023 10:55:13
Davie. Whit has Timmy Mallot got to do with this. ??.

36.) 03 Sep 2023 11:19:02
Hi John27, who is pantilla columbia? I must have missed this name previously. Cheers.

37.) 03 Sep 2023 14:00:56
Windy most of them type with a mallet.

38.) 03 Sep 2023 15:25:45
Gustavo a ch we have been interested.

39.) 03 Sep 2023 18:48:27
Stevieg2 to be fair to John he did not say CB positions were fine he said Beale said they were fine.

40.) 04 Sep 2023 17:39:45
I know it's not free but it's hell of a lot cheaper than paying clubs over 4 million in fees when we have won nothing off the back of it when we could have waited 6 months.

41.) 04 Sep 2023 17:40:18
Keep herring it's about long term planning yet our club taking short term approaches.



02 Sep 2023 09:24:39
Interesting to be told we r now to spend next two months determining new contracts for

Jack 12 months

Roofe not mentioned yet.


1.) 02 Sep 2023 10:24:20
I wouldn’t be rewarding Barisic or Lundstramwith new deals?
And I love Jack but this should be his last season with us as he is already getting his game time managed.
Roofe on his day is a wonderful talent but we’ve not seen it enough.
It would be recklessness by the board and management to offer any of the 4 a new deal.

2.) 02 Sep 2023 10:33:40
The club tried this strategy with Kent and Morelos. Both left for free and now play for for Fernerbache.

Lundstrum and Barisic won’t sign new deals and will just hold out until next summer then do what is best for them. So we’re left with that uncertainty all the way until next summers window. This all started with Connor Goldson holding out for a contract.

3.) 02 Sep 2023 10:42:36
Time for all 4 to be let go in the summer. Thank you for your service but ultimately they are all past their best.

4.) 02 Sep 2023 10:44:00
Do they deserve extensions? Or is this to make sure they don't leave for free a la Kent, etc?

5.) 02 Sep 2023 10:44:54
Lundstram? well that beats me and I would think most fans, he's got nothing to offer, useless.

6.) 02 Sep 2023 10:47:09
Quality wise, Borna and Lundstrum are not at the level we require anymore. We need players that are 7 or 8s every week. Not every other week. Both lack the consistency to be at Rangers anymore.

Jack and Roofe do posses that quality, but let’s see if the can manage this season first. Even if both prove their fitness (which is highly unlikely) we should only be considering 1yr deals.

7.) 02 Sep 2023 10:54:06
Borna comes up with moments of class but for me I’d let him go and bring in a long term replacement.

8.) 02 Sep 2023 10:56:41
I personally don’t want barasic or lundstram signing new contract for any reason other than to get some sort of sell on value for them. Jack is now past it I’m afraid.

9.) 02 Sep 2023 11:05:02
Hate to burst your bubble but until our forward players start assisting borna will be in the team and until our forwards start scoring tav will be in the team as more than half our goals have came threw them until we have better we have them.

10.) 02 Sep 2023 11:06:37
Our fans claiming jack is still good enough but players scoring and assisting aren’t is hilarious. Jack has played one game this season and was non existent. He was past it 2 year ago never mind now.

11.) 02 Sep 2023 11:23:37
There's something wrong at the club if those players get new contracts.

12.) 02 Sep 2023 11:33:35
Need a real athlete in the midfield Jack, Lundstram sluggish in body and mind . Pile of strikers now who have yet to do much and it turns out Roofe is the chosen one and waltzing Matondo too who is like a slightly more brainless version of Sakala .

Mick needs some luck the morra or it's big pressure.

13.) 02 Sep 2023 11:57:28
Jack is in his last season, he can't play consistently week in, week out any more. Lundstrum is a waste of a jersey which explains why no one wanted him and we shouldn't even contemplate giving him a new contract. He is a total waste of a wage. Barasic we need to replace and I don't believe that it will be Yilmaz as I believe that he will be off back home. On his day Barasic is excellent and given that we use wing backs we need to find better than what is currently on our books. As for Roofe, a lot depends on whether he can stay fit this season and play every week. If he does then he is worth a new contract.
I believe that the 2012 / 25 Season will be significant, John Bennett isn't taking on a full time role at Rangers to preside over more failure and Bisgrove will have major plans to take the Club to the next level.
Beale might not be part of that journey!

14.) 02 Sep 2023 12:13:07
Barasic will not sign a new deal

He's offski.

15.) 02 Sep 2023 12:31:39
Am with MPH on this one none of them would get new deals.

16.) 02 Sep 2023 12:32:40
I would hope they are scouting new defenders.

17.) 02 Sep 2023 13:02:24
Barasic is a good one to debate. Is the cost of retaining him better than letting him go and needing to find a replacement. I guess it would depend on what’s on the horizon for free transfer next year until we determine what value we get out of Yilmaz. The LB slot has had its share of funds I’d say. On his form of the last few seasons, wouldn’t mind offering him 2 more years and also wouldn’t mind him going free. None of them are like Kent and Alfredo, even with long term contracts, none of them would go for big money so sell on wouldn’t be worth giving them new deals for.

18.) 02 Sep 2023 14:25:04
Well said Raskin, we are so damn reliant on Bornas delivery that he will probably be offered a new deal but he's been here some time and may want to leave regardless.

I'd keep Jack on a one year deal as we need Scottish players and Roofe is way too early to say but if they offer him anything it needs to be pay as you play basis.

Bye bye Lunny.

19.) 02 Sep 2023 14:27:19
Was it on here someone mentioned Gijs Smal from Twente? Now in the last year of his contract, 26, physical athletic fullback with a good cross on him, seems like a natural replacement for Borna. Even if he's not i Hope we manage to get another couple lf Raskin/ Cantwell type deals in the winter window.

20.) 02 Sep 2023 14:32:00
I think whole point of trying to sort deals by November is to move them on next window.

21.) 02 Sep 2023 15:06:33
We all criticise Tav and Borna but the expectation levels on them compared to others who get away with non contributing is way too much . Tav had a hard night against Lang and Dest but he is still the only one who can get into a scoring position and finish. Borna was occupied by Bakoyoko all night and as a result there was nothing coming down the left. Maybe they do need replaced but do we really think we would be better with Sterling and Yilmaz. As for the other two, Lundstram was our best midfielder by a mile on Wednesday night, likewise Jack last Tuesday, just a pity Beale didn`t play Jack instead of the over hyped Cifuentes, we might have defended better. As we`ve seen already, remember replacements can actually be worse .

22.) 02 Sep 2023 15:32:28
Pay as you play will never happen.

23.) 02 Sep 2023 16:00:29
Wslgers4ever imo you're very unfair regarding cifuentes as he was played out of position by beale against psv ? Cifuentes ain't a right side, defensive midfielder mate who was expected to cover tav ? He's a central box to box midfielder mate?
Overhyped you say ? not for me.

24.) 02 Sep 2023 16:48:08
Agreed raskin and correct about cifu coops.

25.) 02 Sep 2023 17:20:07
Keeping Jack because he’s Scottish is actually tragic he doesn’t even get a game for them ether.

26.) 02 Sep 2023 17:45:17
Wait til Roofe scores a hat trick tomorrow against the Tims with 3 assists from Borna crosses!

Get them on new deals. ASAP. ?.

27.) 02 Sep 2023 19:05:11
I’m told lundstrum and barisic want to stay as does Jack.

28.) 02 Sep 2023 19:52:29
Sir Walter, I had never seen him play until he signed but all I read was he was a strong midfield player who could play as a 6 or an 8 and maybe the manager is doing him a disservice by not playing in a way that suits him . He was asked to do a job as the right midfielder for the third game in a row and failed to even attempt to stay with Dest in the last two. Even in possession he was easily robbed and his passing was shocking. Meanwhile the guy behind him gets pelters for not being able to deal with two players coming at him all night but manages to get forward and get us a goal. Jack would have been a much better option and until I see Cifuentes do something he will remain as overhyped in my book, no amount of you tube videos will change that.

29.) 02 Sep 2023 19:59:16
Nobody wanted barasic even when we didn't want a lot he will go on free lundstrum only came to rangers because Gerrard was here

They will both leave on a free unless sold January.

30.) 02 Sep 2023 21:34:13
I believe Watford were only real interested party for barasic and they offered less than we wanted.

31.) 02 Sep 2023 21:36:08
Lundstrum and barasic should have been sold this window if we could drum up interest now they will walk away for nowt like kent Morelos
If they stay it will be because we win league and champions league football back.

32.) 02 Sep 2023 21:47:06
Gofor do you just believe everything you read in the internet Jesus wept.

33.) 03 Sep 2023 01:06:23
Storm lundstrum own words came here to work under Gerrard who was his idol

And barasic himself talked about the Watford interest

So what you talking about? ?.

34.) 03 Sep 2023 02:09:48
VerdantAbyss - Morelos is still a free agent, Feherbahce's attempt to sell Belgian Michy Batshuayi to Notts forest fell through, that deal going ahead is what the Morelos deal hinged on.
Crazy to think we couldn't offer one of the Europa league's top strikers a deal, yet we could spend millions on Dessers the dud.

35.) 03 Sep 2023 15:30:17
Well, after today, Beale should be gone long before we worry about new contracts for players. I can't believe that Bisgrove will be happy with that performance never mind Bennett.




John27's banter posts with other poster's replies to John27's banter posts


08 Sep 2023 18:44:10
Interesting to see cifuentes play on the right of a three for Ecuador last night.

70 minutes, a good right up. Mb despite what some say on here he can play there.


1.) 08 Sep 2023 19:08:10
Didn’t cover himself in glory John when he played there for us……but I do like him but for the middle of the park?.

2.) 08 Sep 2023 19:10:21
Maybe he has a RB who can defend behind him international duty John? Until this WHOLE back 4 is replaced. I firmly believe its the defence that's the big problem and not to have improved it in the summer is criminal.

3.) 08 Sep 2023 19:10:27
Still best at a 6 or 8 tho John he didn't play rcm with three John we had Matondo Raskin Lundstram Cifuentes a a middle four against psv.

4.) 08 Sep 2023 19:58:26
Don't think it's a case of not being able to play in certain positions but how they are asked to play.

5.) 08 Sep 2023 20:02:43
John he played with three midfielders in mls and played rcm in a couple of games, I'd play him centre of the three his vision is superb he split defenses that's probably his best part of his game.

6.) 08 Sep 2023 20:37:08
Matondo was higher than the midfield 3 against psv wasn’t a 4 Beale.

7.) 08 Sep 2023 21:01:12
Totally with you beale, cifuentes has to play in central midfield as he's a box to box midfielder all day long for me ?.

8.) 08 Sep 2023 21:48:25
I get all the comments, my point his previous club and international manager also think he can play more than one position.



04 Sep 2023 10:35:11
Got to laugh those that want potter. 12 my year at Chelsea. 33 million pay off.
Folk thing he welcome to us.


1.) 04 Sep 2023 11:40:37
Aye not even sure we could afford his assistant wee Billy Reid.

2.) 04 Sep 2023 11:48:30
Agreed John. Said it yesterday. Pie in the sky mate.

3.) 04 Sep 2023 11:53:23
Wanting and thinking he’d come are 2 different things. Who wouldn’t want him as manager?

4.) 04 Sep 2023 12:06:06
John 27, don’t laugh at the fans for wanting Potter it just a sign of how desperate they are feeling after being humiliated on our home turf by a makeshift Celtic side. Maybe after picking up all those tens of millions he might fancy a football challenge either way we must get rid of the imposter. It’s another case of a training ground coach thinking he could make it as a manager only to quickly find out his limitations. What a painful week, too many of them in e last few years.

5.) 04 Sep 2023 12:09:53
Agreed david1996. I posted yesterday that there is no chance of him coming to us and that he'll get another job down South, but there's nothing wrong with wanting better. Unfortunately, we're stuck with an absolute dud until the board decide to act.

6.) 04 Sep 2023 12:32:03
Gerrard? No chance
Ramsay? No chance

The fact you have stated how much he got paid off of chelsea just about proves he doesn't need the money. Managers sometimes like a challenge. Not always about the money, especially when you have it.

7.) 04 Sep 2023 12:56:10
Orangeif potter takes a job his golden handshake payements stop.

8.) 04 Sep 2023 13:00:54
A club like ours should be asking that calibre of manager, whether or not he accepts it is only his decision. What’s the difference between getting a knock back from potter than McInnes.

9.) 04 Sep 2023 13:24:07
With that kind of money maybe he could just buy the club ?
Seriously though porter could do worse than come to rangers.
Win the league good run in Europe and attractive football he could end up like big ange and get a top job.
In no way is it a bad move for Porte to if he wanted it and I don’t think it’s outwith reality to try and get him.

10.) 04 Sep 2023 13:32:25
You can`t criticise the fans for wanting someone like Potter or others on that list and I think we know it would need one of them to fancy the challenge and not be bothered about money, it just shows the ambitions that the fans have for our club. We may not get them but there has to be better out there than the jumped up coaches and inexperienced managers the board keep picking. Do they not see the massive potential of the club if we are successful? Winning our league is the easier way into the Champions League, not playing qualifiers. I would rather build a side to beat Celtic four times a season than the likes of PSV not because of the derby rivalry but because it leads to trophies and big European money for the club.



03 Sep 2023 16:46:47
I know var disallows the goal but that was an excellent finish from roofe.


1.) 03 Sep 2023 17:09:32
That's because he's the best striker at the club john. And that clown Beale obviously doesn't know his arse from his elbow when he chose to take off Roofe instead of Dessers.

2.) 03 Sep 2023 17:09:55
I also thought it should how much Dessers is lacking in confidence, I’m not sure how many centre forwards pass on a one on one with the keeper.

3.) 03 Sep 2023 17:17:13
He's our best striker.

4.) 03 Sep 2023 17:18:57
Very calm finish, John.
Didn’t think myself it should have been disallowed.
It’s a contact sport and dare I say it ‘man’s game’.
Slightest touch on his shoulder and the Celtic CH went down like a sack of tattles.
In saying that we still had 60 minutes to try and score again.

5.) 03 Sep 2023 17:24:39
At last, a ray of positivity! I’ll be honest when I seen that team sheet I had absolutely no complaints and thought he got it pretty much spot on. The players were poor today and it wasn’t the team selection or lack of changes that’s to blame. The players themselves have let us down. Too many slack passes and not incisive enough in the final third. Disappointing because that wasn’t a great Celtic team but we have to improve and quickly.
Must be really bad for Celtic’s confidence though hearing their opposition getting boo’d off the park .

6.) 03 Sep 2023 17:27:17
Pretty poor VAR decision too.
Especially since Maeda done a lot worse to Cantwell in the box and got f all for that.
Where’s the consistency?

7.) 03 Sep 2023 17:31:04
Agree John, but also good presence of mind with the cut back from Dessers.
I can’t agree with the VAR decision as that ball was there to be won, he mugs the defender and if anything gets kicked himself after doing so.
Surly not a clear and obvious error from the on field decision, it’s clutching at straws to to overturn the goal.



03 Sep 2023 15:21:10
Wrong team, wrong tactics wrong manager.


1.) 03 Sep 2023 15:32:25
Spot on John.

2.) 03 Sep 2023 15:33:17
Agreed John, and the first 2 are all down to that wrong manager. He's a dud, and a clown with a big mouth and a bigger ego. Hopefully he'll be gone sooner rather than later.

3.) 03 Sep 2023 15:33:18
John, that’s the worst ever and he has to go this week coming! Anyone who gives the go ahead for Lammers must be removed.

4.) 03 Sep 2023 15:33:26
Agree John.

5.) 03 Sep 2023 15:35:24
Sadly John I need to agree now. Sick of telling people it’ll be good when we gel. If we don’t act now the league will be gone by Christmas.

6.) 03 Sep 2023 15:35:52
Just about sums it up John, but does the Board have the 'balls' and the money to get rid?, and who do we bring in.

7.) 03 Sep 2023 15:37:37
100% correct how did he start Jack he is finished?
Why did he play midfield so deep in1st half and sit of them and let McGregor have all the time in the world?

Why can’t he see we need a new defence?

8.) 03 Sep 2023 15:41:08
Yep sums it up John. I’m done! We have regressed so much! Hate this feeling, it’s horrible!

9.) 03 Sep 2023 15:45:16
Oh I agree.

10.) 03 Sep 2023 15:46:02
Unfortunately think we all agree on this John

it’s not good to be in this position so early in a season
Can’t even see us getting through Europa league where last few years you would be pretty certain we would all be confident of doing so

not sure what or if the board will do anything

but I’m certainly not convinced on what I’m seeing from manager or players at this moment in time we drop any more points the league will be over by October old firm teams don’t lose much points in the league so it’s hard too hope they drop many points

4 points down if that rises to 6-7 points by October then we’re in trouble
they still have first team picks to come back we pretty much have a full strength squad and we couldn’t beat them at home

same words and excuses from manager and players now too
Just can’t listen to it anymore

I said early today we have lost our identity and it was funny the panel on sky sports said the same we have no identity
For an old firm game it just feels like a normal game of football now players have no passion or fight
It’s possibly is the fact we don’t have home grown talent in the squad all mostly from down south and in Europe
years gone by we had players from our ranks and from Scotland who fired up the rest for these big games we don’t have it anymore
And doesn’t help Beale seems he just doesn’t know what he’s doing right now and we don’t have time for him to figure it out.

11.) 03 Sep 2023 15:46:19
John - Beale has NO tactics or GUILE - Roofe the only forward player with a football brain gets taken off (maybe fitness but he looked unhappy) and Dessers stays on the park (never a Rangers player) - ludicrous - Beales coat must be on a shoogly peg and am fed up listening to his barrow boy banter- he takes us for fools! - 4pts behind after 4 games - horrendous!

12.) 03 Sep 2023 15:49:24
Bang on John.

13.) 03 Sep 2023 15:44:18
Beale at fault 100%. I can’t see how he recovers from this and i’ve been calling for patience with the team. Our tactical ‘genius’ beaten by a makeshift Celtic team who were poor themselves. Could have been beaten 4 or 5 too. Wow ??‍♂️.

14.) 03 Sep 2023 15:50:56
Beale found out. Was getting sacked at QPR. Lazy incompetent choice. Reap what you sow.

15.) 03 Sep 2023 15:53:12
It's all on Beale, yes the ref was rotten today but Beales tactics and team selection were worse.
We should have went with width on both flanks, we let their fullbacks have an easy time of it. Cantwell should have played as a 10 were he is most effective. If Barasic isn't fit then Ridvan should play. Our most expensive signing of the summer starts on the bench.
We were in there faces in the first minute and obviously got the goal ruled out for offside then after that we sat off them and let them back into the game which was baffling. Overall just really disappointed cause that was as poor a Celtic team as we have played in recent seasons.

16.) 03 Sep 2023 15:59:34
Got to agree John, it hard to believe how far we have regressed, is it down to one man probably not, but he is manager and has to take responsibility he has had free hand at signings, that shows his first fault next has tobe shape of team, something has to be done before it's to late, I know we can't keep changing managers, but feel we have no choice,

17.) 03 Sep 2023 16:02:39
Aye, board need to act immediately. There's no coming back from this.

18.) 03 Sep 2023 16:02:40
Bitterly disappointed today they were there for the taking and it was a massive chance for us to put a statement down, over the course of the first month of the season our team has come up short, poor against killie, struggled against an average servette, poor against Morton and livi, were better against psv in the first leg but this last week has been an absolute disaster embarrassing to say the least, outclassed against psv and showed next to nothing against them today…Beale has made terrible signings and we have let better players go. The jury’s out on Beale and rightfully so his tactics team selection and quality of signings have been a disappointment. Hopefully we part company and bring someone in wrong can galvanise this team and take us forward unfortunately I think the club are to far invested in Beale to do that…. even if we did part ways who would we bring in?

19.) 03 Sep 2023 16:03:31
I now agree 100% with you John, he has wasted good money on players who are not good enough to wear the jersey, my fear is the cost of replacing him, and would a newcomer get any more out of some of those players.

20.) 03 Sep 2023 16:06:38
Fully agree John.

21.) 03 Sep 2023 16:52:35
100% agree.

Unfortunately, I think we'll wait till it's too late do do anything about it and we're out of Europe.

I said after pre season we could forgive a few poor results if we could see progression on the park. There is none, arguably we're going backwards.

10 months in and we don't know how we're even trying to play. Completely disjointed. Add to that we appear to have replaced players with worse players, which is quite something given how poor the likes of Morelos and Kent were last season.

Dessers better than Colak? Not on current evidence
Danillo better than Morelos? Not on current evidence
Lammers better than Kent? Not on current evidence
Sima better than Sakala? Not on current evidence

That's before I even get started with the defence or midfield (I think Raskin is over rated at the moment, though has potential, Cifuentes has been poor initially and Cantwell needs to be given a role he can grow into, not fitted about all over the place) .

Arguably only Butland has been a success so far of ANY of Beales signings, last January included (As Raskin and Cantwell have both been poor in the games that actually mattered as well) .

Overall, I don't see much for us to be positive about at the moment. They will only get stronger and I don't see anything in Michael Beale that suggests we will get any better. We're arguably worse now than when he came in.

As an example, Gio got us into the CL and at this stage had 10 points from 12 available (dropping points at Easter Road in the last minute after Lundstram incorrect red card) . It took 13 games before we'd lost 2 in the league last year, and that was with CL games and the huge issue we had at CB. Not to mention he actually won a trophy the season before and got us to a European final.

This season we've lost 2 of the first 4, 6 points from 12 and were pumped out of the CL by the same team, with a fully fit squad (mostly) . We sit 4th in the league going into the international break.

Not saying Gio was the right man, he deserved to go as his football was dire to watch and he was falling away from Celtic. I'm just saying he left with a better like for like record than Beale has now having spent a hell of a lot less money.



02 Sep 2023 16:08:22
For the avoidance of any doubt
My post re youth.

I refer to a player leaning us for light fingers.

I clearly state this was NOT mcpake.


1.) 02 Sep 2023 16:37:20
John seems there is some bad eggs in there but dipping pockets seems a bit desperate?

2.) 02 Sep 2023 16:56:37
Bgate, his feet never touched the ground after an investigation.

3.) 02 Sep 2023 20:28:55
Light fingers who? How stupid can they be chance of a lifetime to be a professional footballer why would you piss that all away


4.) 03 Sep 2023 08:10:43
Gofor I will not name him, sadly for whatever reason things like that can happen.




John27's rumour replies


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09 Sep 2023 15:33:12
Mcminn there r pictures of Beale at Crieff hydro

Time will tell.




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09 Sep 2023 14:32:52
Beale met bisgrove at Crieff hydro this morning early.




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09 Sep 2023 13:49:52
Callum the deed may have been done.




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09 Sep 2023 12:51:32
You should take your own advice u give verdant, read or check google

Re Davies our present manager stated two weeks ago in a live press conference that he hopes to give Davies a deal soon, I agree with u but am quoting the manager.




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08 Sep 2023 21:58:07
Wslgers. First I’ve said enquiries. We may say no.

Yes eight, over next two windows, not tonight.

Davies Steve
Ben Davies
Mb yilmas. I’d keep

Then many on here want rid Dessers, Lammers, sima et al

So another rebuild yes.





John27's banter replies


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09 Sep 2023 15:41:51
Walter agree. U know I’m a United man but worked in brighton most my years so have a soft spot for them.




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09 Sep 2023 15:39:22
Carrick 73 past saw my first game at 3 in 1953

Walter and Willie waddle were gods

Struth was manager my first game. However I definitely don’t remember him.




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09 Sep 2023 15:17:34
Kilted we have used it along side scouting sins mark Allen was dof.




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09 Sep 2023 14:47:11
Carrick I have no idea. I would take money chelsea owe me b4 another job. Get sacked in a year no money lol.




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09 Sep 2023 14:45:10
Carrick u need to understand many on here don’t understand how punctuation works.




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