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22 Mar 2017 15:55:52
Waghorn to Leeds according to the press. What a load of rubbish. He has hardly set the heather on fire up here.


1.) 22 Mar 2017 16:41:16
44 goals in 50 odd starts is poor return. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2.) 23 Mar 2017 00:39:54
Goals scored in the scottish championship don't count πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Anything over 500k I would take for him.

3.) 23 Mar 2017 07:48:08
Aye right. goals in Scotland make Β£100 gazillion strikers πŸ˜‰

4.) 23 Mar 2017 17:53:38
Try to replace him?


5.) 24 Mar 2017 12:43:11
Can only play against what's infront of him. His goals in the championship count just as much. I for one would love to see him go if the money was decent enough as i think we need better.

6.) 24 Mar 2017 17:21:53
i agree we need better but he makes for good cover i would hold on to him unless like you say the money is right. if snodgrass is 12 million as well as mcormack then we shouldn't accept less than 2.5 for him i would say 3 million or if warbs comes in then 4 million.

7.) 25 Mar 2017 13:53:20
The fact that Snodgrass is quoted as being worth #12m says it all. He is a limited football player that relies on strength; Waghorn is a decent quality football player and personally I wouldn't be unhappy if he stayed with us. He wasn't a Warburton 'ass licker' like others and could well develop under our new management team.



13 Mar 2017 10:38:20
Barry Ferguson being appointed to assist Pedro.


1.) 13 Mar 2017 11:09:37
One of those Portuguese guys that he brought will probably be his assistant. If there was a vacancy for assistant I'd prefer Murty to get it

2.) 13 Mar 2017 12:58:57
Caixinha has today confirmed he wants a local man in his team, someone to verse him with the culture and provide a link between his technical work and the game and club's climate. Barry Ferguson is a very good shout for this role.

3.) 13 Mar 2017 14:39:09
Read last week that club would be appointing his assistant, whether true or not. Barry might not be a bad bet. At least we wouldn't have to pay compo, for a change.

4.) 13 Mar 2017 14:41:03
Lee McCulloch just driven into Murray Park

5.) 13 Mar 2017 16:13:57
Lee McCulloch? You're having a laugh mate! The manager hasn't even got a shortlist yet and I doubt he'll be considering guys that are barely smart enough to tie their own shoe laces.

6.) 13 Mar 2017 16:59:59
A would shout with Pedro mendes as his no2 but loving the comments like the thoughts of others

7.) 13 Mar 2017 18:00:10
Mendes is his agent, is he not?

8.) 13 Mar 2017 19:25:56
Murty or Barry would be good move

9.) 13 Mar 2017 20:56:42
Neil McCann aparantly is being considered.

10.) 15 Mar 2017 23:14:44
BIGSTD1690 le guen was at fault for the dressing room bust ups with his terrible managment and willingness to accept defeat. and on international boozegate scandal was just a silly mistake one he regrets deeply so i wouldn't let that ruin his legend status at ibrox and he wants nothing but the best for us but yeah you look at it like a daft old man with a grudge then so be it but he always has been and always will be a legend at our club and one of the greatest captains we have had



27 Jan 2017 12:31:43
Reece Oxford will sign till the end of the season with a further 12 month option if we finish second place and qualify for Europe.


1.) 27 Jan 2017 15:06:02
The similarities between young reece oxford and rio ferdinand when he was that age at west ham are striking! Don't want to apply any extra pressure on the young man's shoulders but he's a superb young centre half with all the potential to be as good as ferdinand! that's some accolade to be compared to rio as he was an outstanding centre half and even better than big john terry at Chelsea! Rio ferdinand was the best centre half imo, that england has produced for the last 30 odd years! As sir alex ferguson said, rio ferdinand was world class!

2.) 27 Jan 2017 15:34:50
That makes more sense. He's 18 years old so has plenty of time to still become a west ham regular

3.) 27 Jan 2017 16:24:13
Robbie your track record is terrible. I'm calling bull.

4.) 27 Jan 2017 21:37:14
i really rated rio ferdinand very highly! Who agrees with my statement that rio ferdinand is a better centre half than john terry? Should be an interesting debate as both were cracking centre halfs!



30 Nov 2016 23:45:09
Aberdeen game will be Warburtons last. If he doesn't win that then he will be gone.


1.) 01 Dec 2016 04:43:20
Im sorry to say this but that's the worst iv ever seen rangers play they are not performing under Warburton its obvious to see he keeps saying the teams still learning the mans not got a clue i think he's the one that's still learning most of his signings have been poor wee need somebody in pretty quick to turn things around before we lose second place.

2.) 01 Dec 2016 04:54:50
im sorry but i wouldn't give him that long the teams not performing under him its obvious to see and most of his signings are a joke he keeps saying the team will learn from this well it looks to me like he's the one still learning time for change before its to late we need second place and who ever comes in will need to start from scratch they're only about four or five players worth keeping in that team.

3.) 01 Dec 2016 07:13:38
Current rangers team reminds me of the team pre souness no leadership, drive or commitment.

we are rubbish pains me to say. We have some players the just not up to.
Wasted a few million non wages etc.

Mid-table will be our level come the end of the season .

4.) 01 Dec 2016 07:46:13
billy1690 after watching that game, i don't even know if i would keep 4 or 5 from the squad and there's not a chance we'll finish 2nd, at this rate, we'll be lucky to finish 5th and we certainly won't be in Europe next season, which is a blessing btw. I used to go to Ibrox in the early 80's when we had a terrible team and were getting crowds of 16,000 or so but at least that team had some fight, King and co better watch out or they might see the crowds starting to dwindle.

5.) 01 Dec 2016 10:23:36
the players are making warbs look worse than he actually is there must be something going on that the players don't like as they aren't showing up for the manager.

its a joke professional footballers that can pass a ball.

the players are to blame .

although I do think warbs hasn't got a clue. he gets us to play out from the back and all the defenders do is pass it to each other and back to wes.

they can't pass or handle pressure on the ball so that is wrong from the manager to ask us to do that.

we are very light in the middle of the park and can't handle any tackles.
we should be trying different formations like a 5-3-2

almost everyone including myself said dodo should start but what a flop he is over hit every pass took his dissaloud goal well but that was it from him.

the whole team from back to front where dire.
souness would have kicked seven shades of sh*te out every one of them at half time.

6.) 01 Dec 2016 12:09:06
The points per game we have got so far would be enough for 2nd the last 3 seasons.

7.) 01 Dec 2016 12:20:33
warbs must ASAP along with weir who clearly does nothing or doesn't have any input, we nd a new man in place and give him january transfer window then rest of season to see who he keeps and who releases warbs stubborness is his downfall clearly can't take criticism players aren't blameless holt and halliday are powderpuff i'm sick of the local boy done good approach most fans have to halliday he's rotten no strikers have any confidence because they aren't givin a decent run i'm sick of warbs excuses for me he has to go NOW.

8.) 01 Dec 2016 12:31:04
That last night was atrocious to watch, Rangers actually made an ordinary Hearts team look good, Tav has cost us three goals in the last two games, how can he possibly start on Saturday against that flying machine Hayes. I looked forward to seeing big Crooks in action but another weird manager decision, play the big guy as attacking midfield player rather than in a central role just crazy to me. I hate to say this but now is the time for a change of manager, Warbs is showing week after week that he has no idea how to change the play or can see where certain players are not up to our level and should be dropped, only problem is who to bring in as manager.

9.) 01 Dec 2016 12:47:09
James sterling been sayin ths all season bout warburton he's clueless ryt now has to dith 433 or he will be goner beforr xmas, on the other hand who would be good manager for us i would go for tony pulis or alan pardew we need a boss who will stick the boot into those highly paid players.

10.) 01 Dec 2016 12:53:39
Tony pulis, Alan pardew. Aye nae bother Barry Middleton.

11.) 01 Dec 2016 13:11:08
Agree 100% with you colshygers about Halliday, boy is a mid table premiership team standard player, his terrible passing puts us in bother every single game he needs to be benched pronto. There is a severe lack of creativity in the team, and don't even get me started on the defending! How a proper centre back wasn't his main transfer target in the summer is beyond me. I don't think warburton will last beyond xmas, how you can stick to the same formation in a match where it clearly isn't working shows that he won't go much further than us in management! Starting to get worried about 10 in a row now.

12.) 01 Dec 2016 13:41:04
Rick witter did celtic not get rodgers yes n rangers are bigger thn palace and west brom if your hsppy we the dross we have thn good luck but bein ambitous is what we need to do or do we go for alex neil then instead but we more or less are mansged by acedemy coach not cut out for this level so i would definitely go for better manager any day.

13.) 01 Dec 2016 15:26:22
With regard to Halliday, Who would you put in there instead of him?
I would give not one player a 5/ 10 last night, and I have calmed down a bit after watching it!

We need to change this system and style as it is making our players look even worse than they are.

14.) 01 Dec 2016 16:08:53
Maybe crooks and holt in the middle? Why not try a good old fashioned 4-4-2 with dodoo or waghorn running off garner? Warburton and co only have themselves to blame after poor recruitment over the summer, all have been injury prone bar hill and gilks and the less said about Barton the better.

15.) 01 Dec 2016 17:27:08
i would try 352 on saturday flood the midfield to try and get a grip of the game we know we can't defend so we might aswell attack use tav for what he's good at attackin miller garner up top aberdeen will only play 1 up because after last nights result a draw on saturday will suit then but we all know it won't happen because warbs stubborness and ego is getting in the way now it will be piss poor 433 with midfield 3 bullied again and not one player brave on the ball.

16.) 01 Dec 2016 17:40:06
First time post just joined site as been dying to vent for a while this season. For me Warburtons Stubborness is his biggest weakness surely refusing to alter a system when its not working is a major flaw? And how can Davie Weir who was a class defender for the gers be part of a mangement team that fails to work on anything defensive on the training pitch particularly set pieces?

17.) 01 Dec 2016 18:39:09
Huey, what was that post all about.? It's the season n it's not good enough doesn't matter what points total snybody got last year!

18.) 01 Dec 2016 20:40:01
Watching that rubbish the other night took felt like watching the dross we had under McCoist. I don't think warns will lose his job if we lose to the sheep on Saturday but as a true blue I really don't see any progress under the current regime.

19.) 01 Dec 2016 21:49:49
Last night was abysmal. as has been the constant possession without having shots on goal or converting possession into goals as per the last few games/ weeks/ months. wi warbs n weir getting contract extension and us having just paid off barton i just don't c us paying up their contracts. We need a million to see us thru to end of season. this 433 ain't working. we see it he must see it. so if we r stuck wi him which is likely for the forseeable then he must change the tactics.2 massive games and 6 points a MUST.

20.) 02 Dec 2016 00:56:28
Wastin your time bears he ain't going to drop his fav pet big rob keirnan n he ain't going to ditch his formation simple as tht bite our tounges n accept it untill he's gone wich hopefully is soon told yas months ago he wasnt ryt for rangers and our fans sayin we wur makin progress under him far from it.

21.) 02 Dec 2016 03:12:21
No chance of 6 points from those 2 games. Said on here last week wed be lucky to get 4 points from these 3 games well be lucky to get that going by wed performance.

22.) 02 Dec 2016 13:43:39
Utter nonsense, and some unbelievably short memories on here if you think that's the worst team you've seen. Warburton is going nowhere for the time being.

23.) 02 Dec 2016 19:13:06
I've got a long memory, Souness, going back to 1958 when I first saw Rangers, and this is mighty close to being the worst team I've ever seen representing our club in the top league. It really is that bad.

24.) 02 Dec 2016 07:36:30
Bring back Sir Walter!

25.) 02 Dec 2016 15:17:38
What about big sam allardyce or chris coleman? What do you think barrymiddleton?

26.) 03 Dec 2016 14:30:29
Aye it's maybe not great but no way is it as bad as under the McCoist/ McDowall era. The 4-0 pumping at Easter Road was much much worse than the game the other night as Hearts are much better than that Hobs side.

27.) 04 Dec 2016 12:47:45
Bigblye ayr my point was that if we are aiming for 2nd then we are on track. We are 2nd and we have the same win rate as apparently g9od teams who have finished 2nd before. For people who think this is our worst team just look at the last 4 years and also have we ever been in a worse position as a club. We are operating with with around 20mill a season less then previously.

28.) 05 Dec 2016 10:50:14
Aye wee-ecky, maybe its time to get new glasses then.



23 Sep 2016 00:08:07
Barton is going nowhere. He is being disciplined and will be back in 3 weeks. A lot of what is being said is pure speculation. The guy as we all know can be a bit of a balloon at times but you can't blame him for being disappointed with the way things went against them.

His Problem is that he is too vocal. Do we turn on our own the minute they say something out of line? I'm confident he will take this as the kick up the backside he needs to get his and our season going. Would the real Joey Barton please stand up!


1.) 23 Sep 2016 06:59:34
Dont want him anywhere near us again, he's continued mouthing off ever since "the incident"happened and some of the things he's said are childish and damm right neddish. That is not the way a Rangers player should conduct himself. I know everybody makes mistakes but its important to learn from them, Barton's been making them for nearly 15yr and still hasn't learned.

2.) 23 Sep 2016 10:25:04
Fair points lads and if I may add my two cents worth to the debate.
If he were any good and the team benefitted from him being in it then I would welcome him back. Unfortunately for him though is the fact that he's been a bit Lillian Gish to put it mildly and therefore shouldn't be anywhere near the team. We have an important cup game coming up and it's no coincidence that the team has been playing better without him so I would hope he doesn't just come back and stroll into the starting 11. He must be made to earn a place by being better than what we currently have and I'm not sure he has that in his locker anymore. At least with Niko you know you're getting someone who won't tackle or track back and you compensate for that but my goodness his eye for a pass and his execution of it are something else. And he my friends looks like he may just be coming onto a game.

3.) 23 Sep 2016 11:00:36
Joey Barton wasn't match fit, now he will be a further 4 weeks behind with his fitness levels. Will he play again for Rangers? Personally I hope not.

4.) 23 Sep 2016 13:28:59
dressing room arguements i don't have a problem with betting on a match is stupid but if it doesn't involve your own team i don't see a major issue but as soon as you say 'in hindsight if i could go back i wouldn't have signed for rangers' well that's all i nd to see to know i don't want him back at our club.

5.) 23 Sep 2016 17:11:52
Barry Ferguson seemed to be forgiven for embarrassing us on the international stage and also arguing with the manager to the detriment of the club.

6.) 23 Sep 2016 20:11:15
BF got punished for his international debacle. I'm not sure if arguing with the manager was to the detriment of the club as it ended up with PLG's departure, Smith's return and the rest is history.

BF did not have access to Twitter (fortunately) and did not do unauthorised interviews and book signings during his rough patch.

BF was also a highly valuable player for Rangers. Barton has done absolutely nothing apart from creating headlines for himself and the club, none of which have been positive.

7.) 23 Sep 2016 20:26:06
Barry Ferguson got sold that summer.

8.) 24 Sep 2016 00:49:54
As a blue nose I am disgusted with joey Barton, however if he were to wipe that smug grin of Chris Sutton then he maybe forgiven.

9.) 24 Sep 2016 08:37:44
Chris Sutton is an solute lowlife he is in the same category as Barton. just a horrible human being and it's disgusting that bt even employ him.

10.) 24 Sep 2016 11:53:00
Got to say i think Mutton calls it like it is lads unlike most of the other pundits, he can be abit harsh in the words he uses but i think he's fair.

{Ed039's Note - What? You had cider in your cornflakes? You would never see sky sports allow any of their pundits conduct themselves the way this numpty does, he needs people talking about him and he is going about it in a certain way and it's very wrong)

11.) 24 Sep 2016 12:10:27
Was thinking the same Barry Ferguson was our captain and top man for years he used to give it out to our players when they weren't performing the difference between him and Barton is he always played well on the park if Barton had been playing well this wouldn't have happened.

12.) 24 Sep 2016 13:36:03
Dont even compare Fergie and Barton. Fergie gave his absolute all for Us and only wanted the best, Barton on the other hand is using us for publicity for his book and hasn't got a fraction of ability that Ferguson had.

13.) 23 Sep 2016 23:13:37
You might have a point there.

14.) 24 Sep 2016 14:02:05
Can't believe the posts about Barry Ferguson, although I should be used to them from Rangers fans. Barry was being treated like dirt by Le Guen when he was our best player and had the balls to say early on that the manager hadn't a clue. pity no one backed him up sooner.

As for the Scotland fiasco, he was wrong and apologised. personally I don't care about Scotland after the way our players have been treated in recent years, but yes he made a mistake.

To compare a Rangers legend who carried poor Rangers teams sometimes whilst injured with Barton shows some peoples blind spot with Fergie, A lot of our fans haven't the appreciation of a great footballer.

15.) 24 Sep 2016 14:04:10
Ed why gas my post not been posted bud?

{Ed001's Note - there are a couple of posts waiting for Ed039, could it be one of those?}

16.) 24 Sep 2016 14:44:22
Still not on yet Ed.

{Ed001's Note - 39 is not about mate so it would take a while.}

17.) 24 Sep 2016 14:46:42
Wull73 got to agree mate, can't believe Barton is getting compared to our great Fergie. he isn't even the best midfielder in this Rangers team never mind Fergie.

18.) 24 Sep 2016 19:01:52
About Chris Sutton this is this same person accused two teams of cheating on the same day on live TV, Kilmarnock for trying too hard and Dunfermline for not trying hard enough when we won the league on the last day of the season. He also had a pop at the ref for awarding Rangers a penalty when they had two but missed one. Real class act is Sutton.

19.) 25 Sep 2016 15:01:53
One thing Sutton has got right is the fact that the Aberdeen game was a must win. For me the team were simply not good enough. Tavernier should be dropped. Most of the games we are working a back three and that's why we r leaking goals. Warburton clearly has no idea how his players play or else he would not have two strikers on the park that always drop deep to get the ball. The midfield was vacant most of the time and the majority of passes we made we were too slow to do so. Another lack luster performance from rangers and I think next game we field the under 21s and we continue to do so untill the players prove there worth. Absolutely dire!

20.) 25 Sep 2016 21:10:47
Bluewill i am gutted like u that we lost today. however to say it was a lacklustre display is way wide of the mark mate. We were by far the better team without doubt. They were poor. and yes we lost but that sometimes happens. we were first to the majority of 2nd balls. we paid the price of missing a lot of chances. waggys being clear cut. We switched off 30 seconds into 2nd half and got done by a free kick that never was. Video tech MUST b brought in asap. simply put. had we took our chances today we wuda buried them. we move on to next game and follow follow. 4EVA IN ROYAL BLUEπŸ˜‰.

21.) 24 Sep 2016 13:22:27
@Ed039 Sutton is allowed his opinion like anyone else. didn't see too many complaints about the manner Joey Barton was conducting himself with comments regarding Scott Brown and Brendan Rodgers. He was being glorified, yet when Sutton has debate with Derek Johnstone it is unacceptable. Can you clarify difference?

{Ed039's Note - there isn't a difference, Barton is a fud too)

22.) 24 Sep 2016 13:28:14
If u watch sky sports Ed you will see Souness and co have went overboard numerous times abt teams, managers and players. and for the record i can't stand Mutton but i think he dishes it out in equal measure, Selik and delia got plenty of abuse off him last year and truth b told some of the people on this site are more out of order towards our team/ management and we're meant to support the side.

23.) 25 Sep 2016 22:58:53

The real Joey Barton DID stand up. That's what has caused the problem.
TRIFC, the gift that keeps on giving. lol HH.

24.) 26 Sep 2016 07:55:48
@royalblue. i'm frustrated with the lack of imagination from the manager. You can have all the possession in the world but unless you penetrate then there's nae point. My local village team could hold the ball for long spells it doesnae make them good. Bar thw celtic game we have dominated the ball and still only have 9 points. First half I think we had 1 shot. Its not good enough. i'm all for the great football we play a just want to see action in the box instead of infront of 11 opposition players.

25.) 26 Sep 2016 16:13:14
Fair enuf bluewill. some of MW'S selections do make me wonder. wat has MOH got to do to get astart or even a run of games etc. wee bazza is obviously a favourite. we do tend to try and walk the ball in the net. that said we do play v good possession football albeit without converting a lot of chances which needs to improve. we r a work in progress. i'm convinced we will come good. need rid of ashley b4 we get back to very top. we r all in it for long haul. FIRB.

26.) 26 Sep 2016 18:14:46
all MOH has got is pace and nothing else, he wil never be a succsess at rangers.

27.) 26 Sep 2016 18:23:49
I wasnt comparing Barton and Ferguson only comparing the way they behaved in public.

28.) 27 Sep 2016 12:50:53
ferguson did not behave bad in public the way barton does .

he done that boozegate scandal for the Scotland squad and was punished for it but barton opens his trap on a daily basis.

got to give it to barton he has a lot to say for sum1 who can't play at th speed or level that we need from him .

barton doesn't even deserve to be montioned in the same sentence as ferguson who for me was a great captain of our club.

29.) 27 Sep 2016 13:39:22
Some of us didn't have a problem with his attitude to Scotland given the way that they treated him. I for one wish we had a captain like him today. Wallace's inability to lead is part of our problem. Ferguson's influence on the team as captain was immense.

30.) 27 Sep 2016 16:03:52
@truebluesotrue, michael o'halloran has blistering pace you mean with power and strength and very direct who should be starting every week. it's a total joke when waghorn is out every week wide right and old man miller or garner threw the middle but yet moh is on the bench. joke, why did warburton buy him for?

If am right do celtic not play with pace in there team yes they do its a defenders worst nightmare Fact and thts how celtic ran us ragged and that's what MOH did to us last season he's better than miller and forrester plus barrie mckay for the love off god has sum how disappeared from the earth and we have his twin brother this season.

MW really needs to get grip and stop picking all the brown noses and start playing our best players every week. the way i'm feeling right now, feel like just giving up my season ticket.

31.) 29 Sep 2016 14:48:42
MOH has been pish for us, he is nowhere near the standard of Miller and vanishes in ever game he plays.




Robbie73w's banter posts with other poster's replies to Robbie73w's banter posts


05 Mar 2020 18:41:29
What I would give to have Terry Butcher as captain right now. He wouldn't have tolerated this dross.


1.) 05 Mar 2020 19:04:00
Futba changed now The wee fannies would go down the "bullying" road!

2.) 05 Mar 2020 20:27:19
Spot on Kaz players have all the power.



30 Jul 2018 19:55:23
Why is everyone moaning about this Ashley deal. Bottom line is that there are plenty of outlets to buy the strips which have no connection to him so just buy them there. That way he gets nothing. Simples!


1.) 30 Jul 2018 22:15:41
I agree its a kick in the baws we have to pay for Ashleys legal costs so don't buy strips from his paddies market shops buy them from the mega store and now this is over we might be able to buy the strips in the near future. Maybe if no one buys from him then maybe he will have a lot of stock he can't shift that would really get on his fat tits. πŸ˜….

2.) 30 Jul 2018 22:29:28
Legally or they fake ones from Turkey.

3.) 30 Jul 2018 23:08:00
Yea I think so too unless we are wrong . king has probablly played a blinder again even with the 500k court expenses and this is the only way we could finally get rid .
People are slow to remember it was king and conthat saved us from the grasp of that hood . I wish they would consider that fact before they start slautering the board.
I for one will never forget. No one else remotely stood up to the mark. Patience bears patience.

4.) 30 Jul 2018 23:38:23
I have to say from a business perspective and protecting his revenue then fair play to Ashley. He is obviously a shrewd operated and has ran circles around our entire corporate executives at the club many times.

From a club point of view it is of course damning but it says a lot about our commercial and legal dealings. Embarrassing.

5.) 30 Jul 2018 20:22:56
Nobody knows there are other outlets new contract not agreed yet.

6.) 30 Jul 2018 21:36:46
I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the deal will mean that SD will have exclusive rights to sell the strips.

7.) 30 Jul 2018 21:58:38
And how many strips do we have to sell to recoup the half a million that could have been avoided if the proper care and attention was given?

Or you think we are in a position we can just chuck that money away?

8.) 31 Jul 2018 05:59:02
Maybe need statement from the club,
They can tell us where we can buy from, would have bought each of the new Hummel tops, but I will not be giving the fat man of sport direct a penny of my money.

9.) 31 Jul 2018 07:53:10
We need to remember that Dave King has thought well to keep the money grabber at bay

Mike Ashley beat it before you really screw up you reputation

I really wish people would actually see sense even if it were adults cascading to their kids not to go in his shops

I mean the way he treats his own staff was ridiculous like "slaves" and zero contract hours aswell

It must be said He's a terrible individual!

10.) 31 Jul 2018 09:54:14
I ain't buying no top till i no none of my cash is going to a fat greedy rat who has done a job on my club.

11.) 31 Jul 2018 10:09:30
Greaves of Glasgow supported us a couple of years back, I will be purchasing my replica strips for the kids there.

12.) 31 Jul 2018 18:07:33
Defo bankie this is where I will be going if he I see allowed to sell.



30 May 2018 18:49:24
John Terry to Rangers?


1.) 30 May 2018 19:32:39
Here's a question to you, Robbie 73w,
and to all other fellow bears out there! We constantly are being linked to experienced, older centre Half's, so here's my question! If would were to only sign ONE, experienced centre half, from martin skrtel, john terry, keep bruno alves etc, who would you prefer?

2.) 30 May 2018 19:35:12
Nae chance, person should be collecting his pension soon

3.) 30 May 2018 19:50:36
Personally i would have Skrtel. The man is a warrior, however there is no chance we could afford him.

4.) 30 May 2018 21:09:00
Skrtel for me all day

5.) 30 May 2018 21:25:40
Skirtal easy

6.) 30 May 2018 21:45:23
Robert Huth currently at Leicester is out of contract on 30 June 2018.
33 years of age with premiership experience.

7.) 30 May 2018 22:49:50
Another poll?



13 May 2018 20:04:22
Ok stick with me on this one. The season is over and we finished 12 points behind the eastenders. Now take a look at what happened down south. Man Utd finished a massive 19 points behind City. Do they class that as a massive gap? Do they call that a total failure of a season. The gap is not as big as they make out and I'm confident that with a few wise additions Stevie G will make a go of things next season.


1.) 13 May 2018 22:15:43
Did Man City beat Man Utd 5-0 and 4-0? Have Man Utd not got to a national cup final? Our season has been a disaster no cup finals and finishing behind Aberdeen who have a much smaller budget. If you don’t think the gap is massive your delusional

2.) 13 May 2018 22:53:42
@AD - so you don't think being within 12 points of celtic with the supposedly ' worst ' Rangers team ever is any way positive? Factor in the disaster of Pedro's reign and signings and finishing the season with 2 different caretaker managers then we have too be optimistic. Let's see what signings Gerrard makes or even if he can improve what we already have.

3.) 14 May 2018 02:06:04
UJ. We were only 3 points better off than last year. The only reason we were closer is because Celtic were 24 points worse than last year. And we certainly didn't do much to take those points off them.

4.) 14 May 2018 11:52:00
Parky. The league is stronger hibs took 7 points of celtic. So in my view in a stronger league we have more points and celtiic considerably less . !



04 Apr 2018 15:32:53
RIP Ray Wilkins. A Rangers Legend and a true gent


1.) 04 Apr 2018 15:45:32
Ye condolences to the wilkins family and friends

Never ever forget his wonderful strike against celtic at ibrox





Robbie73w's rumour replies


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28 Nov 2019 21:20:17
I am confident that it is no other than SDM.




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24 Sep 2018 21:27:14
Good post Kaz and I'm glad there was no mention of events in the east end cause all we should be concerned about his putting our own house in order, which Stevie G is doing a grand job of. DK should also take some credit. Love him or hate him he has done exactly what he said he would do and I for one am truly thankful to him.




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04 May 2018 09:25:53
Lol nice one gram. He was in the chippy later that night as well




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03 May 2018 16:17:02
What a load of tripe. Glasgow airport has its own business aviation terminal. Signature Aviation do the handling. So there's no truth at all in it being easier to land at Prestwick! I know cause I've worked there on business jets on many an occassion




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23 Apr 2018 21:06:21
Its bloody harry potter we need





Robbie73w's banter replies


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29 Feb 2020 21:50:31
And who do we bring in. Can't just keep changing managers. He is learning and although the pain is hard to take, we have made progress. We have beat some great teams in Europe and if not for stupid injuries and suspension we would have been able to keep the same 11 week in week out. If he goes he is simply bottling it.




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16 Feb 2020 08:11:43
I agree deecee. Until it's mathematically over we can never give up. i'm like the rest of you, totally disappointed at our form since the break but how good would it be to come back from this situation and snatch it on the last game. I remember helicopter Sunday to. I remember them opening the stadium up to fans as the team returned from the east coast. The atmosphere was amazing. Fans turned up in their thousands just by word of mouth. Never give up!




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11 Oct 2019 20:31:18
Yep hats off to DK, love him or hate him, without him we might not have a club. Look at us now sitting top of the league and competing on all fronts. He gets my vote every day of the week.




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10 Nov 2018 17:17:53
Very true UJ. Look at the table now after today's results. Win our games in hand starting tomorrow and I'm sure everyone would have taken our possible position at the start of the season.




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10 Oct 2018 19:39:37
I would be happy just to receive my shirt. Ordered 3 weeks ago and still no sign of it.