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21 Jun 2024 09:46:19
Straight from the horses mouth, the person (s) in charge of procurement were advised of likely challenges with far east supplies. Took the decision anyway and it's gone wrong. The club have acted swiftly and dispensed with the responsible person. I know it's a f**k up but by taking action sharply, that's demonstrating far more decisive leadership. But some fans will always blame the board.

Moving away from this, great to see Barron incoming. Hopefully Kabadiyi soon and Igamane. Looking forward to a few sales to find the experienced incomings. Going to be a busy few weeks with the players returning on Monday. Igamane is likely to be headed to Paris for the Olympics so we'll not see him straight away.


1.) 21 Jun 2024 11:54:56
Dont think we will see any 'experience ' coming in till 1. The Euros finish and 2 English teams complete their money merry go round, probs about August, which will be too late for CL qualifying imo.

2.) 21 Jun 2024 12:30:54
The board have to do what's right for the club. If it worked out cheaper to get imported materials then that was the correct thing to do but, only as long as the quality of those materials met the same standards as buying materials closer to home.

3.) 21 Jun 2024 13:04:16
We want to see Ibrox improved and updated and that takes time which is at a premium with the ever shortening close season. There are always delays in building projects, just look how much over time Liverpools new stand was last season. If the Project Manager ignored advice and it has backfired and he as been sacked, that's not the boards fault. Prefer to play at Hampden from the fans point of view . Could we not play ay Ibrox with the Copland shut down? We`ve done it before.

4.) 21 Jun 2024 13:17:38
Ibrox 4me, I've heard different from inside ibrox too, the person who has been canned is only in the door, he's a scapegoat, however did your source mention the change of plans (concerning size of reconstruction) that put spanner in the works, we're being lied to by an incompetent board, also bisgrove was all over this.

5.) 21 Jun 2024 13:19:28
Wslgers4ever the pitch is unplayable, as its been ripped.

6.) 21 Jun 2024 13:36:46
Loyalist, the correct person was let go as I understand it. Bisgriove was indeed heavily involved. Strong advice was given and concerns noted over time delay risks but the project manager went with the cheaper (quality was comparable) option. We could have bought British/ Scottish but 2-3 the cost. Can’t see this being the Board’s fault and I don’t defend anyone. It’s a f**k up, but anyone involved in construction will know the risks. Nothing about change of plans but I understand the steel construction was the wrong way round. Something about hooks to hold it in place being back to front? The technical piece is above my understanding. Source is pretty sound and I’ve no reason to doubt him, everything he’s shared which isn’t much, has been bang on to date.

7.) 21 Jun 2024 13:52:44
At the end of the day the company should have had materials ordered and here in advance.

8.) 21 Jun 2024 14:57:44
Contract would have stipulated when the completion date would be required.
Main Work Contractor by accepting the contract will then be liable for any delay costs.
Especially if they have gambled by going for the cheaper option but possible increased lead times.
In my current role, I bring in material all the time from the EU and since Brexit lead times have increased.

9.) 21 Jun 2024 15:01:30
Loyalist so how many changes did rangers make to th plannyapplication. I’m told 0.

10.) 21 Jun 2024 15:24:25
My current roll is usually Mcghees?? anno sorry.

11.) 21 Jun 2024 17:42:13
Don't know if it's true or not but got told a beam was put in the wrong way and this is what the hold up is probably pish but you never know??????.

12.) 21 Jun 2024 18:09:00
John27 I'm told when bisgrove was off a while back big meeting with contractors, telling everyone involved news plans, simple as that, due to funding (I'm informed), news plans meant less seats, however decision taken to save money, then next time he's off on holiday (Bisgrove) he's gone, then 2 days ago he's in clearing his stuff out then announced 2pm yesterday, this needs our board to come clean and treat supporters with respect and not just a cash cow.

13.) 21 Jun 2024 18:09:19
Ps John 27 love your info.

14.) 21 Jun 2024 18:26:52
John27,to the planning application, I can't answer that at moment, I would have to enquire that detail.

15.) 21 Jun 2024 22:02:55
I’ve spoke to someone who would know, no changes to our application at this stage loyalist.

16.) 22 Jun 2024 07:37:43
The Main Contractor will not be responsible for the costs, Rangers will, as the Board employed the MC on a Fix contract only, not Supply and Fix, meaning we tried to save money by buying the materials direct and saving on the MC material percentage mark up. Quite common practice in some construction projects and can save a decent amount if all goes to plan, unfortunately in our case it has not and we are also facing delay costs for men and plant from the Contractor- as well as any costs associated with fulfilling our fixtures elsewhere. No a good situation at all, hence someone has been removed .



18 Jun 2024 15:01:58
Apparently a deal for Barron has been agreed and he will announced very soon.


1.) 18 Jun 2024 15:20:51
Talk about dragging on.

2.) 18 Jun 2024 15:28:33
It’s not dragging on boy been on holiday.

3.) 18 Jun 2024 15:29:35
Window only opened on Friday and depends when his contract ended. possibly two weeks or so ago so to allow for holidays and consider all options, it’s hardly been a long time. For a development fee, this represents good business. We need to target the best Scottish talent available and he fits into this bracket.

4.) 18 Jun 2024 15:29:51
Here's hoping as he's a cracking player.

5.) 18 Jun 2024 15:45:40
It’s not dragged out if he’s in by pre season starting Monday. that's the main thing….

6.) 18 Jun 2024 16:09:37
Would be nice hope so ??????.

7.) 18 Jun 2024 16:24:14
Have to say if Barron comes off together with Igamane then I will be very pleased.
Adding youth, hunger and I trust players who can improve (at what seems reasonable prices) the squad looks to be taking on good depth.
IMO once PC has a number of these young players in then I can see him adding that all important spine CB/ CM/ CF with experienced players able to go straight into the 11.Frustrating as it may seem looking for those exciting marquee players as many have said we have be patient and allow for some of the fringe and unwanted players to be moved on (as I think there will eventually need to be compromise to move on the likes of Lammers and Goldson etc) .
Also annoyingly will be August before EPL teams set their season squads and would not suprise me if a few excellent players become available at that time.

8.) 18 Jun 2024 16:29:00
We really do have some of the most impatient entitled supporters around. Window is barely just opened and folk complaining already.

9.) 18 Jun 2024 16:43:40
Summed up perfectly there Macnaughten.

10.) 18 Jun 2024 16:54:49
Tbh, I've never seen this boy play. does anyone know if he's good enough to make the starting 11?

11.) 18 Jun 2024 16:57:44
Dragging on? The windows not even open even if he's free the boys been on holiday ? how dare he take a break from football eh.

12.) 18 Jun 2024 17:44:29
Mark, he will be at the olympics for Morocco.

13.) 18 Jun 2024 17:46:26
@Mark44 - He’s good enough to be a starting CM for Rangers right now as long as he can stay fit. He just had a breakout season with Aberdeen and was nominated for Young POTY.

I honestly think he’ll be an upgrade on Jack and Lundstrum.



05 May 2024 19:17:23
Looking across from the GF stand today prematch, the photographers were all focused on someone in the main stand. Someone suggested it was Jefte but any solid intel?


1.) 05 May 2024 22:12:51
Maybe a photo or 2?

2.) 06 May 2024 03:41:49
It was Jardel with his wife. Photographers where asking "Who's that guy wi that burd? "

3.) 06 May 2024 06:28:36
Interesting, noted Lowery with Goldson, Jack, Danilo in the Directors Box, suited up, wonder if he's going to be part of PC's thinking going forward?

4.) 06 May 2024 09:41:01
We guessed Mrs Jardel already. Can’t see anything of note in the media today, I’d thought it might have been Southgate or something. Just not the usual to see all the photographers doing that unless there’s someone of note in the box. No one seems to know though, may be nothing. Or maybe Willie Vass was in hospitality….



15 Jan 2024 01:26:09
Rumblings of Bouldini. Striker for Levante, scored twice v Albacete at the weekend. We had a scout there. Could be a replacement for Lammers.


1.) 15 Jan 2024 02:05:17
A plank fae B&Q could replace Lammers.

2.) 15 Jan 2024 03:49:26
Laudruphagi ????? I needed that thanks ?.

3.) 15 Jan 2024 03:53:58
Ooft another player with bad scoring record 28 years old highly doubt it been bit of a journeyman.

4.) 15 Jan 2024 07:13:37
I'd rather have Van Veen than dive into the 2nd division in Spain.

5.) 15 Jan 2024 07:32:14
The great bouldini, sounds like a circus act. No idea about him and just a post re his name not about the original post.

6.) 15 Jan 2024 08:15:50
Agreed JFM - if he is an escape artist that may suit us - or if he is a magician maybe he could make our useless players disappear and magic some talent into our team???.

7.) 15 Jan 2024 09:21:08
I don't even know him but know this would be a disaster.

8.) 15 Jan 2024 10:46:40
BD you don't even know him but it would be a disaster, brilliant stuff mate.

9.) 15 Jan 2024 11:11:46
Rumblings of Bouldini is a plumber in Carlisle.

10.) 15 Jan 2024 11:44:04
He’s a guy I’ve seen play. Decent but not an upgrade on anything we have.

11.) 15 Jan 2024 13:39:21
Yes the boy was with the circus, well not an act he was the only one who could get the tent back in the bag .

Later on here he may be called Baldina or Boulderannie .

12.) 15 Jan 2024 14:03:03
Mystar if a journeyman with poor gialscoring recoed in spanish 2nd division doesn't ring alarm bells for you then fair play.

13.) 15 Jan 2024 14:18:59
Come on now mystar, anyone with google and a quick search can see why this would be another disaster or should we all believe that you'll tell us he will score goals at Rangers and be a huge success just like you said with Dessers and Lammers lol.

14.) 15 Jan 2024 14:24:01
Really hope not this would be really desperate n scraping the barrow.

15.) 15 Jan 2024 14:34:38
Maybe Rangers ain't interested in him BD, but you having never seen him play and he would be a disaster, that's why i said brilliant stuff.

16.) 15 Jan 2024 14:51:26
Bigbluejim once again never mentioned Lammers once before signing, do that every couple of weeks on here, said the dessers i seen if the conference would do well for us.

17.) 15 Jan 2024 15:01:29
Personally I would prefer us to sign an up and coming young player with real potential for the future as we did many years ago with Gatuso and more recently with Morelos. I'm sure that there are players out there if we have the scouts to find them.

If we are going for an older player then I would prefer that we set our sights higher and go for a pre-contract on a to rated Bosman that can join us at the end of the season.

18.) 15 Jan 2024 17:45:11
Remember a certain lubo moravczick or however it’s spelled
Don’t write anyone off.

19.) 15 Jan 2024 19:22:08
Berkshire fully agree.

Talking of Lubo, how many dogs or cats in your area were called that? ?.

20.) 15 Jan 2024 23:19:30
Big dado 2 dogs maybe 3 actually mate pitbull, staffie and I’m sure a wee mongrel.

21.) 16 Jan 2024 09:00:20
Stevie? there must have been hundreds in Glasgow i knew a few as well. The other one was 'Naka'.



09 Jan 2024 17:57:30
Hi John227,

Saw you'd suggested there could be a swap deal involving Rabbi Matondo. Have you heard anything more on that one? Cheers.


1.) 09 Jan 2024 19:19:43
No ibrox, just rangers r open to swapping him for manhoef.

2.) 09 Jan 2024 19:27:26
Would be great bit of biz!

3.) 09 Jan 2024 19:45:53
Shame we rabbi was coming on to a game at one point.

4.) 09 Jan 2024 20:02:14
Ah I see. Wouldn’t be averse to that going on reports. Can’t confess to knowing anything about Manhoed other than the speculation in forums.

5.) 09 Jan 2024 20:14:25
Problem is he goes off it quicker than he comes on to it.

6.) 09 Jan 2024 20:22:07
Ridvan and Lammers seem to be on their way out but at the moment there appears to be nothing happening regarding incoming players has the board told PC he needs to cut the squad? if so similar to what SG was told after winning 55.

7.) 09 Jan 2024 20:47:05
Gresley we already knew we had to cut the squad size. Our wage bill is higher than celtics, how can we be paying more to players that haven’t been good enough to win the league over them, that’s not a good return for your money. We tried to offload more players in the summer as even then we knew the squad was too big, but weren’t able to, so it was always going to be the case that more would probably go this window than would come in, Clement has even suggested that himself. Also just because the noise right now is more about players going out than in, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t on going discussions happening regarding incoming players. There will be lots of on going negotiations for players going both ways, all at the same time. It doesn’t really matter which happen first (just that in the end hopefully the majority of the ones we want to happen do so) .

8.) 09 Jan 2024 20:56:12
Relax Gresley .

9.) 09 Jan 2024 21:05:00
Gresley, deals take time. Only a week into the window and DoF started last week. Fans need to be patient, it’s a notoriously difficult time to get players in and many deals will be done late in the window.

10.) 09 Jan 2024 21:09:07
Gresley Loyal, I very much doubt Clement would have come into the situation we we in without a promise of transfers available. Especially if the club manage to get rid of a few in the Jan window. Others also out of contract soon, so would expect new players to come in?

11.) 09 Jan 2024 21:14:39
Silva has come in Greasly they are still 2 weeks to go in the window but if patience needed.

12.) 09 Jan 2024 21:20:48
While I like the idea of swapping Matondo for Manhoef, I'm guessing one issue might be Matondos wage, which I think I heard was pretty big (she's of guess out of Vitesse's range? )

13.) 09 Jan 2024 21:30:27
Matondo could be useful second half of season.

He was really coming into a game before his injury.

Might be best to keep him get him playing and sell him in summer.
If we can involve him in a swap for manhoef that would be great.

14.) 09 jan 2024 21:51:14
fastest player I've ever seen, i would be sorry to see him fail.

15.) 09 Jan 2024 22:27:27
I’d keep him as back up to sima on the left if he’s fit.
Diva looks like hel be better on the right.
Mccausland will likely back him up.

Makes me wonder if manhoef is more likely a summer signing to replace silva leaving.

16.) 09 Jan 2024 22:28:19
Matondo has had numerous chances he is shocking. Sakala was by far more dangerous and we let him go.

17.) 09 Jan 2024 22:45:18
To be fair matondo moved around a lot in team but he is another who keeps picking up too many niggling injuries.




Ibrox4Me's banter posts with other poster's replies to Ibrox4Me's banter posts


13 Jul 2024 16:56:37
Young team were decent today. Kelly outstanding. Lowry in from the cold and looked good, last chance saloon I'd imagine but up to him. Good showing from the youth and great to see Danilo back.




25 Jun 2024 16:51:54
Can anyone confirm if Lammers has returned for pre season?


1.) 25 Jun 2024 18:20:35
Yes, he was in a gym pic yesterday.

2.) 25 Jun 2024 18:29:19
Why is matondo not there and still out training on his own in dubai? Put post up 9 hours ago.

3.) 25 Jun 2024 20:06:04
He was in Wales squad after the season finished Paul, probably that mate.

4.) 25 Jun 2024 21:08:29
Lammers in a gym pic, wi that hairdo should be a gym slip.

5.) 25 Jun 2024 23:04:45
Thanks John.

6.) 25 Jun 2024 23:24:23
Was a video of Rabbi in training as well ?? looking sharp.



22 Jun 2024 17:26:12
Has Cifuentes actually been sold? I'm sure he's still our player but could be wrong. Surely we're looking to get him away permanently?


1.) 22 Jun 2024 17:39:45
Loans up in December.

2.) 22 Jun 2024 17:52:17
Ibrox loan till December with option to buy.

3.) 22 Jun 2024 18:16:29
Ah thanks chaps, hasn’t realised it was a 12 month loan. Be good to get him off the wage bill too. That fee if he goes perhaps helps in January if we look to do any business.



15 Jun 2024 00:05:59
Just remember. Those amongst who were furious we 'missed out' on Porteous. ?.


1.) 15 Jun 2024 06:01:53
Ibrox4Me, our much maligned connor goldson is a much better centre half than porteous imo ?.

2.) 15 Jun 2024 06:13:22
Well the thing is, as terrible as he was last night he’d still be a better option than Goldson is currently, if not at the time.
He still is reasonably young for his position and is a full international, albeit he didn’t cover himself in glory last night.
Baring in mind mcgregror was possibly the worst player on the park last night and he is supposed to be the best CM in Scotland, there’s levels and thankfully we don’t need to compete at that level too often
We are a Europa league team, a good one at that. Those Germany boys are champions league contenders level, I’d still welcome Porteous to Ibrox.

3.) 15 Jun 2024 07:18:24
You have to have a bit of class about you as well as be able to play and handle the pressure.
Porteous has no class and can't do any of the latter. I'd have the much maligned Goldson over Porteous every time.

4.) 15 Jun 2024 08:21:16
I for one wouldn’t touch porteous as I’ve made clear plenty of times. His desecration of memorials was my first reason then as I’ve mentioned before he has red cards in him as he’s incredibly clumsy, gives away penalties and is in general a ticking time bomb. Ohh and a limited footballer.

5.) 15 Jun 2024 08:26:34
Baldy there wasn’t one good Scotland player on the park last night.

6.) 15 Jun 2024 08:39:35
Boy had a split decision to make, he made it, what's he to do, say on you go I'll just step out the way n let you score, may have been rash but was not intentional.

7.) 15 Jun 2024 09:10:38
McKenna did more than most when he came on last night, he may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he's an imposing figure in defence and attack, might be worth a punt?

8.) 15 Jun 2024 09:33:17
The tackle was a bloody shocker it could have ended Gundogans competition
It’s not as if it’s the first time he has made that sort of tackle in a game, he is a hot head and doesn’t have the brains for international football.

9.) 15 Jun 2024 11:18:50
Fork, it wasn’t intentional? Seriously? ??

Guy is a thug. Glad we went now where near him. Hopefully karma catches him soon.

10.) 15 Jun 2024 12:38:21
Yeah it was reckless, and the boy is your typical Hibs ned, but I don't think he meant it imo.

11.) 15 Jun 2024 15:06:58
What defender in 2024 even considers a tackle in the box with both feet off the ground, stonewall penalty and red card for the imbecile.



12 Jun 2024 17:13:10
Have we actually confirmed that we've sold Cifuentes? I thought we'd loaned him with an option to buy, not an obligation. Can anyone confirm?


1.) 12 Jun 2024 17:28:10
Is he not on loan till December?

2.) 12 Jun 2024 18:32:44
He’s on loan til December because of when their seasons run to. Do only loan at the moment and they have an option to buy, no obligation.

3.) 12 Jun 2024 18:39:58
On loan until December. I don't think he's had much game time to date. Hopefully that changes and we can shift him.

4.) 13 Jun 2024 00:22:35
Hopefully we give the lad a proper chance to settle in and a sustained run, so he can show us the qualities that had him valued at 15 mill not too long ago.

Will we be doing the same with ay f the young lads coming in from south America, sorry mate i know you ain't been here for long, and barely had a chance to settle, and we signed you up on a 4 year deal, but we have decided to toss you away to some crappy team in south America, where you will barely get a game, when you had the chance to go to other sides who would have let you settle in and adapt, because we would rather have a squad full of half arsed has beens and regularly injured players, while we watch our main competition waltz their way to another 2 trophy's.

Imagine if we treated all our foreign imports like that, no one outside of the UK would come any where near our club, atrocious the way we just tossed a young talent like that on the scrapheap in such a short time, if he is given the same time we have given other players to settle and excel, then you have a very capable CDM that will only get better.

5.) 13 Jun 2024 15:54:44
Some just don't settle either at the club or in Glasgow. Clement likes it though and he's settled and that's all that matters. The impression I got was that Cifuentes didn't want to be here and so bringing him back probably won't work. We keep marching without him. Plus, our quota of permanently injured players will be right down, down at some sensible level that we can all live with. Very young guys of the type that are arriving now, play with energy and are not that frightened to make the odd mistake. We may therefore have to be patient, but I am optimistic for the first time in years.




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12 Jul 2024 21:18:05
MOTM in three of his Rangers appearances.




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12 Jul 2024 19:33:13
MOTM in 3 of his games playing out of position. Would be looking for a big sell on too.




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08 Jul 2024 19:25:57
Concerned, Get a taxi for GTF1.




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06 Jul 2024 14:46:16
Makes a lot of sense and good reading Sydney.




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05 Jul 2024 03:28:13
Ancient, Novo? Take it you never saw Weir, Davis, Arfield, McGregor and many others play for us? What a bizarre comment.





Ibrox4Me's banter replies


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13 Jul 2024 11:49:30
Yer maw’s got baws and yer da likes it.




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09 Jul 2024 00:57:56
Ok, I’m not to keep on. You have a fixed core which you’re completely entitled too, I think you lack some basic business perspective though. We’re turning an oil tanker. Sima Jive is quite correct.

Go to the AGM, make your points there, you’ll be heard and listened to, and if you can do better, maybe you can be involved.




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08 Jul 2024 22:07:28
Not missing the point but I’m saying in professional sport, a statement will be made when they’re something to say. That’s clearly not just yet. If they don’t having firm now, all that happens is folk go mental. They genuinely can’t win at the moment.

Player trading is only just starting and will be a multiple year process. Very unfair to say they don’t know what they’re doing. You said a lot without saying anything with substance, more of a blaming rant. Detail what you would do instead and give your argument credibility.

I work in professional sport and also a regular STH so I understand the frustration.




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08 Jul 2024 19:32:42
Carluke, couldn’t agree more. Board fecked it after 55. Player trading I think is being addressed. PC is the first manager and Koppen the first DoF appointed by Bennett. What about all the rest though? Commercially, what are you doing? Communications strategically? Surely Statement FC days must be behind us? Capital builds? Commercial development? Getting the old guard out is a must as many have said a million times. I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say but you need solutions and some reality and an understanding that you can’t please everyone. Following a team is lifelong and isn't cheap as we know too well. But the big questions are are above and need detailed answers.




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08 Jul 2024 17:23:20
Jeez Yately. We have Ibrox. But these things can take time. Look at Barcelona They’re massively overrun and playing in a terrible stadium for 18 months plus. These things happen. We’re investing in the long term. ?.




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