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31 Jan 2024 22:59:30
Romano post saying Shankland deal is done, confirmed tomorrow, just saying what it sais.


1.) 31 Jan 2024 23:03:33

2.) 31 Jan 2024 23:06:50
Looks like you’re looking at the Romano fake account. His official account hasn’t stated anything about Shankland since end of last year.

3.) 31 Jan 2024 23:09:02
I seen a fake post saying this earlier. From "Frabrizio Romano". And I don't see anything from him now on his real account.

4.) 31 Jan 2024 23:09:18
Romano’s official account handle is: @fabrizioromano
The fake account you saw this post on is: @FabrizioRomani.

5.) 31 Jan 2024 23:10:28
Fake page.

6.) 31 Jan 2024 23:11:01
Fake Romano.

7.) 31 Jan 2024 23:14:19
The real Romano or the fake one?

8.) 31 Jan 2024 23:15:45
It's a fake account apparently.

9.) 31 Jan 2024 23:16:47
Double check the Twitter handle for the Fabrizio Romano you saw tweet that- you’ve been done pal lol.

10.) 31 Jan 2024 23:17:04
Not the real account I don’t think.

11.) 31 Jan 2024 23:18:53
I seen that, but it was on a fake account for Fabrizio. And nothing on his real account.

12.) 31 Jan 2024 23:19:49
Checked Romano. Nothing on his X page on Rangers or Shankland.

13.) 31 Jan 2024 23:20:08
Fake account mate.

14.) 31 Jan 2024 23:21:12
On a fake account. You would see it everywhere if true.

15.) 31 Jan 2024 23:26:29
Not the real Romano account mate.

16.) 31 Jan 2024 23:26:49
Must be a fake Romano account as nothing on real account.

17.) 31 Jan 2024 23:27:25
Don't see that anywhere.

18.) 31 Jan 2024 23:28:09
Where has he posted this?

19.) 31 Jan 2024 23:43:52
That’s a fake account, it’s not Romano.

20.) 31 Jan 2024 23:45:17
It's a fake account.

21.) 31 Jan 2024 23:52:11
Fake account.

22.) 31 Jan 2024 23:54:55
Trueblue it must be a fake account.

23.) 01 Feb 2024 00:40:11
It’s a fake account bud.

24.) 01 Feb 2024 00:50:02
No it doesn't.

25.) 01 Feb 2024 03:51:40
It’s pretty easy to check.

26.) 01 Feb 2024 06:33:06
Over 20 replies to tell someone they got their info from a fake Fabrizio Account!


27.) 01 Feb 2024 07:02:34
Not sure if anyone else has said that’s a fake account ?.

28.) 01 Feb 2024 07:33:06
Fake account mate ?.

29.) 01 Feb 2024 08:28:50
Nearly 9 hours later and people still posting "Fake Account". Think he gets it for crying out loud.

30.) 01 Feb 2024 08:30:25
I guess it’s a fake account eh? ?.

31.) 01 Feb 2024 08:52:53
Fake account lad.

32.) 01 Feb 2024 09:15:26
Possibly a fake account mate.

33.) 01 Feb 2024 09:23:03
Fished in ya Haddie. Gullibles travels.



13 Jan 2024 19:00:35
Take it we have enquired about the boy Beck at Liverpool, John? got to say was impressed when seeing him at Dundee, in the mould of Andy Robertson.


1.) 13 Jan 2024 20:15:31
Not just enquired. Had a loan bid rejected as soon as the transfer window opened, we’ve asked for them again but it all comes down to Liverpool.

2.) 13 Jan 2024 22:41:32
If we get this boy Beck what’s the chances we sign him permanently. I would rather we have a long term solution at LB than short term fix on loan.

3.) 13 Jan 2024 22:43:10
This deal could be difficult to do. I'd imagine there are other clubs in England that would give Liverpool the money they want.

4.) 13 Jan 2024 22:46:19
Can u be registered to three clubs in one season?

5.) 14 Jan 2024 00:18:05
You can be registered for 3, but can only play for two. So if he plays for a Liverpool then it’s not happening.

6.) 14 Jan 2024 01:26:06
Yes but you can’t play for 3 in one season. He hasn’t yet played for Liverpool this season as far as I’m aware. He was on the bench however.

7.) 14 Jan 2024 01:26:56
@carlukeloyal I’m a Carluke man myself.

8.) 14 Jan 2024 02:09:42
Orange tinted. You can't play for 3 clubs in 1 season. becks played for Dundee so far. If he plays for Liverpool then he staying at Liverpool but so far only played for 1 club.

9.) 14 Jan 2024 09:16:29
Good stuff Newquay. You still love here?



23 Jul 2023 19:32:58
Being reported now that a deal has been met for Danilo now, reported by Evening Times and the Record.


1.) 23 Jul 2023 20:31:25
Hope your correct tureblue.

2.) 23 Jul 2023 20:53:11
Dutch media reporting he's to get 39k a week. Would be our highest earner?

3.) 23 Jul 2023 21:36:03
Going to be some battle for the starting 11 this season - especially in the front 3 positions.

Sima, Lammers, Danilo, Dessers, Sakala, Matondo, Cantwell, Roofe, Hagi and Lawrence.

Hopefully see plenty of goals amongst that group.

4.) 23 Jul 2023 21:40:14
Also hearing this is now done.
No idea what the deal but I think it will be high weekly. ?.

5.) 23 Jul 2023 21:45:57
Paul86 I think Butland and Dessers, Roofe they’ll be others I’m not thinking off, are on good money but I think he would be the highest by a bit. Lol can see why he was so to come now. For this kind of outlay if true, he needs to be a hit.

Funny thing is Morelos was on big bucks to now he’s unemployed! Goes to show when your attitude stinks and you really unprofessionally put on quite a bit of weight nobody wants to touch u.

6.) 23 Jul 2023 21:46:28
The boy looks good we definitely need to shift a few now. Up front is heavy. On a plus note the squad looks strong a lot of the times last season the bench was very weak.

7.) 23 Jul 2023 21:54:18
I'm sure Goldson is on similar wages to that mate.

8.) 23 Jul 2023 22:13:44

There are 4 attacking positions in the 4-2-4 we seem to play

Number 10
Lammers, Cantwell, Hagi and Lawrence

Wide left
Cantwell, Sakala, Sima, Hagi, Lammers and Lawrence

Wide right
Cantwell. Sakala, Sima, Hagi, Lammers and Lawrence

Number 9 (lone striker)
Dessers, Danilo, and Roofe

6 different players for the 3 attacking roles behind the striker. That’s perfect for me.

3 strikers for the 1 or sometimes 2 up front striker option if we ever change to a 4-4-2 diamond which Beale has said he likes and we saw it during the end of the game versus Hamburg on Saturday.

It’s perfect numbers for me.

Could go into the number 8 roles too. Hagi, Lawrence and Cantwell can all deputise in there too along with Cifuentes, Raskin, Jack and Lundstrum.

With Cifuentes, Raskin, Jack and Lundstrum also very capable to sit in the holding role.

With the league, cup and Europe we will hopefully be fighting on 4 fronts for the majority of the season and we will need these numbers due to injuries, suspensions and with tired legs.

Looking awesome if you ask me.

9.) 23 Jul 2023 22:31:09
Think you can omit Matondo from that list EHL.

10.) 23 jul 2023 23:21:29
mr ranger, there's a fundamemtal issue with morelos, apart from the lack of professionalism, and lazyness, and lack of respect

and that is that he's not all that good a footballer, he has little actual skill.

possibly one of the worst strikers of a ball I've witnessed, brings strength occasionally, but he peaked at rangers and won very little, . i would be amazed if we hear of him much again, this top european scorer means absolutely nothing, there's rangers players, and strikers who aren't top european scorers who have bagsful of medals and caps
top euro scorer doesn't put him in the same stratosphere as coisty
stein, forrest, hately, and many more. it means he scored a lot of goals, often against minnows. but won nothing. thus why, he will get a club, but there's nobody chasing after him, nobody of note, he will sign for someone towards the end of the wiindow and dissappear. imo.

11.) 24 Jul 2023 00:50:00
Defo needs to be a hot as wage high other performers will start expecting same or more.

Looks a decent prospect though so have high hopes for our forward line this year.

12.) 24 Jul 2023 02:08:25
Goodness, I’d hate to hear what half of you would be saying about Alfie if he played for our rivals.
Give credit where credit is due, the guy ragged dolled the likes of Pepe, Hummels and so on. I can think of plenty of brilliantly struck finishes by him. Against Porto, Feyenoord, flick against Hearts, lost goes on.
Remember it wasn’t Morelos FC, just because the team didn’t win a lot of silverware can’t solely be blamed on one player.

Anyway, hope Danilo gets off to a flyer because o dread to think what some will start saying if he doesn’t.

13.) 24 Jul 2023 02:18:55
Porto, dortmund etc minnows?

14.) 24 jul 2023 05:04:13
nobody blamed it on one guy

just an honest assessment of a player, nothing more.

15.) 24 Jul 2023 05:11:45
Fair enough picking on Alfredo faults that's fine but some fans forget quickly the wonderful m9ments he's gave us, let's have a wee numbers game add dd up how many great moments he gave us and subtract how many bad moments he gave us, I'm pretty sure the good will far outweigh the bad, could throw taverner and Goldson in that mix too, why don't we focus on our players strengths more than on the negatives, all time European goalscorer and some fans still give him dogs abuse unbelievable, I for one will remember Alfies great memories more than the bad, wish him all the very best.

16.) 24 jul 2023 05:38:04
i havnt forgotten mate, i loved the boy, then i changed my mind, something i can't remember doing since alfie conn.

btw i'm not alone, my entire club feels almost the same, he peaked and got too big for his limited talent, that's all, i wish him well, but not anywhere close to our finest players, imo.

17.) 24 Jul 2023 06:42:34
There are plenty of fans who would disagree with you Tomthumb so I think your 'entire club' claim is a bit extreme regarding Morelos.

18.) 24 Jul 2023 07:20:09
Kinghenry55 MB has said ahead of both preseason friendlies that we are lining up with 2 strikers with 1 sitting behind.

So 4-3-1-2 or 3-4-1-2.

Not that I'm a fan of either.

19.) 24 Jul 2023 07:35:33
At the end of the day if your going to down tools at our club, your memory will be tarnished, simple as that.
Good riddance.
Morelos will disappear like a lot before him.

20.) 24 Jul 2023 07:50:12
Essential now we get rid of ofna few players this week. Squad badly needs trimmed.

21.) 24 Jul 2023 07:57:51
In terms of Alfie @ Tomthumb -I was only talking about his last season, I just merely mentioned that he was unprofessional and put on weight and suffers now because he doesn’t have the options that he should have ……. all facts.

I completely disagree with Tomthumb I don’t think you score that amount of goals if you have little skill as he puts it, and definitely don’t agree that he’s a bad striker of the ball, all I would say go and look at his goal home against Porto fantastic finish, and even the one away he took with amazing confidence. And Porto aren’t minnows. He scored loads like those 2.

All I was saying it’s amazing how you go from the world at your feet too not having anyone looking to sign you.

And hopefully everyone doesn’t jump on Danilo’s back too quickly as he’s coming to a completely different country and needs time like everyone. I don’t even know if he even speaks English. I remember Ridvan didn’t speak English when he came from Turkey and look how long it took for him to settle. I suspect a couple goals will help him adjust. And I don’t know if I’d be risking him on plastic pitches either.

If reports are right and he signs then- all I want is cifuentes and a defender and sort out what’s happening with BB. Then just focus on getting rid of Matondo ect! Trim the fat off because it would be nice to have a squad that everyone has a chance in it keeping the morale high. Right now there’s players I can’t see playing much.

22.) 24 Jul 2023 08:27:34
Personally think paying out around £6m and giving a guy £39k is mental… it seems a massive outlay for our club… financial fair play already hanging over us… will definitely need to get players out the door to balance this out.

23.) 24 Jul 2023 08:34:14
European record scorer doesn’t mean nothing and no one has said he is better than the strikers you have mentioned either but it’s in the record books whether you like it or not.

24.) 24 Jul 2023 09:09:51
EHL Dessers also said in a presser it's not so much about formations. It's about the idea of how we want to play. Football isn't as rigid as it once was. It's no longer we are playing this formation so we won't have X, Y and Z, for example 4312 would insinuate a lack of width. In the 4312 certain players will have freedom such as Lammers and Cantwell, where as Raskin as a defensive mid would be more disciplined in protecting the back 4.

I expect once this team gels we'll be playing exciting free flowing football with goals in it. My only concern is the back 4 at this time. Souttar is, in my opinion, our best defender but injury prone, Davies I get the fear every time he has the ball and we all know about Tavs defensive frailties.

25.) 24 Jul 2023 10:16:09
and how do you know that Alfie doesn't have a couple offers on the table that he is taking his time deciding on. i don't know if he has or not but we don't know for sure. i believe Alfie will be ok at the end of this window.

26.) 24 Jul 2023 11:57:15
Because it’s widely reported he doesn’t Geesadodothat! Coming from him too.

27.) 24 Jul 2023 14:21:28

yeah definitely an option but I was at the Newcastle and Hamburg game and only so two up top once when we had roofe and Dessers on. I think it’s just an option.

28.) 24 Jul 2023 14:49:00
One or two forwards on the books right now may have you thinking along the lines of banjo and bisons arse kinda thing.

29.) 24 Jul 2023 15:16:12
Tom, Alfie Conn great player but not half as good as he thought he was.

30.) 24 Jul 2023 15:49:43
Morelos will get something in Mexico, failing that he could buy a franchise from Texaco .

Bankie, if Alfie Conn was playing at the likes of Falkirk on a wet December night he would hide.

31.) 24 jul 2023 17:08:08
he was very good banking my friend, i hated him after that move.

32.) 24 Jul 2023 17:24:47
With the players signed or on pre-contracts we will have a number of players that can play box to box, play as strikers and can contribute both defensively and going forward.

We also have two solid attacking full backs and with Cifu, (when he arrives), and Raskin, we have two very strong midfield players that can support the defence and make forward runs.

One thing is for sure, certainly in Scotland, the teams that we are up against should be spending most of their time trying to stop our attacks for us to be concerned at how we defend against them if our squad is as good on the field as they are on paper!

33.) 24 Jul 2023 17:34:46
Hated Conn after his defection Tom. Unforgivable. One of my favourite players before that.

34.) 24 jul 2023 20:25:40
me too seeker, took me a few months to get over the betrayal because i knew at the time rangers wanted him back.

35.) 25 Jul 2023 00:28:23

Would've thought Alfie new contract somewhere big news and media silence deafening.

36.) 25 Jul 2023 12:01:00
Hint-Stop reading/ clicking on the Daily Record and Evening Times. Keith Jackson said the Danilo deal was dead last week (as pointed out by 4 lads) .




Trueblue26's banter posts with other poster's replies to Trueblue26's banter posts


16 Jun 2024 11:02:03
One last thing on Stevie Clarke and Scotland, a lot has been said about how poor the midfield was, and no denying that the German players ran off our midfield far too easily.
But I don't know how many times when we did win the ball back we lumped it up the park aimlessly for our lone striker then the ball kept coming back, we were set up to bypass the midfield, no point in playing the likes of MaGregor and Gilmour if the manager chooses to play that way.


1.) 16 Jun 2024 13:16:06
Trueblue I don't think we were set up to lump the ball up to Adams, it was the German press that was making us do that, there press was absolutely brilliant mate. The only other team I've seen in person with a press as good as that was Liverpool at ibrox. If we had dykes in the team that would maybe be our game plan, but not with Adams. Sometimes you can't play (or don't get to play) your game plan, simply because the opposition are so much better.

2.) 16 Jun 2024 14:27:32
Nobody was coming short to take responsibility,
Top teams are always going to have a good press.
No doubting they played well Boy Blue but we were set up all wrong, had the full backs pushing up and both wide centre half’s didn’t want to split so it left huge gaps wide, sat far too deep also so when they pressed and one it back it was always close to goal.
One thing for sure he will need to change it for next game.

3.) 16 Jun 2024 14:40:37
Don't think Clarke will change anything for Switzerland. The man oozed arrogance in his post match interview.

4.) 16 Jun 2024 15:35:43
I want england to win cup cause i knowscotland have nae chance.

5.) 16 Jun 2024 16:41:50
Trueblue, totally agree he got it wrong mate. I'm not exactly sure what the tactics were, just honestly don't think it was to go long to Adams. We all agree he isn't the best manager, but certainly don't think he's daft.
I Think he will change it tb, gilmour will come in, he's got to imo, we will see a little more of the ball hopefully. Hopefully he doesn't play with a back 3 this time, have a feeling he might though play for a draw then go for it against hungry. What's your thoughts,

6.) 16 Jun 2024 16:52:00
I hope England get pumped left right and centre and am part English.
Wanting England to win anything if you are Scottish is the same as what Celtic to win IMO.

7.) 16 Jun 2024 19:36:45
Don’t know Boy Blue, he likes to be cautious with a five at the back, in theory that’s so we are not exposed, the better teams will play thru that, if he’s going to go with a five then has to play the back line further forward, Would take Christie out, MaGinn could play that advanced role, Ralston and Henry out their depth, but we will see what he goes for, if they play Gilmour it’s vital that he gets on the ball and we must keep it in order to get players advanced.

8.) 16 Jun 2024 19:37:32
Storm, Scottish and definitely follow England. Hope they win if Scotland don’t.

9.) 16 Jun 2024 20:15:10
He definitely likes to be cautious tb, agree re ralston he's one of these guys that will give you 110% but not much ability to go with it.



03 Jun 2024 20:11:33
See big Katic playing for Bosnia against England.
Just me that thought he was Croatian ??.


1.) 03 Jun 2024 20:54:49
He is, however he has switched to Bosnia via family connections as he wasn’t likely to get called up by Croatia.

2.) 03 Jun 2024 21:26:56
I honestly thought he was Croatian too.

3.) 03 Jun 2024 21:38:09
Although Bosnian by birth, He has played senior football for first Croatia and now switched to Bosnia.

4.) 03 Jun 2024 22:14:47
That explains it Gers!
Well done ?.

5.) 04 Jun 2024 09:05:25
Was confused with that aswell true blue.



19 May 2024 09:25:53
Not everyone's cup of tea but was watching Rangers review last week after the aftermath of old firm game, one suggestion was that Sterling should be deployed to man mark MaGregor, I was thinking about that and have no doubt he would be able to shut him down and deny him space and has the legs to do that role, let's be honest in all the old firm games this season we haven't been able to stop him, part of the issue is we aren't keeping the ball long enough, back to the Sterling suggestion how do we think he would do on the ball as the most advanced midfielder if he was man marking.
Interested to read the fans thoughts on this.
And on another note do we believe that it would be something that the manager would try, I'm not sure on that one, but personally I would go for that and put McCausland wide right. Options are limited on the right but rather a forward thinking player there than a holding player as we need to be positive, or Sima there.


1.) 19 May 2024 09:56:12
Trueblue correct - It has been said many times on here by many people that our midfield MUST shut down supply to upfront when we play them - to this day this has not happened whether by our tactics or the inability to carry out a gameplan by the average players playing in those positions. Stevie Wonder could see that ORiley and McGregor have had the run of Parkhead and Ibrox too in recent games - TBH our intensity has never matched theirs and only Hearts game in Edinburgh comes to mind when we pressed all over the park for nearly the entire match - this trait is what can help sway the tightest of games yet we never do it week in week out - Celtic did this vs Killie in last game and blew them away in first 20 mins - it just seems so simple but yet so difficult for us to do- gut feeling is we need the right type of player to utilise this skill and at present we are severely lacking in that department.

2.) 19 May 2024 10:31:02
There’s no need for PC to continue to play our best right back at right wing, it’s torture and needs to stop. If he does play Tav next week (this gives me nothing but absolute fear) and Sterling is fit then this is exactly that I would do.

To be clear though, I’d prefer Tav dropped and a fit Sterling at right back.

3.) 19 May 2024 14:17:18
Think we need to get away from the holding type midfielders we’ve used two holding midfielders in Scotland for years now and got nowhere with it need more positive players no Sid ego side take ball of defender and do exactly what defender would do type players

Need players to drive out with ball not crab side to side rubbish or long ball.

4.) 19 May 2024 15:01:51
Whilst I agree Sterling on McGregor would work in theory, the reason I’m against it is that we are not close enough together against them.
They seem to have a teammate 5 yards away but we end up running to their players to press but they bypass us easily because we are never compact enough to hurt them.
We play too wide even without the ball and that means we expel far too much energy and give up too much space trying to press. They make it look easy when they do it to us.

5.) 19 May 2024 16:49:14
I agree Bathgate bear and to match them we have to invert both tav and yilmaz to create an overload at times ? They do it to great effect and we have to go like for like in the cup final on saturday ? We have to squeeze the space to make it extremely difficult for them ? Over to you philippe clement and the rangers players he chooses to play against them ? They're far from unbeatable, of that there's no doubt imo ?.

6.) 19 May 2024 17:03:30
Bathgate, that's why playing 4-3-2-1 against them could work - this would have the players close to one another, would allow someone to push up
On McGregor and provide better support to the striker. It means sacrificing the wide men to an extent but, let's face it, our ride men aren't very good anyway.



11 May 2024 15:28:07
The game just sums up where we are lacking, in key areas just not enough quality,
Silva had a decent game but got to score that header in first half, it's moments like that in these games that we never capatilise on.
Lose a goal then criminally lose another one right after, that's so poor.
They are much slicker going forward but they leave huge gaps wide especially first half but we never looked as if we had enough belief to make them pay.
Injuries have played a part aswell.
We can't seem to keep them out first half and if we did then the game is there for the taking.
No excuses but you expect very little from the ref when u go there and we got less than that.
Got to keep faith with the manager though and let's see what he brings in the summer, Honestly think the final will be much the same but as always hope it's not.


1.) 11 May 2024 22:16:38
Fed up all this crying ABT injuries. sometimes you have to go through the pain barrier.



19 Apr 2024 19:53:11
This is my take on transfers based on what the manager has said in recent past, the club is looking to get back to a player trading model that didn't happen under Beales reign for whatever reason, in January we brought in three young players two of which will cost us I think around 4 or 5 million each, they are players with potential at a young age and after two or three years can the club make them better players, improve the team and sell on for a profit. This will be the aim with a striker as well, that in itself will rule out going for the likes of Shankland (if he is a target) unless he was a small fee or out of contract, striker, centre half's probably will be where the main budget is spent.
Would expect to see the continent being targeted for out of contract players as more scope there.
The turnaround in players will depend on who we can move on or who leaves.
I know in the past we have targeted young Scottish and British talent and I'm sure we will continue to do that if the manager wants them and they suit the model.


1.) 19 Apr 2024 20:37:33
Sensible post trueblue ?.

2.) 19 apr 2024 21:05:04
someone somewhere seems to be forgetting to win the league before buying up young talent fir future sales

we could lose next 5 titles while buying young players, , we must win before we start this, we seem to have forgotten about that at rangers, its beyond ridiculous we have somehow threw another title away, and it looks very much like we have now,

talk of buying youngsters fir future sakes is great, if you just won the league.

3.) 19 Apr 2024 21:45:40
Tom are you expecting us to buy tried and tested senior pros? That ain't gona happen mate. We need to buy young, improve them, hopefully sell them at a profit.

4.) 19 Apr 2024 21:50:15
Tt football is a business. Would you like us to win 56,57,58,59,60 then go back to 2012 again. we don't have a magic wand. trying to get a player trading model whilst winning the league is hard. in my opinion live within our means and grow and hopefully in the future we can propery expand with our team.

5.) 19 apr 2024 22:32:07
jesus, thanks fir that advice david, i never knew football is a business

heres a business tip for you, you need to grow from a position of strength, we cannot afford to buy young foriegn talent without cash coming in, that cash must come from cl or europa, that means the league is the uppermost thing

to win a league title you need a combination of experience and youth, with the emphasis on experience. , then when your flush, and in a position of power can you reach out to more youth and more experience, so you can continue to be strong while trading in the world market, i only played for 25 years and only in business for 40 so maybe i'm completely wrong, but ta fir letting me know,
celtic will be doing exactly what I've just said, and they win titles doing exactly that,

6.) 19 apr 2024 22:33:09
blue, if we only do what your saying

be prepared fir your next 10 years of total domination,

7.) 19 apr 2024 22:54:06
davie, i'm struggling to understand any of that

your actually asking me if i would like to win 56,57,58 and 60 titles

then suggesting somehow we would go back to 2012,, highly unlikely mate innit?

so yes, i would love ti win those titles,

8.) 19 apr 2024 22:55:53
tell me, how do we manage to go back to 2012, after picking up over 200million in cl money and selling all thise youngsters we bought, not very well thought out that argument davie, your better than that.

9.) 20 apr 2024 00:08:38
yes blue, that's exactly what i expect, this is rangers, not albion ricers, so yes i do expect us to buy experienced players, very much so, do you expect us not too?

10.) 20 Apr 2024 07:45:01
yiu either need to be good or lucky
look at the other sode jota 25 mill
frimpong look like they get a nice wee bonus but they have no desire to
be anything other than domestic champs wchich sadly doesn't take much.

11.) 20 apr 2024 10:17:55
alologies for the endlessrants, morphine n wine, great combo but not for the mind.




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13 Jul 2024 11:30:55
Agree with that Mark.
I’m hoping in the coming weeks we will still bring in five or six first team players to fill the positions needed, Defence, right wing, midfield and striker.
Also couple of the new boys look like long term prospects so more quality needed.
Would say nearly everyone on here would agree if we don’t add in those areas then we will end up 2nd again.
Maybe we are trying to move on players first, that for me is worrying if that’s true as the budget is not what we expected.
Will see how it plays out in the coming weeks although important games are looming and new players will also need time to bed in.




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07 Jul 2024 17:11:56
Would say that’s a pretty good opinion regarding Wright Tom.




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26 May 2024 12:27:51
Well done Copland, good info.
Let’s see what awaits.
What’s your info regarding Sima?




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25 May 2024 11:57:18
I’ve heard that he is more likely to go to them.
Miovski that is.




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24 May 2024 22:39:32
CO2 don’t think we have tried a back five and not sure a weeks preparation for an old firm final is the time to try it,
Also need the right personnel to play that system.





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13 Jul 2024 17:25:34
Answer me this then Kanga if it’s all about going forward for full backs then why has the likes of Trent Alexander not featured as much for his club and country at right back? Because he has been targeted as a weak link defensively and teams know they can get joy down that side, sound familiar, and Tav ain’t on the same level as Alexander.
Got to be able to do both going forward and defending, so strongly disagree.
In the past we had full backs that were good going forward like Steven’s, Robertson and best of all Numan, but all could do a job defensively as well.




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13 Jul 2024 15:37:58
Romano reporting we tried to get him on loan with Sevilla paying some of his wages, claims are not going to happen.




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10 Jul 2024 23:39:16
Strange why you don’t like Rodri?
Any particular reason.
He’s probably the best in the world at that midfield role.




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07 Jul 2024 17:49:38
My personal choice is Miovski, not sure if we are interested and there is interest from other clubs, no doubt Aberdeen will try to get as much as they can for their top asset and that’s understandable, he’s proven he can score goals up here and is a tidy finisher, with a bigger club he will get better.
If we are going for a striker for around 6 I would test Aberdeens resolve.




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03 Jul 2024 16:25:16
We might get a decent fee for him, we would have heard by now if we were taking him back. I was never a great fan of Hagi even before he got the injury.




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