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07 Apr 2017 00:29:59
Been speaking to a guy at work who was in school with Barry mackay and he's telling me that he doesn't like them new training regime and moaning because there in on Wednesday training. My feelings are if you ain't happy training for the team you play for leave he's been rubbish all season. I hope he does go we don't need that at rangers and from the position we are in and the money they make its shocking there's better players for cheaper.


1.) 07 Apr 2017 08:35:05
It's amazing how many people on here know a pal of a pal of a cousin.

What i'm hearing is a new manager has just came in, he has inherited a team that is absolute DROSS.

2.) 07 Apr 2017 08:35:07
Okeydokey then

3.) 07 Apr 2017 09:49:31
See if McKay isn't happy, or any other player then they should head for one place and that's the exist. They have been nowhere near good enough this year to start pissing and moaning about training methods and days off. If they aren't prepared to put the work in and make themselves better players then "see ye later" is what I say.

There are plenty of fans already prepared to start questioning the manager, he's been in charge of 3 games. working with a squad he's inherited that we all know has been desperately put together. We've not had a consistent starting 11 since the first day of the season, reason being we don't have the right options. Far too many similar players who, if we're honest, aren't good enough to be earning the money they are or good enough to take the club where it should be.

Let the manager try and change things around without jumping on the "he's clueless" bandwagon and listening to hear say about players not being happy. There's a lot of work to be done and hopefully he's given money to spend because it's needed but to be spinning rumours of unhappy players and trying to put across a message that people don't have faith in the manager after this length of time is laughable.

4.) 07 Apr 2017 11:45:06
I don't doubt that. I say let him go: far too inconsistent and lacks the ability to get his head down when the going gets tough.

5.) 07 Apr 2017 13:11:15
How ridiculous. Mckay is not the finished article nut i think most fans would agree he has been one of our best players and one of the few most fans want to stay. If mckay had came out and said that i would have concerns but he didn't so it doesn't matter. In other words you or your colleague are full of shite

6.) 07 Apr 2017 13:35:54
Weather the above post is true or not i could actually believe that about Mckay as sometimes he looks as if he'd rather be anywhere else other than the pitch at times. i think to many players just like the idea of playing for Rangers but don't actually know what ther representing in the ways guys like durrant, mccall, fergie, amo etc did

7.) 07 Apr 2017 15:09:19
I'm only passing on what he told me shoot me down all you want and disagree with it but that's what I was told it's funny how footballers can't have friends with non footballers and went too a only footballers school tho

8.) 07 Apr 2017 15:15:27
He can go too. no final ball or final pass inconsistent to say the least and now he is unhappy he has to train harder. why do you think that is because they have had it all too easy for years.

rangers holiday camp no more, now pedro has changed it they don't like it. well that's just tough, man up and earn your big pay check and show you want to play for rangers. this is why mccoist sent him out. he was giving it big licks and thinking he was messi. that's why they fell out.

time for a massive overhaul - dead wood out, winning mentality, hard work ethic in. and if that means most of the team goes, so be it. most of them are pish anyway. time to bed in the youth ready for next season, so when the clear out begins we have at least a few youth ready to challenge who comes in to keep them all on their toes.

9.) 07 Apr 2017 15:52:04
Allan it's all great knowing footballers, it's just hilarious how many on here have a connection through 8 pals, 2 cousins, a milkman, and a dog.

10.) 07 Apr 2017 16:17:27
Said it once an say it again wallce n mckay to stay the rest sell an start again fod too clumsy backpass tav off to forest hill well over it kiernan piss wilson piss haliday needs to stay on holiday holt can bolt forester can go camping waghorn will leave definitely miller getting on to killie bound ohallrn piss etc etc wallace ther no bettr left bk in the country an mckay 1 superb young talented footballer davie cooper in the making as for toral hyndman ther loanees so ther off anyway bring in ryan jack ali crawford young goalie rossbach fae odd calum paterson mould cummings etc etc

11.) 07 Apr 2017 20:44:27
Kaymer you talk some wash

12.) 07 Apr 2017 21:15:46
Only show I no what your saying all am doing is passing on what I was told. The point am trying to make it if u ain't happy playing for rangers training etc whatever they can leave in my eyes I want people like Kenny miller who gives 100% week in week out

13.) 07 Apr 2017 21:29:36
God i don't know what to make of that tbh. Mckay mentioned in the same sentence as Coop and Wallace the best LB in the country, i need a kip

14.) 07 Apr 2017 22:41:25
Kaymer, no malice or disrespect intended here mate! Anyone with half a football brain knows you can't get rid of practically every rangers player at the one time, you just can't make a cull like that and expect everything to fall into place! If any decent manager wants rid of a good few of his first team squad, he does it bit by bit and weens them out! Just look over the years at managers who've tried the full quick cull! It never works and football team building never works like that!

15.) 07 Apr 2017 23:11:37
Allan, I'm in the same position as you in terms of knowing one of his pals. I hear the same stuff all the time about him moaning and I generally get the impression he doesn't have the mentality to be a Rangers player or to play at the top level. Really hope he proves me wrong but I'm losing faith, fast.




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20 Dec 2018 16:04:41
I know I will get pellets for this but we are missing josh windass a bit he wasn't the best player but did score a few goals and at the moment we're struggling for goals. Last night I thought we were brilliant and hope we can play like that week in week out.


1.) 20 Dec 2018 16:07:05

2.) 20 Dec 2018 16:35:11
Not from me. Said in the summer I thought it was a mistake as we have no other midfielders who will get us 15 to 20 goals a season. Sometimes wasn't in games but his scoring record from midfield was excellent.

3.) 20 Dec 2018 16:55:19
No we are definitely not missing Windass!

4.) 20 Dec 2018 18:36:38
Probably the most misguided post of the season so far, excluding supercooper.

5.) 20 Dec 2018 19:25:59
Don't think it is lads. windass was a scapegoat for the fans, much like tav now. He would have banged one in last night.

6.) 20 Dec 2018 21:14:04
I only brought it up as we’re looking for goals from midfield and windass scored a lot of goals.

7.) 21 Dec 2018 00:23:38
I totally agree with windass chipping in goals from midfield it would have helped Alfredo. He could have played the no 10 role. He was a young guy but atleast he would have ran at defenders and not played constant side passes. I may be wrong and grezda may come good eventually but I would have rather had windass in the team than him at the moment.

8.) 21 Dec 2018 01:08:15
Bang on a more worthwhile luxury than grezda. Think it might be a regret in the future. Ability was undoubted.

9.) 21 Dec 2018 07:54:24
Windass traditionally struggled in the games where teams Sat deep and squeezed the space.

We need that no10 who can unlock those tight defences. It's the key signing and worth spending cash to get it right.

10.) 21 Dec 2018 08:55:09
for the money we got for Windass we should have kept him. Wasnt his biggest fan but the stats speak for themselves, the kid gave us goals

right now i'd settle for a midfielder who could bag in 1o-15 a season even if were posted missing for games.

11.) 21 Dec 2018 10:07:50
We miss windass? Lmao no we don't.

12.) 21 Dec 2018 14:13:14
Coldo people are moaning about goals from midfield windass scored plenty we do miss his goals that’s all I’m

13.) 21 Dec 2018 19:48:45
We don't miss windass, that's all I'm saying allan.



10 Dec 2018 17:27:22
Worrel is a disaster I hope he goes back to Forrest, we play as if we knock the ball back and across the field we will win games movement from players is bad 1st half yesterday was ok until Kent went off we need players to take on people and that can put a decent ball in the box we don't seem hungry enough I don't no what motavtion is need we could've been joint top but now we're behind again. 2 games in to december and we're struggling With harder games to come imo. I hate to see where we would be if we didn't have shagger.




04 Nov 2018 10:13:44
Hello bears
After watching tav the last few games he's been having a mare in my opinion delivery has been poor shooting etc would like to see Flanagan at right back to see what he's like because he gets caught out at left back all the time. Hope barisic is back soon.


1.) 04 Nov 2018 10:34:54
Biggest disappointment for me regarding tav is he doesn't lead players when the going gets tough. Saw yesterday him hanging his head and shrugging his shoulders. Really need a captain who's going to scream and shout and demand better.

2.) 04 Nov 2018 11:11:27
I genuinely think sell him to West Brom in January. Can probably get £6m plus for him that can be reinvested in the squad. Candeias can play right back no problem, he's no worse defensively that Tav and can put in a shift up and down the flank.

3.) 04 Nov 2018 11:42:36
I just don’t rate Flanagan. Am sure many will disagree. But I think he looks lost past the halfway line.

4.) 04 Nov 2018 12:01:37
Not overly impressed by Flannigan.

He looks slow and agree finty he is clueless going forward.

If we sell tav we would need a new right back and get Katic back in the team as well.

5.) 04 Nov 2018 12:11:26
Screaming and Shouting does NOT make you a leader.

6.) 04 Nov 2018 12:26:20
I agree with all comments above I don’t rate worrel either would rather katic playing with goldson.

7.) 04 Nov 2018 12:58:25
It's more than just the screaming and shouting . That at least shows that your passionate . Tav doesn't suit and your right shrugs his shoulders hangs his head . Not good enough in terms of attitude, he has to motivate those around him and encourage those who is confidence is low and guide the players on the park . He doesn't do any of that for me. Take the money and run in Jan.

8.) 04 Nov 2018 13:07:03
I think Goldson looks a better player with Katic beside him.

9.) 04 Nov 2018 13:31:35
As far as I can see, big connor goldson is a quality player playing beside both katic and worrall. The big man in my eyes is different class.

10.) 04 Nov 2018 13:47:11
Tav Goldson Katic and Barisic would be my first choice back four.
Lots of comments about Tav and admittedly he has momentarily had a loss of form.
If he was to leave in the transfer window which hopefully he doesn't but every player has a price.
Who would SG sign to replace him?

11.) 04 Nov 2018 13:48:55
Ive said before and will repeat this. Tav is a goid player and scored some important goals with equal assists, however for me he is not ready to be a Rangers captain. He has lost his way a bit, maybe because he's captain he automatically thinks he'll play every game. I would drop him, play Katic at left back and try Flanagan at his natural right back. Rangers might need to sell him, going by reports we're 14 million in the red!

12.) 04 Nov 2018 14:37:07
Definitely not a captain for me his last 3 have been poor only getting away with it because he’s taking penalties.

13.) 04 Nov 2018 14:00:37
Agree that tav shouldn’t be captain, good player but not a leader and a captain has to demand standards of players during a game and he doesn’t do that for me, also agree with Katic ahead of worrall, who would you guys suggest as captain, for me mcgregor.

14.) 04 Nov 2018 14:05:27
I would play flanagan at right back, said this at the start of the season. The ball doesn't stick up top. We need to have a rb and lb that defend first and keep it tight, not expose us. Flanagan rb and barasic lb. We need a creative midfielder and another st. Go 442. Before anyone says we haven't won when we go with two up top, that's because the balance of players have been wrong👍. Mcgregor, flanagan, goldson, katic, barasic, tav, jack, creative mid, kent, lafferty, morelos. When we play one up top, teams sit tight, we then play wide and fire aimless crosses in to no one🙃👍.

15.) 04 Nov 2018 15:00:51
Flanagan is a right back not a left back.

16.) 04 Nov 2018 15:30:45
Coldo, i agree with some of your points mate, but if you're saying that you want our right back and left back to defend first and foremost, then yes flanagan but barisic is the exact same as tav, on the left! He leaves gaps like tav, as he likes to go forward just like tav does, on the right! So if you're having a go at tav, surely to god, you have to say the exact same regarding barisic? I like modern day wingbacks that do go forward and as long as you can accommodate that, its fine by me. I like both tav and barisic and think both should be our right and left wingbacks!

17.) 04 Nov 2018 15:56:38
On the Flannigan debate he’s carrying an injury has been since arrived that’s from someone at club.

{Ed0333's Note - maybe

18.) 04 Nov 2018 17:10:11
Coops we don't play with wingbacks so I'm not sure why you always go on about them. We play with FULLBACKS who's first job is to defend, yes by all means get forward and get involved but you have to defend first and fore most playing fullbsck, tav is a weapon for us (except last couple) but teams are definately targeting him defensively.

19.) 04 Nov 2018 17:14:35
Did you read my post coop? Where am I having a go at tav? I have pushed tav up to rm and flanagan to rb its called playing to our strengths👍. Barasic is much better at defending than tav👍.

20.) 04 Nov 2018 17:18:01
If he is injured he shouldn't be playing, never mind playing him out of position as well. Katic at LB really 6ft 5 and you want to play him at LB, surely you would want him in the middle instead of worral. We should be using worral as cover for katic not the other way around. Katic is our player and at his age the more you play him the better he can become, we will not benefit from developing worral but we will benefit from katic and as far as I can see worral is not better than katic and I feel Goldson looks better next to katic. For me the problem this season has been the centre of the park, nobody has that killer pass in them, there is also nobody there to drive the ball forward from our box to the opposition box.

21.) 04 Nov 2018 18:08:21
Frustrated blue, i can assure you that both tav and barisic play like wingbacks, so i don't understand what you don't get about that pal!

22.) 04 Nov 2018 20:27:36
Aye they play like it, but there not, like I said we don't play with wingbacks. They are full backs in our system we play so there first job is to stop crosses and defend. Maybe if you stopped going on about how good a wingback he is you could notice we play 4 at the back = fullback,

23.) 05 Nov 2018 06:23:18
You don't need to teach me pal! I most certainly know we play 4 at the back, with our both full backs given licence, to get up and down the wings, which in my book makes them modern day wingbacks, because like you said, both tav and barisic play like wingbacks, debate over!

24.) 06 Nov 2018 20:24:50
6 m for tav is very optimistic. maybe 3.5.

25.) 06 Nov 2018 20:25:06
Tavernier is a far better player than Flanagan. Be careful what you wish for here, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. We are trying to improve in every transfer window and here we have fans who want to sell the best right back in Scotland.

To get a player better than him to come up here would cost a lot of money that needs spent on other areas of the team. I'm only glad it's Gerrard making these decisions and not a committee of fans, as we'd be bringing back McKay, Macleod, Windass, Waghorn and all the other duds we've suffered in the past. Foster for right back anyone?

26.) 06 Nov 2018 20:27:52
Love seeing posts about going 4-4-2 as of it's a more attacking formation than 4-3-3. Problem isn't the formation, it's the lack of quality at our disposal in the attacking positions. We dominate these games, that's what the structure brings.

People criticise Tav, but he's usually the only guy who's trying to penetrate. I hope Flanagan was injured v Killie, otherwise he just has no mobility. Tav is one of our best players, that's why he's played every game. He does need to give up on the corners though.

27.) 06 Nov 2018 20:32:34
Goalie, it was a £14m loss, even more in the red than that.

28.) 06 Nov 2018 21:07:04
Wingbacks fullbacks they are defenders first and foremost, Tav seems to think he is a midfielder and defends poorly in my opinion.



30 Sep 2018 14:44:57
Some of our fans are a disgrace hitting linesman with an object shocking.


1.) 30 Sep 2018 15:00:22
I'm know we get bad press sometimes when we don't deserve it but there are too many times when we do. I'm tired of being embarrassed by our fans.

2.) 30 Sep 2018 15:24:45
Fans! It was 1 imbecile fs.



13 Aug 2018 07:52:28
It's worrying me that Halliday is getting a game we need a lot better if we are going to challenge for the league he needs to go.


1.) 13 Aug 2018 08:17:15
And now you've said that, it worries me too. I was very trusting of our manager with all his experience, until I read your comments. Now I'm not so sure.

2.) 13 Aug 2018 08:24:54
Very worrying that this truly awful player is still at the club and worse still around the 1st team how are we going to catch them when players like Halliday are around.

3.) 13 Aug 2018 08:36:24
I’ve sent an email to Stevie G telling him to take heed AllanLewis.

Hopefully it’s a temporary aberration and he will see sense very quickly.

I would expect that you’ll receive a note of thanks from him very soon!

4.) 13 Aug 2018 08:47:13
I don't understand why people keep saying halliday is an awful player. He has played in shockingly bad rangers teams that would make anyone look bad but always give 100% and will play in any position asked for the team he loves. He a good squad player to have around the place and stevie g clearly rates his attitude or he wouldn't be there.

5.) 13 Aug 2018 08:58:19
halliday will only be used in emergencies, he will never start a game.

6.) 13 Aug 2018 09:17:56
True blue will start Thursday.

7.) 13 Aug 2018 09:25:16
Halliday is in the picture at present as dozza Jack and rossiter are unavailable.
As previous poster said he obviously has a good attitude and knows the club so a good guy to have around the place can fill in one or two positions if we manage through to groups and runs in cups it's a long hard season so going to need plenty rotation.

8.) 13 Aug 2018 09:28:58
Halliday is rank rotten and has been for years. Dk17 I’m sure Steve g will be taking time out his day to read your email ha ha. Kerto I would give 100% every game but doesn’t make him any good.

9.) 13 Aug 2018 11:01:33
Halliday will be left back on Thursday, unless Hodson plays.
I would rather have haliday myself.
Whoever Stevie G picks we must get right behind them.

10.) 13 Aug 2018 11:22:10
Halliday wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice I’m sure but he will probably start on Thursday due to Flanagan’s suspension and barasic cup tied. Will be a tough night ahead and I’m sure we will go defensive, hopefully Jack will be back as I think he has been outstanding this season after an average one last year IMO. I’d go Jack Coulibaly Arfield across the middle with Candeias back on the right and Middleton on the left however I feel SG will go with Kent off the left!

11.) 13 Aug 2018 12:48:01
Gerrard obviously trusts halliday to do a shift when called upon in various positions. I for one think it says a lot about hallidays character the fact he is willing to tough it out for us.




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21 Jul 2018 15:01:47
I’d rather lafferty back than any above mentioned.




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24 Dec 2017 20:28:57
Jetmayfair I couldn’t agree more




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24 Dec 2017 18:49:31
Keeping alves a guy the still plays for his national team who won the euros last year I go one ronnie9 tell us who u would have




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24 Dec 2017 15:10:50
Totally agree I would play cardoso and Alves before Bates
I think the game yesterday showed how bad we can play surely we can’t play worse than that. Who do u think will be in during transfer window




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26 Oct 2017 15:26:13
Pardew for me but would be happy with allardyce





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21 Dec 2018 14:13:14
Coldo people are moaning about goals from midfield windass scored plenty we do miss his goals that’s all I’m




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20 Dec 2018 21:14:04
I only brought it up as we’re looking for goals from midfield and windass scored a lot of goals.




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20 Dec 2018 16:07:05




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04 Dec 2018 16:23:41
I see what your saying but he never won the ball and got the man anywhere else on the park it’s a free kick all day long.




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04 Nov 2018 12:26:20
I agree with all comments above I don’t rate worrel either would rather katic playing with goldson.