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08 Dec 2023 18:53:08
I know it's been asked over and over after Santos were relegated.

But with the news Danillo is out for months, do we give morelos a shout? ?.


1.) 08 Dec 2023 19:10:06
I loved Alfredo but no I wouldn’t take him back even tho I think he is better than the strikers we have. He let himself go the last year.

2.) 08 Dec 2023 19:14:59
We would have been looking to sign a striker anyway in January but don`t think it will be Morelos.

3.) 08 Dec 2023 19:20:20
Or what about bringing Defoe out of retirement, he was better finisher than Alfie anyway.

4.) 08 Dec 2023 19:22:50
Enough man with this nonsense.

5.) 08 Dec 2023 19:22:53
Nope, will take him 6 months to get fit.

6.) 08 Dec 2023 19:30:02
So many questions over Morelos, is he currently match fit?, how long would it take him to get back to where he was in his first season and could he, and would the Management Team really want him given his previous track record with us.

7.) 08 Dec 2023 19:48:22
If Morelos is his fighting weight and fit and both parties were up for it, no reason why he couldn't come back. I would be up for it, too easy to sat let's move on. A fit buff would be gold.

8.) 08 Dec 2023 20:05:19
I was also a big fan of Alfie, but no, i wouldn't want him back now and hand on heart i don't think there's any chance at all that clement would even give him a thought ? That ship has well and truly sailed i'm afraid.

9.) 08 Dec 2023 20:08:34
He's injured.

10.) 08 Dec 2023 20:34:04
He was on the bench the other night boom.

11.) 08 Dec 2023 20:35:24
I said it would be hard replacing his quality as a cf and we never done it.

12.) 08 Dec 2023 20:50:02
So long Alfredo. You will never be at a bigger club than ours and I was a massive fan. We have moved on.

13.) 08 Dec 2023 23:18:05
Hes played 72 mins of football since he left us. That answers any questions. He will be playing in the polish 3rd division soon.

14.) 08 Dec 2023 23:53:02
My star he was quality the for 3 year mate then he regressed for the last 3 scoring 11 spl goals in each of the last 3 seasons surely that's not what's needed especially when kyogo scored 23 in spl last year, double what alf done last 3 seasons. We badly need 20+ striker, we have conceded 3 less than them but they have scored 8 more, people will come back at me and say that all positions should be chipping in with goals of course they should, but when you mix both together, goals from all over park and a 20+ striker, that wins you titles.

15.) 08 Dec 2023 23:55:20
Evens a fully fit firing Alfredo would blow up and cost us games with a red card, it’s a big NO.

16.) 09 Dec 2023 01:20:05
Still not replaced him boy blue.

17.) 09 Dec 2023 11:53:03
Boy blue has morelos ever been a 20 goal a season striker? League goals? Not sure he has?

18.) 09 Dec 2023 12:24:01
My star he hasn’t played tho for months as he has been injured that was his 1st game back.

19.) 09 Dec 2023 12:33:45
Storm so ain't injured like what was said.

20.) 09 Dec 2023 12:39:14
No Paul that's my whole point he never was and never will be 20+ striker. There main striker has scored more last season than alfs last 2 seasons put together and I'm sure is on half the wages alf was getting, we won 1 title in 6 year with alf leading the line, 3 goals against our biggest rivals in around 24 odd games, yet some want him back.
My star its only through mb inability to spot a player we haven't replaced him we spent near 12 million on 2 cf am sure you or i could have brought in better than dessers wouldn't be very hard. Imo colak was his replacement but he didn't fit "the system" he scored more in just over half a season than alf did last 3 seasons.

21.) 09 Dec 2023 13:03:20
I loved Morelos but his attitude at the end was all wrong need to send a clear message he didn't appreciate what rangers gave him.

Time to move on.

22.) 09 Dec 2023 13:12:38
You talking about Colak who is 3/ 4 choice in seria b boy blue, Morelos is levels up from that man.

23.) 09 Dec 2023 13:17:43
Morelos has been the best striker we've had for a long time, much better than Colak.



05 Oct 2023 16:56:45
Wee Davis first line up

Butland; Tavernier, Goldson, Davies, Barisic; Lundstram, Raskin; S Wright, Lammers, Sima; Dessers.


1.) 05 Oct 2023 17:11:51
Looking like a 4231.

2.) 05 Oct 2023 17:19:55
That's what I thought we would see. Glad just two middle men let's us get them matched up far higher more energy more fight and a good result c'mon the Gers.



30 Sep 2023 22:06:34
Is the season really over 7 games in or can we overturn it?

In my eyes this rangers team will be lucky to finish in top 4 with Michael beale in charge, he has no clue what he is doing and he was meant to be the brains behind Stevie g.

We haven't replaced the quality we lost in buff and dare I say it in Kent either.

Colak I would say was the 2nd best striker at Club after roofe when buff left.

Dessers again just isn't cutting it for a big lad he is scared to tackle go 50 50 he looks like he is scared of the ball.

Plenty of managers out there that are looking for work but realistically who can we call upon?

Big names out there aswell but we will never see them grace ibrox

Potter is a no go
Zidane wouldn't even entertain us
Antonio conte can't ever see it.

We need someone that can win, winning ugly is fine but we need a fighting spirit on the sidelines and someone to scare the players on the park when it's not going right.

We are papering over cracks against Livingston midweek.


1.) 30 Sep 2023 22:41:11
Colak wasn’t I wish people would stop going on about him he done nothing since Beale came in from November to may.

2.) 30 Sep 2023 22:49:19
Get a grip Andy, you’ve just named three top level managers.
Scottish football cannot attract that sort of name our game just doesn’t have the kudos. The red star manager could be a shout, has won and is a brave manager who might see us as a stepping stone to the premier league just like Ange.

3.) 30 Sep 2023 22:52:45
We were lucky it was Livingston because at least 3 or 4 of them 1/ 4 finalists would've knocked us out the league cup on Wednesday night.

4.) 30 Sep 2023 23:18:28

Think you missed my point after buff and roofe our best goal threat was colak, I would 100% have colak playing than dessers any day of the week.

Infact an overweight unfit buffalo would do more than dessers.

We have no real goal scoring threat in this team and we failed to. replace who we sent away.

5.) 30 Sep 2023 23:29:37
He was injured storm and only started 4 games after his injury as Morelos was back playing.

6.) 30 Sep 2023 23:37:40
Colak done nothing under Beale Storm, there is your answer.

7.) 01 Oct 2023 01:20:26
A 7 point gap can be overturned, and it has been overturned in the past.

8.) 01 Oct 2023 02:48:18
Not with the imposter that’s the manager at the moment.

9.) 01 Oct 2023 02:58:47
Colak was a great finisher Beale rated dessers over him let hagi go on loan when he knew cantwell was injured the list goes on the man has no clue how to be a manager.



30 Sep 2023 17:21:24
Beale absolutley has to go.

1st 10 mins we were decent, dessert should have finished but he's useless. sima unlucky with header.

Other than that we done nothing we need to get him out now.

Walking out ibrox full. of boos. could hear them to Helen street.


1.) 30 Sep 2023 17:49:44
We are a tactical shambles and Messrs doesn't look like a football player. Who scouted him?
Beale clearly did not give much thought to the positions that he need players for or we would have signed a wide midfield player for that righthand side and the fact that Wright is still getting a game is an insult to the fans that are paying good money to watch rubbish!

2.) 30 Sep 2023 18:00:53
Just a matter of when ??????.



24 Sep 2023 17:21:22
Just away from the game. my god we made hard work of that.

Wright complete waste of a Jersey today, lammers was decent I thought.

Those substitutes were bizarre. winger off put a defender on. why the he'll we playing 5 at the back at home against motherwell.


1.) 24 Sep 2023 17:31:52
Correct Andy, Scott wright is absolutely terrible along with a few others, would love to know who scouted dessers, where do we actually see this team going a will be surprised if we win this league cup with the other side not being in it.

2.) 24 Sep 2023 17:40:24
5Andy5. Because our manager Mr Beale is utterly clueless. Get him away from our club as soon as possible Beale out.

3.) 24 Sep 2023 17:41:34
We weren't we played 352. tqv and borna pushed right up. A blind man could see that. although we were beyond poor today. Cifuentes wasnt 2 weeks to play a pass.

4.) 24 Sep 2023 18:52:17
Scott Wright isn't good enough. The club would have sold him last summer but it didn’t happen. PNE and a club from Turkey where interested.

“ why the he'll we playing 5 at the back at home against motherwell. ” - The fans keep asking him to try it. So he did. Now you're lambasting him for it. He can’t win.

5.) 24 Sep 2023 18:59:50
Dreadful performance,

Paul I have one eye and that tactical change was dreadful

If dessers does not score no one else was.

6.) 24 Sep 2023 19:37:55
Scott wright and matondo would have been sold if anyone wanted them. Both start the match. To me, that's a full admission of a failed transfer window. They couldn't get near the team previously, yet here we are after a "rebuild" and both starting.
He didn't take long to revert back to winger.

Problem is we have lost Kent and Sakala and not replaced them. It's a shambles and I don't see it getting any better anytime soon, with or without Beale as manager. Who knows what the answer is? But it's a shambles.

7.) 24 Sep 2023 19:46:02
It was supposedly 3 at the back but let’s be honest it was 5 the majority of time, if the three centre backs cannot control a SPL team at IBROX then we better scrap it, very hard watch and Beale is lucky the defence protected their goal line or the league was over.

8.) 24 Sep 2023 19:46:19
Yes, it was dread full John, but Paul is correct, we were not playing a back 5, we were playing a back 3 to allow Borna and tav to push further up the field. Seen lots of people asking for that for weeks and now that MB has tried it, he's being lambasted for it. Fickle is the word that comes to mind.

9.) 24 Sep 2023 20:08:01
5 at the back.

10.) 24 Sep 2023 20:28:54
A 3 at the back only works when you have guys who are dominating everything in the air. Rangers don't have 3 CBs that can do that. Ben Davies is particularly weak in the air. Rangers have a real problem with team firing balls in our box generally. We should be nowhere near a 5 at the back formation. Why the fans have been obsessing about it for weeks is beyond me.




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20 Nov 2023 12:21:09
John Halsted is the name your looking for.

I read somewhere that he wanted to be more involved with the club than what he is doing now hence why rumours flying around that he wants to invest more into club.

With a portfolio worth around 7bn it can't hurt to see what he can offer?.





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08 Oct 2023 19:11:25
Keep an on the day aswell.

Me and my boy managed to get 2 tickets together for Aberdeen game at 12 o'clock that day so even though it looks like it will sell out its always best to just keep looking.

We manged 2 get 2 together in main stand.




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06 Oct 2023 23:47:42
If knutsen is another ronny deila then that's OK rooney done not so bad for himself in his 2 years. 2 leagues and a cup. more than we have won in 10 years.

But I think clement will be the man to take is forward just glad it ain't lampard.




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30 Sep 2023 23:18:28

Think you missed my point after buff and roofe our best goal threat was colak, I would 100% have colak playing than dessers any day of the week.

Infact an overweight unfit buffalo would do more than dessers.

We have no real goal scoring threat in this team and we failed to. replace who we sent away.




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