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24 Jul 2021 19:35:53
Was sent a message today that Edmundson is going. Seemingly permanent move down south but didn't say a club anyone heard anything?

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24 Jul 2021 20:12:52
Yes him and hastie supposed to be leaving. No idea where. Last week word was millwall.

24 Jul 2021 20:44:44
Bellshill, we need to start off loading some players. I thought Edmondson done well at Derby. Haven't heard any news that he's ofski.

24 Jul 2021 20:51:24
Nope expect Katic or Simpson out on loan now.

24 Jul 2021 23:14:02
Reported he's signed a three year deal does that mean it's a free?

24 Jul 2021 23:41:27
Hopefully Simpson out on loan. The guy's hardly had a chance but since making his debut in the cup he's done nothing but give me the fear. Hope he comes good but in the past when someones looked a bombscare from day 1, it doesn't seem to end well.

24 Jul 2021 21:35:45
Simpson out on loan. what have you been smoking?

25 Jul 2021 09:04:52
Simpson won’t be going out on loan.

25 Jul 2021 09:08:03
Don’t think Simpson will go out on loan. I think Katic will stay as well so that Rangers can monitor his comeback exactly how they want it with a possible transfer in December. 👍.

22 Jul 2021 18:24:22
Rumoured Rangers target Santiago Moreno appears to be MLS bound.

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23 jul 2021 12:08:37
not replying to any post individually but guys, do all your wives tell you what to post, do you all remember we are the champs and we welcome the chase 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

23 Jul 2021 12:25:00
Did your wife tell u too post tht speddie😂😂 we do certainly welcome the chase, it's a marathon not a sprint n our squad can be rotated, celtic look threadbare and are just about able to pick a first team. Unless they start bringing more plyers in quick esp a gk then 56 should be ours. Imagine 3 of celtics most influencial players got injured, i'd fear tbe worst if i was them. We have players tht can easily step in and still do a job. We welcome the chase, 55 and counting👌💙.

22 Jul 2021 16:21:17
Rumours online that West Ham believe they could get Kennedy for £2 million!

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22 Jul 2021 17:58:26
Think they could at that price
They obviously think he has something
maybe we should be giving him first team game lol.

22 Jul 2021 18:02:23
If they bid 2 million i feel rangers would take that offer all day long with big sell on fee.

22 Jul 2021 18:17:26
Thestig if he goes to West Ham he won’t be in their 1st team also he has been loaned to Dunfermline for rest of the season so won’t be in our 1st team.

22 Jul 2021 20:58:01
If Rangers get 2m for Kai Kennedy it's still absolutely a no risk signing for West Ham Kai is so far from making the first team at West Ham yer so young to be developed He will be a class act!

We'd have to be putting at least 20-30% moving on clause on his head!

22 Jul 2021 21:06:06
Thing is young players thrive off of knowing that their is time on their hands and that there is big money down south where these guys become more eager and hungry to succeed as a result!

It's a win win for Weat Ham and Rangers and also good for the Scotlabs national team if our players are playing at the best level possible

Thing is 2m then a 30% move on fee SAY he leaves West Ham for Everton for example for 30m

That's 2m plus 9m So 11m Is good business providing he was to make it

Then there is the development side where Rangers can get him game time and he can win some 1st team football for us

Either way we can make money on him as English teams can afford to pay big bucks regardless!

Personally I think he should knuckle down and try win a play in the squad and I reckon he can Kai is a real talent.

22 Jul 2021 22:38:50
For me you take a higher initial price, we need to stop throwing away good talent for tuppence! If West H offer £5m then yeh that plus 20/ 30 sell on. Otherwise bolt!

23 Jul 2021 01:51:13
GDog10 The thing is who are we to demand 5m for a player that has never made the ranks at Rangers? first team? Let's be realistic here

I get he's a real talent and he got in the UEFA young team. of the year! Still a million miles away from. from. being a Rangers regular just now

Then again the likes of Liverpool sell Rhian Brewster for 20m who made about 5 appearances for the club! To be able to fetch thst kind of fee is madness!

Look where Rhian is now He's mince!

23 Jul 2021 10:04:11
Cursory passing interest from West Ham, that’s all.

23 Jul 2021 11:19:40
Oh dear 5m for a player who has played about 2 dozen games in scottish championship. Not sure what to even say to that valuation reslly.

23 Jul 2021 11:25:44
I said a few days ago I feel £2m with a decent sell on and realistic sell on is 15% to 20% would be a good piece of business for club as he hasn’t proved anything other than he has good potential.
Then if he ends up being a player who goes for £10m plus in future we get another payday and if not we done well getting a cpl of million for player who is unproven.

24 Jul 2021 00:37:24
If a player goes to a premier league club and does well a good sell on fee could make the club more than an initial fee. I would always be looking for 20% sell on fee from anyone we sell to the English due to the prices being inflated down there. No brainer.

24 Jul 2021 11:08:00
If a PL club want him his value increases, that's really basic stuff. If a Div 3 cub are after him it doesnt. That is how it works so if WH want him you need to start talking about 5m with add ons as his value will instantly climb. They would not loose on 5m.

The sooner we send out the message that we do not sell cheap the better.

24 Jul 2021 20:48:59
West Ham don’t want Kennedy.

24 Jul 2021 21:08:13
Agreed if he even played 10 games in his first season he would prob be a 10-20 million pound player in the premier league any player they buy from Scotland will instantly double in value and then some.

22 Jul 2021 11:11:47
Chris Mueller USA international striker 24 signs a pre contract for a unnamed Scottish club. Seems very strange it's an unnamed club at the moment. i'm sure if it was another Scottish club then they would have broadcasted this news already. I did here rumours we were going to announce a signing before the real Madrid game.

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22 Jul 2021 12:08:19
From what I've read, many people believe he'll be joining Hibs, not a bad signing for them either.

22 Jul 2021 12:20:35
Hibs mate.

22 Jul 2021 12:20:55
Word is that it is Aberdeen.

22 Jul 2021 12:34:34
I know its rumours for whatever team and no concrete evidence on who's signed him. My point being if a team like hibs, Aberdeen or even Celtic at the moment have already signed a international striker which is a bit of a coup for the 3 if them then surely they would have announced it already to please there fans. the only team that might not announce it straight away is us and with that added to the rumour were announcing a new signing for the real Madrid game has got me slightly suspicious. I don't know anything about the boy but as a international with 2 goals in 2 games seems good on paper.

22 Jul 2021 12:37:42
Hibs reported to have signed, joining January.

22 Jul 2021 12:49:10
Ye troops just seeing it now that hibs have meant to have signed him. seems a bit of a coup for them.

22 Jul 2021 13:49:21
He wouldn’t be a big name signing for us .

Tho heard it’s Hibs or the sheep.

22 Jul 2021 13:56:12
They turned down 3 million in January from Oostende, so a good signing especially if hibs or Aberdeen on a free.

22 Jul 2021 15:02:02
Defo hibs.

22 Jul 2021 15:47:40
Hibs have announced signing.

22 Jul 2021 16:02:47
Hibs confirmed it.

22 Jul 2021 20:36:44
The boy Daryl dike he plays alongside at orlando city looks a bit of a player was on loan at barnsley lat year and scored 9 in 19.

23 Jul 2021 04:50:00
Sell Kia Kennedy for 30 million then with a 80% sell on, then we can sign Daryl Dike.

Simple as that.

23 Jul 2021 11:24:45
Bluebells R Blue, think you should get on here and apologise for your inappropriate language.

{Ed001's Note - there is no point, having checked through his previous posts, it is clear he has worn out his welcome on the site and his account is being deleted.}

23 Jul 2021 11:41:49
Another good move Ed. Thank u.

{Ed001's Note - my fault, I meant to delete his initial post not post it. I need to have a word with Ed33 about setting it so that any post with delete selected won't let you select another box as well by accident. I have done it a few times now on various sites where I have clicked two boxes by mistake.

On the other hand, I wouldn't have looked back at his posts without the mistake and seen it was not a one-off moment. So not all that bad in the end I guess.}

23 Jul 2021 11:56:56
Thanks Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - my mistake in the first place. Hopefully Ed33 will be able to help me out with that pretty quickly though.}

23 Jul 2021 13:36:33
Ed u do an excellent job no need to apologise.

{Ed001's Note - thank you John, but if you don't acknowledge your errors, how can you learn from them?}

24 Jul 2021 13:58:43
I get that Ed. My favourite saying used to be the man that never made a mistake was never born. U in my eyes do an excellent job.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate. I really appreciate that.}

21 Jul 2021 18:19:41
Evening guys. Just a wee update on Veerman from what I'm hearing. Is that Veerman is keen to sign for us. However the fee that's been decussed is dependent on us qualifying for the CL.

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21 Jul 2021 18:58:00
I very much doubt that his club will wait that long to see if we qaulify or not. If they get an offer that they like then I'm sure they will accept it then it's down to the player.

21 Jul 2021 19:05:16
Reports in the press say Rangers haven't even bid for him.

21 Jul 2021 22:07:11
2nd leg of play offs are 25th August, right at the end of the transfer window.

So whoever told ya was telling you porkies!

21 Jul 2021 23:41:06
Thing is no bid has gone over 4.5m yet So if Rangers can maybe tempt a signing by coming in with 5m and add ons They may have their man Personally, he is worth no more than 5m.

22 Jul 2021 10:22:55
Disagree all bluebells if he performed for us the way he did last season we would be demanding upwards of 10m same as we have all seen on here for aribo, hagi, Tav, goldson, kamara, barisic. The list goes on. This lad was one of the best performing CMs in Holland last season and is going to be a top class player. I think the 7 being quoted in the papers would be a steal and we could easily double that in a season or 2. Would be similar in effect to Kent.

22 Jul 2021 19:30:01
As I said the source I've spoken to stated that its Veerman himself that wants to work under SG. Rangers atm can't afford to meet his clubs valuation however this situation will change if we either sell some players or CL qualification.

Just seen today that the Italian club have no pulled out.

Picking up snippets, his current manager stating Veerman won't be moving in the near future. The Italian pulling out. All lead me to believe what he is saying is correct, but time will tell.

21 Jul 2021 14:30:42
West Ham back in for Kai Kennedy, rumoured to be £600k. Personally wouldn’t sell for that price would rather have him in the squad to bring on when comfortable or cup games. Can’t be worse than Jones and barker. Different story if they were to bed 2/ 3 million but won’t happen.

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21 Jul 2021 15:00:32
We have knocked back that amount already so would be daft to come in with the same offer.

21 Jul 2021 17:27:53
5 million or nothing, can u imagine if it was english player tht was named in young uefa team of year. I'm in no way saying he is worth tht but english clubs trying to take the mince while signing players like ben white for 50mil😳😳😳 goldston is a better defender n we could have thrown in kamara aswell at tht price, i'd keep morelos tho👌💙.

21 Jul 2021 17:47:56
Apparently 3rd bid is worth somewhere in the region of £1m. Have to agree that it would have to be £2-3m to get a deal doe as although he has potential that would be a welcome boost and could be the difference in signing boy from Herenveen.

21 Jul 2021 18:41:06
Broxi sorry buddy but goldson is no where near better than White.

21 Jul 2021 18:47:05
White proven in championship, goldston proven in europe, its all about opinions tho. let's see how he looks alongside tierney, am guessing tierney will make him look average at best👌💙.

21 Jul 2021 19:32:17
Goldson is nowhere near as good as Ben white not even close.

21 Jul 2021 19:33:27
Asathor, I'm with Broxxibear here

Goldson was also with Brighton and was immense before heart surgery and just a little older than Ben White

Ben White has justified nothing to be worth anywhere near 50m

Goldson is every bit as good as Ben White who is living on young potential as per

You just keep bigging up those average players

I'll tell the jokes mate 👍.

21 Jul 2021 22:23:49
White proven in premier league, was outstanding last year. Is going to be a top player.

21 Jul 2021 23:44:05
@Broxxi, Ben white is a premiership player and also an England international. Was in the England squad that made it to the Euro finals. Also his name is Goldson not Goldston.

22 Jul 2021 10:44:27
No offence to anyone but goldson has had 1 good season last season. The season before he was dire and majority of the fans wanted him gone as he made costly mistakes. The boy white has been in great form not sure 50million great but he is head and shoulders above goldson. He will be a first choice English international.

22 Jul 2021 23:23:56
100% correct was good last year with no crowd. Shirt was heavy on him previous years. The cup final when edouard came on he tried to empty him twice. First one the scored from the free kick second one Johnston missed a sitter. He was rash and not the finished article. I personally think helander and balogun help him. However last year he was immense. He grew into a gers player. Ben white isn’t worth 50 mill either but the BPL gets the coverage that attracts big money. Scotland sadly doesn’t.

23 Jul 2021 09:49:33
Yeah and many would have laughed if u said virgil van dyke would go on to be a 75mil signing for liverpool, simply because he played in scotland. Goldston and his fellow defenders just destroyed every goals conceded in every season vvd was at Celtic, not saying he is better thn vvd but just because goldston plays in scotland he should not be under estimated 👌💙.

20 Jul 2021 16:00:32
Katic linked with loan move to Spezia in Italy. Probably a good idea to get him back playing again. don't need 6 CBs.

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20 Jul 2021 17:36:31
I agree a loan but was hoping for a spl team so gers can keep an eye.

20 Jul 2021 17:39:26
I agree Davie. Croatia news outlet saying loan to buy if he proves fitness.

20 Jul 2021 18:01:16
Spezia couldn't afford to buy him as it stands Rangers will want at least 5m for him

When he starts playing and getting to where he was previously he'll be three times that.

20 Jul 2021 18:19:00
All blues just choked on my coffeee, 15 million.

20 Jul 2021 19:08:54
He’s worth £2m IMO after that injury. If he can fully recover and continue to improve the he could be worth £4m but never £15m in the short term anyway.

20 Jul 2021 19:43:07
All blues calm down mate.

DD do you think rangers don’t keep an eye on players that go on loan to other countries? Doesn’t matter where he goes rangers will keep a close eye on him.

20 Jul 2021 19:50:50
kJ I’m with DD on this original chat was Motherwell, easier to bring him in to see doctor, physio etc.

20 Jul 2021 21:07:52
Katic 15 million wow just wow.

20 Jul 2021 21:46:47
John I would rather they go abroad to a better league to be honest and we as a club will still keep and eye on him no matter where he is.

20 Jul 2021 21:54:55
I'm calm Give him a year and he does where he left off ie scoring against Celtic and all that he can easily reach 15m definitely 10m for sure don't be undervaluing our players

Oh and Johnny hope u our coffee is ok lol.

20 Jul 2021 22:04:27
To be honest I'd much rather he went on loan to Spezia than Motherwell. He'd play against much better players than he would in the SPL. Daviedouglas, we could keep just as close an eye on him in Italy as we could if he went to an SPL team. I don't want to loan him at all though. I think Katic is much better than Balogun and is also our sellable asset. Balogun because of age and length of contract is worth zero. If big Katic can get his injury cleared up and play the games that Balogun would then I think he would prove his worth. I see no benefit in keeping Balogun with Edmondson, Katic and Mayo available. Just my opinion. I know a lot of people like Balogun. that's fair enough. Just not for me guys.

20 Jul 2021 22:50:11
Kj a9 first if its spl then rmtheres a bigger review of his performances against teams we play so we can have an honest opinion how he will fair for rangers. Agreed any team he goes to I presume gers will look at but for utmost obvois reasons any player that's on loan with the country of origin there playing for is so much easier.

I want to see katic at a Motherwell for instance and absoloutly boss there defence or go to Italy where footballs completely diffrent style and he's got plenty time on the ball etc etc and looks good then comes back to Scotland and struggles with the intensity of our game.

20 Jul 2021 23:52:07
I think the Italian league would be perfect for him to enhance his game. I personally wouldn't put an option to buy in the deal. Think he was very inconsistent when playing but still a young CB that will get better with experience. I think should the loan go to plan he will return as our starting CB next season with Bologun and Goldson contracts expiring at the end of the season.

21 Jul 2021 08:04:01
Katic has never looked like a £15m player, and I don't think he ever will. That's only my opinion on the boy and I would love to be proved wrong. Whatever he does, good luck to him!

21 Jul 2021 13:41:00
Spezia have a two-season transfer ban. Don't know if that includes loans though.

21 Jul 2021 15:18:47
Good info RFC.

21 Jul 2021 15:33:10
Soezia banned for four windows, starting 2022 in the January.
Will need todo all their business this summer.
Very rich club who were recently taken over by American linked to one off our directors.

21 Jul 2021 19:34:00
DD you want him to go to mwell do you can see how he goes I want him to go to a better league so he can improve and IMO she would improve more in a better league than he would here with Mwell.

22 Jul 2021 01:00:39
Kj a9 if he's in the spl we can tell exactly how he's gona play within the spl so we know he can handle it again. he goes to somewhere like Italy or Spain the games not so fast and furious and you have a lot more time on the ball etc. big season for katic to prove his worth. I think an spl team is the only place for him if he does go on loan. once again strengthening teams against others but weakening them against us.

22 Jul 2021 05:14:23
Loan katic to the sheep bigger club than Motherwell also we can keep a really close eye on him plus the Italian league would give him far to much time on the ball unlike the SPL when he came back it would be like him starting all over again if he went to Italy.

22 Jul 2021 22:01:44
unbelievably negative comments in a week that Ajer has went for £13M. If Katic can learn to be a bit more patient in his defending and not lunge in as often then he has all the attributes to be a great defender.


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