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10 Dec 2023 14:07:40
Anyone know timelines for return of


Park Ranger



08 Dec 2023 16:53:59
If Danilo is out, who takes his place, Roofe? (Not match fit) Dessers. (poor) Lovelace (injured) Sima? Perhaps if matondo or wright can get fit.

Park Ranger

1.) 08 Dec 2023 17:31:33
Funny how after that game he is out for months.

2.) 08 Dec 2023 17:41:29
Danilo is definitely out mate and could be out much longer than lawrence ?It may now be that sima will now play through the middle with matondo going on to the left wing ?If roofe could just stay fit then i would have absolutely no doubt that he could replace danilo with ease ? We as a club most definitely have to get to the bottom of all these constant injuries our players are getting, it's incredible so it is ?.

3.) 08 Dec 2023 17:59:29
good call swso . Dundee at home coming at the right time to experiment before betis.

4.) 08 Dec 2023 18:00:08
Roofe staying fit? that's not happening! Ever.

5.) 08 Dec 2023 18:05:29
Agree Walter however Danilo injury has nothing to do with fitness etc.
a fractured eye. A twist following a tackle

It happens however it is compounded by amount of injury prone players we carry.

Our European squad is getting smaller by the day.

I don’t see anyone that can step up from b team.

6.) 08 Dec 2023 18:08:35
What about signing van veen? Is he out of contract?
Dessers is mince. We can't count on him.

7.) 08 Dec 2023 18:24:24
Where are Wright and Matondo in terms of getting on the park…? critical games before break .

8.) 08 Dec 2023 18:50:01
We need to look at moving Lawerance on. he's been with us around 18 months, mainly injured in that time. we've got to look at moving every one of these injury prone players on. enough is enough.

9.) 08 Dec 2023 19:00:58
John227, do you think clement will now try and sign shankland/ miovski in january or bring a striker in on loan ?.

10.) 08 Dec 2023 19:12:54
Correct mark he needs to go I don’t see what some see in him when he is fit anyway.

Danilo nothing but injuries since he came doesn’t matter if it’s due to fitness or not he is still injured.

11.) 08 Dec 2023 19:17:51
Van Veen is not out of contract, he has fallen out with the coach at Groningen and may be available but not until January and he would still cost a fee . I would prefer resigning Alfie to bringing him in.

12.) 08 Dec 2023 19:24:38
Windy what do you mean by that? If you watch the game again, you can see the point where he took the knock . He limped off at half time and obviously tried to give it ago second half before going off. You can criticise his ability but I`m sure he didn`t miss the chances intentionally and pretty sure he`s not faking a knee injury and getting an operation just to hide for a few months after missing a couple of sitters if that's what you are implying.

13.) 08 Dec 2023 19:34:32
Windy he was limping leaving the field.

14.) 08 Dec 2023 19:37:16
Could he not sign someone who isn’t from our league?

15.) 08 Dec 2023 19:41:05
IMO there have been two prime reasons for all of the injuries, in the first instance we have signed too many injury prone players with a terrible track record prior to us signing them, Roofe and Souttar being the two prime examples, and secondly, a lack of quality fitness coaches over the years.

It would be nice to think that Lawrence could get match fit, he does appear to have been unlucky with injuries since joining from Derby County. Hopefully we can use the winter shut down to get some of our injury players back, improve fitness levels and bring in a couple of new players.

16.) 08 Dec 2023 21:13:07
Walter, I absolutely hope not. He must have eye on better.

17.) 08 Dec 2023 22:38:48
Wee surprise, Roofe (end of contract looming), gets a run, stays fit? Scores goals, looks for an extension, as no one else will touch him with his injury record ( further injury hits in August 2024!)

18.) 09 Dec 2023 06:45:07
Absolutely no chance roofe stayi g beyond summer. Remember folk on here thinking his op he had cleared him of his injuries. Only for him to break toe nail following week and be out a couple months.

19.) 09 Dec 2023 12:25:38
Correct paul he has been a waste of a wage apart from one year.



24 Nov 2023 17:19:37
Team for tomorrow




Park Ranger

1.) 24 Nov 2023 18:39:13
We could be in bother with only one sub ?.

2.) 24 Nov 2023 18:50:51
Lawrence out cifuentes in and your good.

3.) 24 Nov 2023 19:54:24
Lawrence starts tomorrow, probably be Cantwell for McCausland.

4.) 24 Nov 2023 19:55:43
Cifuentes Lundstram
Cantwell Lawrence Sima

5.) 24 Nov 2023 20:08:28
I’d like to see Rice rather than Lawrence but expect that will be very close to the line up.

6.) 24 Nov 2023 20:46:05
Lawrence plays in our strongest 11.

7.) 24 Nov 2023 20:55:09
1 sub and playing tomorrow then the sheep on Sunday, boys will be knackered! Only joking, I do like that team.

8.) 24 Nov 2023 21:07:05
Hopefully it’s Cifus chance to get started.

9.) 24 Nov 2023 21:20:25
Cifuentes or Rice before Lawrence? I'll have some of what you guys are on. C'mon lads, you can't be serious here?

10.) 24 Nov 2023 21:53:00
Just in the position Roofe, we could play Lawrence at left centre back to get him in the starting 11, or in goals perhaps?

11.) 24 Nov 2023 22:08:44
Was that an attempt of sarcasm there, Dado? Poor attempt!

12.) 24 Nov 2023 23:46:18
Sorry but no way can 8 see cifuentes start for Clement has had very little game 5ime for some reason.

13.) 24 Nov 2023 23:55:22
Played in game and got booked, but played 90 minutes gofor, couldn't play in the next game.

14.) 25 Nov 2023 05:01:03
Would play dowell ahead of cifu.



25 Sep 2023 16:30:28
I see stadium expansion mentioned by Board
Did David Murray not have plans to put 3rd tier behind each goal?

We definitely need to match capacity of the east end san giro.

Park Ranger

1.) 25 Sep 2023 16:47:40
Might need to close a stand the way it’s going mate.

2.) 25 Sep 2023 17:06:43
Plenty of fans waiting for tickets cap tav.

3.) 25 Sep 2023 17:20:03
I Believe it was 3rd tear on the govan stand was it not?
I think there’s a lot of issues with adding things to ibrox due to listed building, problems with level of pitch etc.
not an easy job. Or cheap.

4.) 25 Sep 2023 17:44:09
Hope Del Boy Beale don’t get the contract ?.

5.) 25 Sep 2023 17:57:08
Nice one brum boy nice post … and this is an opinion and not vitriol …?

6.) 25 Sep 2023 18:36:50
I believe the plan is to remove the screens and put seats there. Which would look amazing.

The waiting list for tickets is massive we can fill it out no problem.

7.) 25 Sep 2023 18:43:49
Thinking small I'd be looking at total rebuild future proof stadium and size we should be putting money aside that can't be touched for this.

8.) 25 Sep 2023 18:44:19
100k stadium should be the aim.

9.) 25 Sep 2023 18:44:54
I know it's crazy and would take a long time to bring about bug it's what we should be aiming for.

10.) 25 Sep 2023 19:08:00
100k stadium we’re is the money coming from Goforbig you seem to post complete nonsense.

11.) 25 Sep 2023 19:19:45
Raskin mb we could start doing lottery. A few rollovers would be worth it.

12.) 25 Sep 2023 20:17:27
Well that post explains a lot gofor. yeah, we should sack Beale, demolish the stadium ( even though it’s listed it’s not breezeblock) and build a new 200,000 all seated stadium. the best in the world for the best fans in the world. Wow, imagine 200,000 boo boys.

Nation news, lammers coming on to try and justify the boo boys after a 1-0 win. it even sounded absurd when the news reader announces it. For me as a supporter of the club, I was embarrassed at the absurd concept. booing a team that won a game. Wow and people wonder why the football world are laughing at us. How privileged do we think we are?

13.) 25 Sep 2023 20:19:23
Verdant I like the idea of seats where the screens are, woul fb look very good mate.
We’d need to put new screens somewhere, though. Perhaps in the in-filled corners?

As long as we don’t tamper with the listed building rule in doing so, if we could put them in high and incorporate into existing look of stadium that could look good also. Basically creating tunnels? Would be nice.



21 Sep 2023 23:41:28
For me MOTM was Lunstrum followed by Davies.
thought Sima and Cifu were poor .
Great result, much better second half .

Park Ranger

1.) 21 Sep 2023 23:48:42
Lundstrum? Could have cost us 2 goals giving it away.

2.) 21 Sep 2023 23:57:14
He was poor his first touch was terrible at times.

3.) 21 Sep 2023 23:59:28
For me it’s between Tavernier and Barisic. I thought both our attacking full-backs were class tonight. Tavernier is corner resulted in the goal Hal though he won't get an assist this time ?) . Barisic rattled the bar with a free-kick. Both were up and down the park all night. They defended well, and they attacked well.

Lammers was outstanding when he came on. If he played the whole 90mins like that he would be MOTM by a mile. The big guy works so hard off the ball it’s unreal. If he can start finding the net we’ll have a real player on our hands.

4.) 22 Sep 2023 00:09:45
MOM has to be Butland, although Roofe and Borna and both centre backs were solid.

5.) 22 Sep 2023 00:15:46
Lammers has definitely earned a start at weekend.

6.) 22 Sep 2023 01:36:09
If lundstrum turned in ran with the ball like he did every game he'd play every match aye few bad touches but probably tired after actually putting a shift in for a change, cifu looked like he didn't even care the passing am lost for words a suppose it's hard for teams to defend when we don't no where the ball is going ? 3 points need better keep the team for a few games ovously injuries pace out on wings basic football.

7.) 22 Sep 2023 01:46:47
Not a surprise with Davies I was more surprised people wanted him moved on. Think there was an overreaction to his error in Celtic game.

8.) 22 Sep 2023 05:48:37
Lundstram nearly cost us 2 goals but other than that he was absolutely magnificent tonight, turned the game for us when he got going.

9.) 22 Sep 2023 06:01:10
Roofe or davies for me as motm last night ?Roofe is a a superb, very clever footballer ???.

10.) 22 Sep 2023 07:45:27
Davies and butland for me. Tav nearly cost us twice.

11.) 22 Sep 2023 08:06:30
I feel your pain guys ~ everyone wanted us to win, plenty not so secretly hoped that Beale would be out if we lost but we won and Beale showed his ability by changing it up.

2nd best option, can’t lay on Beale so let’s have a ween dig at the players we don’t and never will rate ~ Tav, Lundstrum, Sima and now the haters favourite Cifuentes. ?‍♂️

Keep them coming, always negative even after an excellent result?.

12.) 22 Sep 2023 08:34:28
What Lundstrum done last night is what we’ve been missing someone breaking lines driving from midfield committing defenders, He also worked very hard! Couple bad touches but overall he was very good!

13.) 22 Sep 2023 08:58:19
The win was key. That a few here think players can do more, shows we believe there is still another gear for most. Errors happen, breaks are good and bad.
Think we all agree what is needed now is to kick on, starting Sunday. What is most pleasing is that I think some players have more confidence and that means MB has more options when resting or switching players.
So keep winning, build the momentum, improve levels of confidence, keep everyone healthy and I genuinely feel we will find that extra gear required to elevate our play (front to back)

14.) 22 Sep 2023 09:51:35
As1974, lundstrum had his best game in a long time…. every player can be guilty of a slack pass or a bad touch…tav and matondo done exactly the same thing throughout the game.




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18 Oct 2023 14:31:05
Good appointment if we can get him, I think
Looks like he has good eye for talent….

Park Ranger



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06 Oct 2023 09:11:32
Shocking performance last night
Podcast by Edgar David is spot on… tav, goldson, barasic, Davies, lundstrum, laments, Dessers, all to be dropped .
only butland and sima got pass marks last night

Play Souter, balogan. Yilmaz sterling/ yfeco.
add in some youth and hope to get Cantwell, Danilo, Lawrence back soon.

Park Ranger




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08 Dec 2023 18:24:24
Where are Wright and Matondo in terms of getting on the park…? critical games before break .

Park Ranger



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01 Dec 2023 10:23:15
What’s the update on injured players and returning for betis and cup games…

Improvement needed or both lost….

Park Ranger



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22 Aug 2023 19:07:11

Park Ranger



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02 Aug 2023 20:42:59

Park Ranger



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14 May 2023 15:29:44
I’d also sell Hagi and get a winger… good list though.

Park Ranger



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