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21 Dec 2023 18:26:43
Looks like dowell didn't tell the manager he wants away in January. Someone posted previously that he wanted away . He doesn't.


1.) 21 Dec 2023 21:54:27
Being the only fit CM right now and with the club in last 16 in Europe and right back in title race even if he had wanted away previously I’d imagine his mind might have changed.

2.) 21 Dec 2023 22:07:29
Belblue?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ I never needed a jobby earlier but I dooooo now ?, just saying.

3.) 22 Dec 2023 08:12:04
I don't think it's the norm for players to announce they want away? Maybe I've missed something.
He wasnt getting a game b4 injuries, and probs won't when everyone fit. I'm sure his agent is working in his best interest. e.

4.) 22 Dec 2023 13:34:03
It is up to Dowell to take his chance and prove that he is the quality needed. Make it difficult to drop him is what we want, that way we have a number of players fighting for the jersey.



01 Jun 2023 08:21:34
Fabrizio romanio claiming Butland deal edging closer on twitter 30 minutes ago.


1.) 01 Jun 2023 09:12:06
Good news seems like a good keeper and McCrorie backing him up gives us 2 solid keepers for next season.

2.) 01 Jun 2023 12:33:59
I don’t think McCrorie will stay if he’s not going to get first-steam football. The lad is good enough to be playing first-steam football and pushing for the Scotland jersey. Brining in Butland blocks his route to the first-steam for another another 3 seasons.

3.) 01 Jun 2023 13:43:32
We made the mistake last year of promoting McLaughlin to number 1 after a few ok performances. That was a mistake.

Mccrorie ok as a number 2 but doesn’t fill me with confidence to start as our number 1. We should be going for as good a goal keeper as we can get and not another back up.

4.) 01 Jun 2023 13:47:49
Verdant i agree with you mate Butland is no way better than Mcrorie,
Mcgloughlin is better than Butland, some of our fans are getting all starry eyed about butland because he warms a bench at the mighty Man U, but butland hasn't had a sniff of a real game in years, bye bye Champions league chances if he is in goal. Surely Beale knows this.
we should be spending the GK funds on a decent GK 25-28.
Clubs clamouring for this guys services now he is a free agaent - Zero.

5.) 01 Jun 2023 15:25:16
Baz really 6 games 5 clean sheets

Yeah he's clearly doing crap eh! ?


I remember the same statements from people who are clueless about keepers when McGregor was breaking through.

6.) 01 Jun 2023 16:57:48
I didn’t say he was crap. I said I don’t think he wasnt good enough to be our number 1 next season. If he was so good why didn’t the expert goal keeping coach Colin Stewart have him ahead of either McGregor or mcglaughlin for most of the season? I’m sure he knows a bit more than you and also try and read peoples posts before replying with your usual nonsense.


7.) 01 Jun 2023 18:14:09
Laudrup butland is better than mcrorie? Of course he damn well is ? funniest statement AV saw on here lol people getting starry eyed I think your blind mate but just my opinion obviously lololol.

8.) 01 Jun 2023 19:08:37
Butland isn't better than McCrorie. I read some cack on here. laughable nonsense.

9.) 02 Jun 2023 08:51:01
Butland has played very little football over the past few years .



31 Jan 2022 08:05:01
Anyone know about the polish kid? 20 year old defender, any truth in it?


1.) 31 Jan 2022 08:16:17
Suppost to be doing medical today.

2.) 31 Jan 2022 08:48:12
hes followed rangers on instagram etc. deal to be done soon.

3.) 31 Jan 2022 10:11:05
Fabrizio Romano tweeted about Ramsey so must be some truth in it.

4.) 31 Jan 2022 11:26:13
Belblu this could be done deal, 500k.
Saying we r his preferred option, spurs Watford Napoli were in the frame allegedly.

5.) 31 Jan 2022 12:38:46
Dog, I can't believe that you are saying he is not what we need. The guy is world class! For me this is a massive signing, even on loan. His presence should motivate those playing alongside him!



29 Jan 2022 19:55:13
Hastie away to linfield . Loan.


1.) 29 Jan 2022 20:02:53
Was just gona post this 😂 the boy has no chance with us this was a strange signing.

2.) 30 Jan 2022 10:11:28
Theres been quite a few of them over the last 3 years!

3.) 30 Jan 2022 10:50:30
Why loan if these players hastie middleton etc are not going to make 1st team sell them ssme thing happend with greg docherty etc sell them let get on with there career at a club were there going to play more instead of coming back to be left waiting on another loan that might not happen.

4.) 30 Jan 2022 11:36:00
INTR - it’s all down to cash boss. They are almost certainly on inflated wages at rangers. Loans mean they get to keep if all of their contracted wages, although the club loaning them will pick up some of the wages they’re on.

The issue here is giving these players ‘big money’ in comparison to their ability and their likely contribution to the first team effort.

Cant blame the players though, I can’t see any of us taking less wages if we were in the same situation.

That being said, if we want them off the wage bill, accepting Sven a nominal fee would mean we might be able to free up wages for incoming players.

Expect these players (Middleton/ hastie/ etc) to be on the wage bill for a while yet.

5.) 30 Jan 2022 12:00:16
Wasn’t really a strange signing, young Scottish guy who had a good season at Motherwell who was available on a bosman. Low risk.

6.) 30 Jan 2022 12:14:35
INTR it's like a try before ye buy kinda thing. same as Kent mate. but without the price tag.

7.) 30 Jan 2022 12:27:42
Nobody wants to pay fee for these guys. They're not wanting to leave early as means drop in salary.
Were stuck until end of their contract.

8.) 30 Jan 2022 12:32:52
Its easy to say sell them but that's easier said than done because you need a buyer first before you can sell. At least out on loan they are playing and might impress someone enough to buy them and the loan team will also be paying something towards their wages.

9.) 30 Jan 2022 12:34:15
To sell players you must have a buyer if there is no buyer at least loans lessen our wage bill.

10.) 30 Jan 2022 13:42:15
Linfield wouldn’t be able to put hastie wages that’s why they don’t buy them INTR.

11.) 30 Jan 2022 14:31:48
These guys were given contracts, it up to club to honour them, if you were getting paid off you would expect redundancy.

12.) 30 Jan 2022 18:35:55
I hope he does well at Linfield and helps them to a League Title although Glentoran appear to be top at present.




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09 Nov 2023 15:09:13
Does anyone know regarding the potential stadium expansion, if it's genuine? And when would any work commence?


1.) 09 Nov 2023 17:42:39
My understanding is the expansion of the disability section.

2.) 09 Nov 2023 18:22:19
At the tour they stated lowering the pitch not an option. They talked about a tier on top of the govan.

3.) 09 Nov 2023 19:15:29
Captain Tav they mentioned it on question night with the board that’s why it’s been asked I read about but can’t remember what they said think it was broomloan and copland ends but maybe wrong.

4.) 09 nov 2023 20:14:59
lowering the pitch was never an option, too many complications.

5.) 09 Nov 2023 20:47:24
Tom, it would also cost a fortune.



28 Jun 2023 11:07:28
Tilmans brother saying no decision has been made yet on him returning .
This is some saga this .


1.) 28 Jun 2023 12:38:56
Rangers have agreed compensation with Bayern.

2.) 28 Jun 2023 14:18:50
It was football scotland. That should tell you plenty.

3.) 28 Jun 2023 14:20:46
Based on Johns answer above, it is also my belief that Malik will not return to Rangers, we just move on from this and get suitable and affordable players in place before the Pre-Season starts and in time for the CL Qualifiers.

4.) 28 Jun 2023 15:28:21
He isn’t coming back to us that has been sorted.

5.) 28 Jun 2023 16:46:20
He didn't want Scottish football, wish him well, we move on.



29 May 2023 19:01:33
Anyone think jonny evans is worth a punt
Now he's in the championship,?


1.) 29 May 2023 21:01:30
in a minute. class act in defence. assistant captain. left centre back.
take him in a minute.
great shout.

2.) 29 May 2023 23:24:46
I would have taken him even just 5 years ago, but now now. He's 35 and has no pace left at all. I don't think Beale would be looking at this 'grey hair'.

3.) 30 May 2023 00:24:20
Said to matets for years i love to see jonny evans at ranger55.

4.) 30 May 2023 04:47:10
Jonny evans would play for rangers in a heartbeat?I know his uncle pretty well, big rangers supporting family ?.

5.) 30 May 2023 09:49:01
Understand EVANS age is a negative but his mentality would be a big plus would be a great director from the back. Goldson for me is a bit shy when attacking the ball, someone like Jonny would demand he steps up to the plate. Connor is the best we have ATM . IMHO I thought Balogun and Katic were as worthy. But Connor is here an I will give him the respect he deserves as a Ranger.

6.) 30 May 2023 11:11:55
Some player, would take him in a heartbeat.

7.) 30 May 2023 12:18:23
It's a no for me.

8.) 30 May 2023 13:12:26
He`s just missed almost the whole season with injury and I seem to remember he missed a lot of last season too. At 35 and with his injury record, his best days are behind him.

9.) 30 May 2023 13:22:35
Has mb not already said no veterans.

10.) 30 May 2023 13:52:56
SWS is that Dawn's brother or Jackie's brother?



01 Feb 2023 11:16:13
Will Raskin be available tonight? Or far too earlry, he did pass his medical,
I just want to hammer this Hearts team .


1.) 01 Feb 2023 11:33:04
I doubt he'll be match fit to start, but who knows?!

2.) 01 Feb 2023 11:37:00
Surely more match fit than Cantwell who hadn’t played since November and started at the weekend.

3.) 01 Feb 2023 11:37:24
I fancy us to shade this 2-1 tonight with the buff and tillman our goalscorers ??.

4.) 01 Feb 2023 12:24:29
Tough game tonight Hearts are on form any sort of win would be an excellent result. i'm sure our WINGER Kent will have an assist or two and Alf will get his act together.

5.) 01 Feb 2023 12:53:01
Big Ben raskin has still been playing youth games supposobly so should still be match fit I'd say.

6.) 01 feb 2023 12:53:28
im hoping colak starts and gets a few early chances, if he does, we score.

7.) 01 Feb 2023 12:58:23
Rasnkin not in squad . Work permit issues. Anyone heard anything about Tom Lawrence recently. A boy at work says he's been told it's a long term issue. Says he's got a pal that's a physio at the training centre . I hope he's wrong as I was well impressed by Lawrence.

8.) 01 Feb 2023 13:10:15
Tom I think thier is a very good chance he starts tonight.

9.) 01 Feb 2023 14:04:12
Hearts will have a go which might suit us and open up the play.
fingers crossed 2-1 would do me for the Rangers.



30 Jan 2023 11:01:47
Says on sky sports, deal agreed for Raskin
Hopefully get it finalised.





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23 May 2024 13:42:35
Frank the fanny lol.




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21 May 2024 14:55:05
Seems he's joining in July according to reports from Brazil.




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14 May 2024 14:35:03
He has done a lot and has the clubs best interests at heart. I totally disagree with you.




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28 Dec 2023 14:07:27
Fabrizio romano says its on.




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22 Dec 2023 13:16:49
Ryan kent is done, he cannot even shoot straight the ball ends up in the Stands, also remember him stopping play when the referee didn't even blow at pig head, and they went on to score .
The irish league is his level now.





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