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Favourite player: A wid drink Brian laudrups bath water!

Best team moment: 9 in a row



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11 Mar 2020 09:31:00
Guys I'm hearing again that David murray is somehow involved with the new investment. this is from a usually spot on source who works at ibrox (cant say who n won't say who) . this source told me bout Doran's, Murphy, Morelos, and stevie g weeks before it became public knowledge. i hope to god this time he's wrong. he told me this months ago and again last night. he won't spill details but keeps sayin watch this space. don't know how to react to this!


1.) 11 Mar 2020 11:11:10
David Murray did a lot for our club. Ultimetly ended sourly when he had to sell quickly to protect his other investments. I still belive he would always have the clubs best interests at heart.

2.) 11 Mar 2020 11:45:10
I know a close friend of murray and she was telling my old man the same thing. His wealth and assets are bigger than ever. He is going to be coming into big money soon.

3.) 11 Mar 2020 11:45:35
Gersdaft, react to it by offering to make an appointment with the psychiatrist for him.

4.) 11 Mar 2020 11:57:38
Maybe his dad has given him a few quid out o the cash he creamed off the club before he sold us down the river for £1 .

5.) 11 Mar 2020 15:19:06
OOPs there I go again, was mistaking Davy Murray for his son Paul.

Sorry for that again.

6.) 11 Mar 2020 15:57:43
@the covenanter, if this comes to pass a think I will need the appointment lol
@bellshilllad83, I’m hearing the same about him having or coming into huge money. u think he could be behind this somehow?

7.) 11 Mar 2020 16:13:17
hI Gersdaft, I think the creditors he left in the lurch wouldnae be too pleased if they found out he had sneaked back in.

8.) 11 Mar 2020 18:41:14
I would welcome David Murry bk in a heart beat.

9.) 11 Mar 2020 18:49:03
Gersdaft he owns the land surrounding Edinburgh international airport that's needed for them to expand so will make as much as he wants there. I worked the airport for a short time and they are desperate to grow. They need to expand the runway to bring in the bigger planes that only Glasgow can handle. I know a lot of fans will never forgive or forget him selling to white but from what i hear noone regrets what happened to us more than him. He ended badly and that's what some focus on and not all the amazing work he did prior to that. Because of his stewardship i was privelaged to go to ibrox with my old man and brother to watch world class players playing for our club growing up. I got to watch butcher, goram, woods, gough, gazza, laudrup, cooper, the dutch contingent. Great managers in souness and smith.

10.) 11 Mar 2020 20:08:33
Well said Stuart83, the team was a pleasure to watch, 9 in a row with victories in the Champions League.

11.) 12 Mar 2020 11:49:49
Correct Stewart.




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05 Jan 2021 11:48:02
Talking to my wee auld uncle last night ( he's 82) said to me, " ye know something son! A don't care wit happens with aw this C.V. stuff! my only wish is to get back to Ibrox for the next old firm! The noise, the tingling feeling at kick off . sometimes a just shut my eyes n am there! " . made me smile! Then he said " plus there would be no better sound than 50'000 rampant bears singin "there's only wan shane duffy " haha was guttin myself lol.


1.) 05 Jan 2021 11:57:22
I hope your uncle gets his wish gersdaft👍.

2.) 05 Jan 2021 12:06:22
Be lucky to get to a old firm in 2021 never mind the April one.

3.) 05 Jan 2021 13:17:04
Hopefully he gets his wish. Really cannot see it anytime soon. shambles. although i am prob in the minority that prefers the old way and hav 43k bears. And have a sizeable away support at there midden.

4.) 05 Jan 2021 13:18:17
Spoilsport sweep,

Let the old guy have his dream mate.

5.) 05 Jan 2021 13:49:00
Brilliant Gersdaft
There's only wan Shane Duffy
Swiftly followed by a chorus of bouncy bouncy.

6.) 05 Jan 2021 14:43:14
I'm only talking how I feel mate, I work as a nurse and know the vaccination process won't be that quick.

7.) 05 Jan 2021 15:46:20
Sweep surely you r not saying Nicola misleading us.



25 Jul 2020 15:44:37
Right guys, one memory that will never leave you from the mighty bears. Mines? I've been to cup finals, old firms galore, seen the league won for nine, but the one that sticks out was when Claudio reyna sticks the second in against parma! I've never in my life heard such an absolute explosion of thunderous noise . what a night and probably one of, if not thee best atmosphere I've ever felt . We knew we were going to do them that night and it was as if the team picked up on it and thrived like true winners should . Loved that game.
Well that's mine, what's yours?


1.) 25 Jul 2020 15:59:04
Ugo egiogu over head kick.

2.) 25 Jul 2020 16:00:08
That was a great result. Especially when you look at who was in that Parma team.

3.) 25 Jul 2020 16:01:12
9in a row at Tanadice Laudrup header mix of elation and relief👏👏.

4.) 25 Jul 2020 16:16:32
Nisbets against club brugge. I'll never forget the guy behind me grabbing me and shouting, "bounce ya b*sturt" as it looped up over the keeper in slow motion.

5.) 25 Jul 2020 16:27:45
outwith cupfinals etc. Will say gazza to clinch 8 . reyna v parma. friendlies that stick out, chelsea at ibrox and mcCalls testimonial at bradford 9 iar side.

6.) 25 Jul 2020 17:00:28
Same Parma game for me mate, was only a wee nipper but I've never heard noise like it, whole stadium seemed to shake for a full 10 mins after that reyna goal. Always think of my late dad when I see that goal, always said that was his favourite game.

7.) 25 Jul 2020 17:38:21
Jim Baxter, old firm cup final replay 1963. Baxter destroyed them and we won 3 - 0.

8.) 25 Jul 2020 17:47:20
Edu last min goal against them at ibrox was awesome ended up a few rows down from where I sat lol
Couldn’t find my dad till I got back to the car.

9.) 25 Jul 2020 16:08:20
Edu Vs Celtic.



25 May 2020 18:33:13
posting this on here so I get differing opinions.
Why don't some of the lower league teams combine? get rid of the ridiculous amount of clubs in such a small country, have 2 pro leagues of 14,16 or whatever . Surely financially it would make so much sense. more fans for them too.
I'm imagining greed and pride stops this from happening, but surely it's not just me that see's this is common sense now?


1.) 25 May 2020 19:04:05
There is 46 teams in Scotland leagues. Make 2 leagues of 23. Bottom 6 are in fight mode to the top 6 from second league. All be it one would be definite religated and one champion. The other 5 from both leagues fight their place to move into promotion or keep there place.

Top league one gets religated.
Top league the other 5 play a oone of game against each other. Bottom 2 of that small league then would play the top two from league 2. With the champions being promoted.

All be it 90% of the time top league tes would stay in. But makes it more competitive.

2.) 25 May 2020 19:08:21
I fully agree Gersdaft. I have struggled for years to understand why there are teams that struggle to muster two or three Home Supporters are so hell bent on keeping their identity when they are consistently fighting to avoid relegation or worse. Unfortunately Chairmen that are more interested in themselves and in some cases their seats on the SPFL Board that they refuse to realise that merger would be more financially logical and give them a better chance of success. Alloa is a prime example of a Chairman that would rather struggle in front of 200 supporters on a good day than consider merging with teams like Stirling Albion as an example. There are probably Junior Teams that can muster a bigger support.

3.) 25 May 2020 19:13:11
Could you translate that into English fifa guy that is so confusing I've read it 3 times n still don't get it.

4.) 25 May 2020 19:23:08
Sir Walter. 2 leagues of 23.

League 1

League 2

6 teams from the bottom of league 1. One religated. Leaves 5. Small playoff. Bottom 2 are in religation zone.

League 2. Top 6. One is promoted. Other 5 playoff top 2 in promotion zone.

League 1 bottom 2 from playoff v league 2 top 2 from playoff. Winners stay in top league or promoted to top league.

5.) 25 May 2020 19:44:02
Great work, fifaguy. Just a shame there are only 42 teams in Scotland, so it was all for nothing.

6.) 26 May 2020 01:11:11
Well simple 2 leagues of 21 same rules apply.

7.) 26 May 2020 08:42:11
The covenator, the spfl & sfa. Can just kid on there are 46 teams, i mean the kid on about everything. Elsa, and get away with it, no questions asked, or allowed to be asked, mate.

8.) 26 May 2020 16:56:57
Hi Paulellen, by Elsa, do you mean they're Lion, lol, honestly, no bigger league will be approved, as it would mean less money for the bigger teams.



04 May 2020 22:41:14
Guys with social distancing coming into play and games lookin more n more likely to be played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, I wonder if clubs could look into virtual season tickets at reduced prices? . i'm sure sky were trying this out last year, where u wear your headset set at home but have a 180 degree view of the pitch from the half way line in the stand. don't know if it was a success when trialed or not? What you guys think? Viable option?


1.) 05 May 2020 12:08:31
Not everyone has access to VR either on phone or headsets, think it will just be empty stadiums, but I can see The broadcasters using CGI to put in “ crowds” into the broadcast for atmosphere as it’s crap watching a closed doors game hard to get invested in it.

2.) 05 May 2020 12:37:52
Gersdaft. Technically possible but consumer penetration of VR headsets is limited and current versions would not produce the rich in stadium experience thank you are searching for. Would also require significant investment by TV companies on broadcast technology. Also with no fans and atmosphere at the match would really just be creating a virtual empty stadium experience. You are onto something though and in say 10 years would expect the rich VR stadium experience to be available at premier sports stadiums and live entertainment venues. I saw a prototype in US, you could turn your head round and look at manager or crowd etc, will definitely be fully developed as consumer proposition in the future.

3.) 05 May 2020 14:16:31
Agree bout the future bankie . if it’s been trialed and it’s a success. I imagine that smarter minds than ours have already thought bout this. i don’t think the cost would be too extravagant given that it’s a load of cameras in the one spot that give u the view from left to right! I would love to be able to put a headset on my old dad and see his face as he’s transported to a lofted position at the half way line at the greatest stadium in the world . ibrox. he's not made a game in over ten years due to ill health. lol the old boy would probably put his suit on first haha magic.

4.) 05 May 2020 15:40:39
Lovely post Gersdaft, best to you and the old man.

5.) 05 May 2020 18:00:39
Cheers bankie.



22 Apr 2020 11:59:03
Listening to UEFA u would think everythings going to be fine in a month or two! But taking on board wee studgies rhetoric I genuinely don't think we will see any football at all this year. unless they get the players kitted out in some sort of head to toe virus proof onesie how can they be expected to play. sayin that though! How funny would that be to watch? Lol.


1.) 22 Apr 2020 12:02:06
Be like superhero football lol the marvel cup . sorry can't help myself.

2.) 22 Apr 2020 21:18:31
During May, when there is consensus that no contact sport can be played without risk of illness, UEFA will finally advise all Football Associations to formally end their domestic seasons. Hopefully football will return before end of 2020.




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16 Dec 2020 17:45:27
A was born skint! Still skint! Mates are skint! A will die skint! See! Nae ambition 😂.




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07 Nov 2020 16:47:54
We might need him if we sell a few for big money. think the boy would flourish with better players round him.




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30 Jul 2020 17:55:55
Tumbleweed rolls bye KJA9.




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30 Jul 2020 14:04:12
Hey @mrgrumpy he also 100percent guaranteed new balance as our shirt manufacturers among many other guarantees. he will never learn lol.




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30 Jul 2020 09:02:18
Here we go again.





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01 Mar 2021 15:45:35
There was talk of a world record at the time bid of 19 million from us for brazillian Ronaldo! Never believed it till I saw an interview on gazzetta on channel 4 with the wee shaved head guy cannot remember his name! But aye they discussed it and it was real!




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18 Feb 2021 14:00:45
13 years ago yately! Let it go mate, the leagues comin home.




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12 Feb 2021 13:08:15
Take yer pick from either. Richard Gough! Best centre half I’ve seen play for us!, Barry ferguson! Controlled games with ease and pulled up the slacking players around him up to his level! Paul Gascogne! Most skilful player of a generation! Brian (god) Laudrup! By a country mile, thee best player I have ever seen in our famous jersey! My point is, any of the above mentioned players could probably walk into our team at the moment and probably any team in Britain! My own preference is Brian laudrup! God! A wid drink his bath water, a love that guy that much! 🤣.




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06 Feb 2021 01:16:05
Roofe’s is definitely a red . Morelos was definitely a red . Aijeti should get some sort of punishment aswell as laughed at for the pathetic dive. browns was nothing, every player puts an arm across when an opposing player tries to gain position. no intention of an elbow for me. we’ve seen browns intentional elbows many a time over the years. no punishment for brown. that's my honest opinion.




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16 Nov 2020 12:49:22
Well said SGL! At times like this the football, the rivalry and the banter takes a back seat n doesn’t matter. condolonces to both the lafferty and hartson family.