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10 Jun 2024 19:29:59
My friend is a big lazio fan. I posted last week he was signing he said it was 90 percent done deal he spot on.


1.) 10 Jun 2024 20:37:32
Who from lazio.

2.) 10 Jun 2024 20:43:39
Kudos for that info then, nice one.

3.) 10 Jun 2024 21:35:58
What has someone supporting Lazio have to do with us signing a player from AC Milan?

4.) 10 Jun 2024 21:39:06
Nice to know?

5.) 10 Jun 2024 22:19:58
Any chance of elaborating?



03 Oct 2023 19:27:46
Jansen is. 2.1. Lambert 3.1 now.


1.) 03 Oct 2023 19:40:39
Tommo take it you mean Lampard - Please Gers let's hope the only Lamps at Ibrox are the electric ones as he will be another Beale scenario I feel.

2.) 03 Oct 2023 19:47:29
Paul Lambert, aw naw!

3.) 03 Oct 2023 20:27:29
I wouldn’t read too much into the odds. It’s heavily based on betting patterns. If lampard gets it we’re f’d.

4.) 03 Oct 2023 21:09:21
That's it, I'm out! ?? Lambert? I know it's obviously a typo, but even so, that's enough to put some over the edge.

5.) 03 Oct 2023 21:37:10
Surely not Lampard. We need some fresh ideas.

6.) 03 Oct 2023 21:59:19
Just realised the guy at Preston mentioned in various places has done some job with no money, they have no right to be challenging in that league, some big clubs with dough in there. He's one to watch generally.

7.) 03 Oct 2023 22:15:45
Mentioned on the banter page about McKenna at Ipswich - doing a great job and playing entertaining football - he will be snapped up soon.

As long as not Lampard - great player but bombed as a manager or Potter - will be too expensive and only ever won the Swedish Cup.

8.) 03 Oct 2023 22:46:23
Ipswich yes good point.

9.) 03 Oct 2023 22:55:32
Lampard has proven to be barely championship standard. If he gets it the stagnation continues. He'd want a fortune too.

10.) 03 Oct 2023 23:11:49
I'm not sure what would be worse lambert or lampard.

11.) 03 Oct 2023 23:46:33
Dont think Lambert could cut his teeth into this one. Ask the hammer!

12.) 04 Oct 2023 01:00:16
Keiran McKenna or Ryan Lowe would be decent appointments so long as we had an Davis Rae or McCann involved also.

13.) 04 Oct 2023 06:47:18
Lampard won’t be appointed, surely? This is a diaster awaiting to happen. He does not look like a good manager whatsoever. His record is so poor.

J-zer, are you at the wind up? Last thing we need is any ‘decent shouts’, and up and coming young and inexperienced English managers. We’ve had a few of them of late. Our squad is full of English players. None that will ever play international football. This is part of the problem, having too many from the one nation. The constant looking at the English championship will only put us further behind Celtic. One of two is ok, but we’re talking about more than that.

Clement seems an excellent choice. He won three titles in a row in Belgium before leaving for Monaco. He might know different markets also. The recruitment let Beale down. It’s about time we explore different markets rather than. just England, because that’s been the main one of late. We’re Rangers, an institution, not an ordinary club.

14.) 04 Oct 2023 08:13:23
Agree Chas - We also need to get back into phase of buying Scottish talent too and getting some identity back - think its pretty obvious Shankland/ Nisbitt could have done a better job than Dessers - but we shy away from Scotland to buy in the so called better leagues - aye that looks wise - a blend of shopping in various leagues is required for future but let's not discount our homegrown!

15.) 04 Oct 2023 08:28:00
I still think Jansen is the one who will get it. He seems the best candidate so far.

16.) 04 Oct 2023 08:58:50
Totally agree Blue Floyd. We seem to have to pay a premium to buy from Scottish clubs but we do need to start picking up the best local talent and trying to get the Scottish heart back into our team. We didn’t exactly get our new front 3 on the cheap either, did we?

17.) 04 Oct 2023 09:22:50
If the club even talk to Lampshade we should be afraid, the only reason to talk to planks like him is to avoid paying compen for a real manager .

This isn't looking good at all . They will be praying Davis goes on a run to save some money .

Turning in to the new biscuit tin champs .

18.) 04 Oct 2023 09:31:19
McKenna from Ipswich, ex Man U coach from Northern Ireland. Personally I could never see him coming to Rangers, he’s a Celtic diehard and an ex GAA coach here in NI. He’ll end up in the EPL and maybe even back at Man U.

19.) 04 Oct 2023 10:17:38
Shankland on here again, I think it's an sickness. Same people that adored Cosgrove when he ambled around up here also in slow motion?

20.) 04 Oct 2023 10:48:54
Mossend - Glad I don't have same sickness that would make me go out and think that Dessers and other average signings from abroad are superstars - football snobbery I think- We used to have identity through McCoist/ McCann/ Robertson/ Gough/ Goram/ Ferguson x2/ Hutton and many many more who played in Scot Prem league at some point or came through our ranks and knew what it was like to play for the jersey and what it felt like to lose in big games and disliked that feeling! - we currently have some players who are bang average and frankly don't care win lose or draw. So buying in Scotland suited us in past - why not now?

21.) 04 Oct 2023 15:34:50
After doing a bit of reading I really think it's going to be jansen

He likes working with dof . tick
Used to development model. tick
Speaks English ties to UK. tick
Aims to be prem manager. tick
Has got best from lammers. tick
Used to budget team build. tick
Decent win %, ., ., . tick
Taken a lot points v top 3.tick

Not my choice personally but just got feeling he will go down well with the board.

22.) 04 Oct 2023 17:14:49
Gofor Jansen is English.

23.) 04 Oct 2023 17:48:00
John I know that.

24.) 04 Oct 2023 17:48:51
The English thing was in reference to Clement links who I'm not sure speaks English re his man city interview.

25.) 04 Oct 2023 17:50:03
I ment he would be more likely to want to come back to UK with family ties and his desire to manage in EPL

I could have worded the post better I guess.



25 Jun 2023 13:23:39
My friend is a big lazio fan his dad was talking to physio he said luka romero is coming on Wednesday to talk about a contract it's a loan some player.


1.) 25 Jun 2023 13:54:43
Hes out of contract.

2.) 25 Jun 2023 13:56:02
No reason to doubt you tomorrow but given the strength of our midfield I'm not sure where he would play. Exciting young player.

3.) 25 Jun 2023 14:09:50
I think we’ll have dropped interest i read somewhere he was asking for some daft amount to join another serie A side as a signing on fee which would be on par with what we would pay someone for a transfer fee.

4.) 25 Jun 2023 14:10:08
Tommo Inter and AC both after him on a free as he is out of contract so can't see him coming here on loan.

5.) 25 Jun 2023 14:19:15
Rangers have been needing a left-footer who can play RW for years.

6.) 25 Jun 2023 14:19:23
Is he not a winger nd a 10.

7.) 25 Jun 2023 14:28:08
Both Milan clubs are chasing him, can't see us getting him but would like it tho.

8.) 25 Jun 2023 14:29:27
Could be Dowell position verdant but not as wide as a winger.

9.) 25 Jun 2023 14:51:41
Both Milan sides chasing him on a free. That's 1 that's not happening.

10.) 25 Jun 2023 16:50:41
And he will be no where near there first team of ac/ inter the boy might want to play football instead of warm a bench.



14 Jun 2023 13:49:38
Be announced today.


1.) 14 Jun 2023 14:32:18
What’s to be announced today Tommo?

2.) 14 Jun 2023 14:42:58

3.) 14 Jun 2023 14:52:55
Lammers in Manchester for medical £3.5m fee agreed so I’m guessing that’s the announcement.

4.) 14 Jun 2023 15:18:28
The cost of living is expected to go up . again. ???.

5.) 14 Jun 2023 15:39:15
Lammers is undergoing his medical today. Announcing tomorrow.

6.) 14 Jun 2023 16:23:20
Announcement tomorrow 5pm.

7.) 14 Jun 2023 20:12:26
What Tommo? You getting married?

8.) 14 Jun 2023 21:01:14
Tommo got 1 thing right there was an announcement not what he thought it was their will be No B Team in the Lowland leagues.

9.) 14 Jun 2023 23:16:56
Still waiting.

10.) 14 Jun 2023 23:21:02
Tommos pregnant. Read it on Rangers noise.

11.) 14 Jun 2023 23:25:40
3.5 million ? big risk ?pays off.

12.) 15 Jun 2023 09:47:49
I'm I the only one that thinks playing in lowland league was a waste of time anyway?

I'd much rather invitational games Vs bigger teams with different styles of play we should be looking to set up exchange programs with other clubs and countries.

13.) 15 Jun 2023 10:27:00
Go for it allowed kids to play against men. It had benefits.

14.) 15 Jun 2023 12:29:17
It was obvious in the interviews that Beale did when he came in, that he did not see the benefit of our boys playing in the Lowland league . He thought it was too big a gap in standard between that league and the premiership. I`m not surprised that we pulled out of that's his opinion.

15.) 15 Jun 2023 12:43:05
The club supported a new 5th tier which in effect would relegate those clubs under that level, that is wrong and the club are wrong . There is a way to British level reserve league, unofficial with no need to be authorised by any association . Actually it would fund B level squads as Rangers reserves v Man City reserves for example would certainly get a decent attendance, 'friendly' basis or not. Not long ago I saw Duns ams play Man city youth team, they didn't want or receive a fee, sold out and quickly they could have played the match in installments for a week and sold it out.

16.) 15 Jun 2023 12:46:53
It was brakes idea fist time round when he worked with gerrard.

17.) 15 Jun 2023 15:28:53
It also had injuries and hefty tackles.

18.) 15 Jun 2023 15:29:27
You could also easily loan player to championship teams.

19.) 15 Jun 2023 15:34:11
They should have allowed promotion up to championship just like Spain.

Maybe even have a more pyramid like structure to leagues so say a north league and south league two division 1s with two winner auto premier and play offs between the divisions for 3 rd promotion place increase league to 16 with a split or 18 just play twice.

Playing each other 4to6 times a year is killing Scottish football.

20.) 15 Jun 2023 16:41:03
A league is designed for equal members not to favour a few, B teams in the same league structure is a nonsense . However fostering a club in another league makes sense, some people connected to Rangers did look at Darlington and there was talk of Bury . before they were buried . Corby Town were always an option too . Level 6, 7, 8 clubs in England would certainly have a chat as most are struggling, wouldn't take much to see a Rangers minded club down south and the support is there for sure.



08 May 2023 18:28:23
Beale said he's getting more money this year than the last rangers manger. we spent 13 last year so Beale will have about 15 to spend?


1.) 08 May 2023 21:13:36
£20million I believe that is the full season transfer budget Januarys as well also bossman players get a sign on fee this is usually taken off the transfer budget but payed weekly so will end up being around £14million to £16million in transfers and the rest on bossman sign on fees.

2.) 08 May 2023 21:16:59
Tommo iv been surprised how many fans in my group of colleagues are now doubting MB and if he has the ability to succeed I also think he showed inexperience with his comments on Alfie maybe that didn't need saying. He said.

3.) 08 May 2023 21:20:23
Yeah I’m to believe the current chairman wanted him in. It would incredibly unfair not to back him, so expect more than 10 to be spent.

4.) 08 May 2023 21:28:49
Tommo, in previous seasons we have brought in more than we spent - so maybe Beale means he doesn't need to sell to spend?

5.) 08 May 2023 21:42:53
He said we have a bigger budget than last year but the budget last year was inflated by selling Aribo and Bassey. I reckon we have about 10-15m as a starting point and then will get a % of transfers fee and maybe an extra couple mil if we qualify for the champions league.

They said Tillman and Sands money had been ring fenced ages ago and Tillman was 5 and Sands was 3 so that gives us at least 8 plus whatever the allocated budget was this year which you’d assume is at least another 5.

6.) 08 May 2023 20:52:07
? we wish.

7.) 08 May 2023 21:00:37
Tommo. That would be a good start point.

8.) 08 May 2023 23:00:17
I'm not buying the whole "sands and tillman money is ring fenced". Doesn't matter if they said it because as it looks, we won't be signing any of them so therefore is irrelevant. And maybe that was always going to be the case and they knew that so could say that knowing it wouldn't come to fruition. Also who said it? Are they still in the same position as of the time they said it.

9.) 09 May 2023 08:30:45
I see similarities with Beale at QPR started brightly then faded.

10.) 09 May 2023 08:44:29
If Rangers have more than 7.5m to spend on transfers I’d be amazed. Much will depend on what we can bring in from player sales. Considering we’ve allowed our two most valuable assets to run their contracts out, and didn’t take the £8m for Kamara last summer when his stock was at its highest, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

This club has made an absolute mess of it. 12 months ago we were in a prime position, now we have nothing.

11.) 09 May 2023 09:18:39
Can't for the life of me understand why we didn't cash in on Kamara, and don't get me started on Motelos and Kent. The profit on these 3 players alone would have been immense, yet 2 now leaving for nowt and Kamara won't be sold for anywhere near what he was worth. Unbelievably piss poor management by our board.

12.) 09 May 2023 13:12:54
Does it occur to anybody that the reason that Kent and Morelos weren`t sold last summer is that they wouldn`t go . It is more beneficial to them to run their contracts down and leave on a Bosman. We may have had offers but if they didn`t fancy them there is nothing we could do.

13.) 09 May 2023 20:55:10
They shouldn't have been in s position of running contract down. Both should have been sold in summer of 55 and Wilson bowed to pressure from Sg as the board wouldn't or couldn't invest after no CL. naïve from SG weak from RW but he gets a pass from many on here due to fees for Bassey Patterson and Aribo.

14.) 09 May 2023 21:49:35
Listen, until players start heading out the exit door, nobody knows the budget. anyone else is just lying.




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11 Jun 2024 17:32:11
What restaurant is Rrahmani followed on Instagram.


1.) 11 Jun 2024 18:03:03
Pizza hut.

2.) 11 Jun 2024 18:41:26
Five guys?

3.) 11 Jun 2024 18:47:41

4.) 11 Jun 2024 18:51:39
One called Pulp.

5.) 11 Jun 2024 18:59:46
Pulp ??????.

6.) 11 Jun 2024 19:18:58
All fiction ?.

7.) 11 Jun 2024 20:54:49
Pulp on Gibson St West end.
Owned by Kosovan family so maybe looking to settle in?

8.) 11 Jun 2024 22:39:11
Really K&U lol?.



11 Jun 2024 15:02:48
If that is true follow same cafe as rangers that a great sign ?.


1.) 11 Jun 2024 15:56:58
He does it’s called Pulp. Can’t say I’ve been before but is just off GWR.

2.) 12 jun 2024 09:40:06
just along from a travail in and close to the shish mahal mate.



29 May 2024 17:16:27
It's rangers have pull out we want players with the right mental strength but also get the right deal for the club we have to many players on two high wages I respect all the information that John and Co give to this site we have a excellent d o f in the club now look at the job he done at psv very exciting about the summer.


1.) 29 May 2024 18:20:41
The club did the correct thing.

2.) 29 May 2024 18:55:03
Defo club have done right thing.

3.) 29 May 2024 20:50:26
Hear hear. Rangers should never be held to ransom. If a player wants to come then great. If they are messing about, pull out and move on as that behaviour will only perpetuate if indeed they sign.



31 Jan 2024 23:27:18
Where is the tweet.


1.) 01 Feb 2024 01:56:19
Am no sure but the last time i seen it it was over there ?.

2.) 01 Feb 2024 07:11:11
No three cheers it was definitely over there ?.

3.) 01 Feb 2024 07:11:30
Brilliant Three Cheers - made me guffaw ?.

4.) 01 Feb 2024 07:26:01
Still in the birds mooth ??.

5.) 01 Feb 2024 07:38:30
It's down here



6.) 01 Feb 2024 07:38:40
Guffaw made me Guffaw ?.

7.) 01 Feb 2024 08:25:38
Guffaw made me guffaw made me guffaw ?.



15 Nov 2023 22:18:45
Kent goes missing I. To many game's.


1.) 16 Nov 2023 02:09:50
Sorry. Need a bit more info.




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18 Jan 2023 13:58:04
Are they having a medical yet.




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23 Nov 2022 23:59:28
I think Beal will be new manager it's done.




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17 Nov 2021 08:58:43
No they have not just read it.





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18 Nov 2021 07:36:43
It will be today it’s Walter service on Friday.




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