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06 Oct 2023 10:47:40
Struggling to get much concrete info from the club regarding the manager search.

All that consistently keeps coming back is there’s a lot of names in newspapers etc that are not in contention. These are coming from the managers agents pushing them for the job and nothing to do with the club.




10 Aug 2023 18:12:28
Apologies if it has already been posted by another poster but just had it confirmed to me. Kamara is away to Leeds everything’s agreed, just needs to be announced.


1.) 10 Aug 2023 18:25:20
Here's hoping.

2.) 10 Aug 2023 18:26:55
IHeard, good info?.

3.) 10 Aug 2023 18:53:43
Matondo was in the stand not Kamara. Leeds selling before they bring in replacements.

4.) 10 Aug 2023 18:55:33
Rangers should be telling wright to find another club just like they told sakala to be fair.

5.) 10 Aug 2023 19:53:14
Matondo was there to see or discuss with Cardiff which makes some sense, no way Leeds need him.

6.) 10 Aug 2023 19:59:09
No one told sakala to find another club a Saudi team came in so we sold him.

7.) 10 Aug 2023 20:05:09
Ulster, the player has a contract, or does that not matter?

8.) 10 Aug 2023 20:30:35
Leeds don’t want or need matondo that’s just not true.

9.) 10 Aug 2023 20:49:11
How much for kamara I heard?

10.) 10 Aug 2023 21:29:32
Cardiff probably want him on loan.

11.) 10 Aug 2023 21:31:38
£5million rangers wanted more than £4million always though Leeds would get him if he plays to his Abilene will be a £20/ £30million player that’s just the way English football is.

12.) 10 Aug 2023 22:15:45
Spot on Iheard. I stated mentioned beginning this week about Kamara and was told be done and dusted by Sunday, same as I posted about the week before and Sakala info.

Most source had strictly said once Sakala and Kamara gone, we on moving on to get Luis Palma.

13.) 10 Aug 2023 22:21:11
Meant to be £5-£5.5m lithium.

14.) 11 Aug 2023 00:30:36
Abilene ?

15.) 11 Aug 2023 09:37:13
A good move for him. Wish him well as he's been a good player for us at times and famously he cost us buttons. Ideally we should have sold him last summer, as that was the right time for everyone. But shouldn't let the last season completely wash away all the performances he has put in over the years.

16.) 11 Aug 2023 10:33:29
Many saying good info and spot on. I'm not saying it isn't but ont see one report confirming this.



06 Aug 2023 15:25:14
Fashion looks to be away, going by his Instagram story.


1.) 06 Aug 2023 15:34:06
I have a feeling Davies, Wright and maybe even Lawrence will follow next. I don't think Davies had a sickness bug or a knock, he’s talking to other clubs. Same for Lawrence although I’d wish we keep him as he is direct.
What worries me is Barisic and Lundstram look to be staying.

2.) 06 Aug 2023 15:43:05
Barasic and Lundstram selected again and I'm not going or watching, enough is enough.

3.) 06 Aug 2023 16:08:48
Watching Lewis Mayo be the best defender on that pitch yesterday has totally scunnered me - More so than the result. We sold a youth academy prospect because we wouldn’t give him an opportunity. We would rather bring back 35 year old Balogun for a bit of dressing room bants.

If Rangers sell McCrorie next, and if he goes on to be a successful keeper for club and country, then it’s time to close the academy.

I would swap Lewis Mayo for Balogun in a heart beat. Mayo was with us since he was a kid. He was forced out because we would rather have a short-term fix in Balogun? No, something is very wrong.

4.) 06 Aug 2023 16:09:34
Am absolutely sick of watching barasic he’s so negative in his play, same way tav these 2 are getting away with it for so long now it’s frightening, why does MB not see these problems.

5.) 06 Aug 2023 16:10:32
Would keep both Lawrence and Sakala.

6.) 06 Aug 2023 16:19:22
Davies has been wanting back South for some time due to familiy circumstances. Assuming he goes, then hopefully we will sign a new centre back because the left central defensive role is a major problem as was seen yesterday.

As far as Lundstram and Barasic are concerned, that pair could lose Beale his job. Neither has signed a new contract and both are a laibility, Lundstram in particular is an empty jersey.

7.) 06 Aug 2023 16:24:49
Somebody shout "incoming incoming " at Barasic to see if it wakes him up.

8.) 06 Aug 2023 16:41:20
Verdant. If you think mayo is the defender rangers need your on crack.

9.) 06 Aug 2023 16:58:43
Mayo should never have been sold. He should have been offered an opportunity to show what he can do before that decision was made.

I'm starting to question a lot of the decisions being made as I don't understand a lot of what I'm seeing. We scored goals last season, a good amount of them, but we leaked way more than we should have. So what do we do? We leave the defense alone (apart from bringing in Sterling) and we concentrate on changing our forwards. I don't understand this.

Barasic, Davies, Tavernier, Lundstrum, Wright, Matondo and Roofe should have been the first out the door. Not Colak.

A LB to challenge Ridvan and a commanding LCB to replace Davies should have been the priority as well as a RB to replace Tav (Sterling isn't the answer to this) . We need a competent and solid defense, something we still don't have.

And looking at Dessers, Lammers and Sima's goal tally from last season we may not have forwards that score a lot either. Hopefully Danillo will rattle them in.

The more I think about what I'm seeing the more questions I have but I'll remain positive and hope it (whatever it is) all comes together somehow.

10.) 06 Aug 2023 17:12:16
Mayo did ok against these new wonders we had up front, these guys that up till now of course couldn't hit a coo on the erse with a cricket bat.

11.) 06 Aug 2023 17:27:19
I would keep Lawrence, I wouldn't have Lundstram anywhere near the place.

12.) 06 Aug 2023 17:41:37
Gadji so you are not going to games or watch our games as there are two players you don't rate. You also seem to be enjoying our poor start.
You my friend are lacking in moral fibre. Perhaps you should take up knitting.

13.) 06 Aug 2023 18:03:26
Slagging tav who has not been great so far this year but saying we should have kept mayo is hilarious. Mayo is not rangers level hardly killie level.

14.) 06 Aug 2023 18:04:57
Sterling isn’t the answer going of what the ten mins you seen him play? This page is actually ridiculous these days majorly just talk mince.

15.) 06 Aug 2023 18:29:12
Because mayo had a decent game against us yesterday doesn't mean we shouldn't have sold him imo?At this moment in time mayo ain't good enough for rangers, simple enough for me!

16.) 06 Aug 2023 19:00:26
Correct coops it happens every time an ex player has one good game against us.

17.) 06 Aug 2023 20:10:05
Barasic and Lundstram should be nowhere near our starting 11. Similar can be said for Tav imo. In the formation/ style Beale wants to play, he is caught out tine after time. Give Sterling his position and either move him further up the pitch, or cash in.

18.) 06 Aug 2023 20:14:15
Loyal and true None of that is true as it 'appens and insults from an anonymous hamster don't affect me . Don't accept comments as firm statements then respond with your typing angry with a toffee hammer style, not a good look that Lundstram lover.

19.) 06 Aug 2023 20:22:36
Lundstram an ex player sounds good.

20.) 06 Aug 2023 20:32:23
In my opinion I would have sacked Lundstram for Cantwell. Dessers for Danilo. Danilo has a fantastic touch! And any youth team player ahead of BB. Even in the pre season friendlies every team was targeting our left.

21.) 06 Aug 2023 20:57:31
And which was it. Was Mayo amazing or the strikers pish. If the striker were as bad as people making out then any vb would have strolled it. Tbh Mayo wasn't even their best cb yesterday.

22.) 06 Aug 2023 22:46:34
We were told that Balogun would be a 4th choice CB. He was only going to play about 10 games all season. Could Mayo have done that? Absolutely.

Not only will Mayo be on less wages, but he also meets the homegrown and trained by the club status. Meaning Mayo could’ve been included in those vital European squads.

Also, Mayo could go on and develop into a very good player. It wasn’t long ago we let a young guy called Greg Taylor leave our academy for Kilmarnock and he was picked up by Celtic for several million.

We have a very promising young keeper as well. Hasn’t put a foot wrong, constant clean sheets, couple of Old Firm wins - We’ll sell him for a few hundred thousand.

When Devine was brought in for 3 games we was named MOTM and was even placed in the SPFL team of week. Then he was dropped and never seen again. Lowry was apparently very good for Hearts yesterday while all our new attacking signings went AWOL.

The youth setup is being mishandled at Ibrox.

23.) 06 Aug 2023 23:48:11
The manager thought the 2 full backs (one of them a waste of space) could provide the width and defend against a side who knew the weakness in the tactic, glaringly obvious but he persisted with it and it was never going to work. If it is repeated this midweek it will be one tough night. Crosses pumped in to the box from the position they were are so easy for defenders to deal with, fannying about with several passes across the back then launching a 50 yard hump to a forward is also naive. I hope I'm wrong but Beale may get found out fairly soon if not already.

24.) 07 Aug 2023 00:21:14
Keep Lawrence, played a handful of games. Injured again. More of a passenger than a player.

25.) 07 Aug 2023 01:17:20
Gadji, very pleased to hear you say your comments are not firm statements. Not sure why you would make them if you didn't mean them. They sounded straight out of Primary six. But pleased that you seem to infer that you will still follow on.
For the record I personally think Lundstrum has ran his race with us and we need midfielders who can move the ball a lot quicker.
See you at Ibrox on Wednesday night, despite the team lineup.

26.) 07 Aug 2023 09:45:38
Rather bizarre read today. First time poster here.
Some people trying to compare Sakala to the new guys after one game is hilarious. Especially against at team that parked the bus for most the game as do most the teams in Scotland against Rangers.
Sakala's pace would have got him nowhere in a game like that.
Sakala's numbers as rather deceptive and he does not pass the eye test.
The real issue is the service. Tav and Borna have been very poor and it seems Beale does not want to play out wide but through the middle. There is no plan B either.

Kilmarnock only scored because the ball got stuck under Souttars feet on that terrible pitch.

Although there did seem a lack of energy, heart and confidence from the Rangers.

Not sure what the players are practicing in training as none of them seem to have the ball under control, especially with an opponent near them. No one can beat a man and move forward. No imagination.

Its going to be a long season so hopefully things will improve.

27.) 07 Aug 2023 10:14:22
Loyal and True, fair enough wasn't primary six though just a bit miffed no way I give up . Have a good night on Wed I'm working down south.

28.) 07 Aug 2023 15:05:21
Lundstrum ??????

Told you all last year and got slaughtered for same option you all seem to have now ?????.



04 Aug 2023 08:26:43
Not sure if it’s been posted here yet, apologies if so. Have been told Ben Davies is talking to Preston about returning to them.


1.) 04 Aug 2023 08:38:18
Really hope this is true I think Davies is an ok player but he’s the one holding us back from really making this a good window. If we can move him on and replace him with a quality centre back then we’d be in a great place. If him Sakala and Kamara all get sold for the quoted prices then our net spend on actual transfer fees would be near enough £0 when you include what we got for Colak as well.

2.) 04 Aug 2023 09:15:16
That would be great news. If we could get £10m+ for Sakala, Kamara and Davies we'd be in a good place. Shame it seems to have come too late to reinvest some of that in to Trusty though. I'd be up for a bid for McKenna at Forrest though given the homegrown status.

3.) 04 Aug 2023 09:21:13
Hopefully true, but Rangers are finding it very difficult to move players on.

4.) 04 Aug 2023 09:22:48
Iheard, he got a picture with someone in Lancaster 5 days ago. Had a sickness bug though.

5.) 04 Aug 2023 09:37:55
Hope its tr8e but could preston afford to pay 3/ 4m, unless its a loan also unless we've some1 to bring in we need to keep him.

6.) 04 Aug 2023 09:58:12
I'd take McKenna aswell he would do well for us.

7.) 04 Aug 2023 10:33:01
Heard this midweek Iheard, he gad been given permission to meet pne instead going to Germany

Hibs alleg Have made enquiry for Mccrorie six months loan this morning.

8.) 04 Aug 2023 10:43:14
Preston couldn't cough up a fairly small fee for Wright so I can't see them doing the price for Davies.

9.) 04 Aug 2023 11:14:53
Think we'll struggle to move any players on either through no other clubs thinking who we want to go are good enough or our valuations are way to high. I think we'll have a few players sitting out their contracts being paid fortunes who aren't good enough (which their entitled to do)

10.) 04 Aug 2023 11:29:23
Heard it was a loan to buy depending on the number of games he plays so it will trigger off the option supposedly but he doesn't want to go as believes he is part of the first choice pairing.

11.) 04 Aug 2023 11:57:19
Yo-Jimbo: Think McKenna would be a great signing.

12.) 04 Aug 2023 12:41:52
Been told, or saw a pic with him and a preston fan.

13.) 04 Aug 2023 14:14:09
Jester he wants out, that’s why he was not in Germany

He has family reasons.

14.) 04 Aug 2023 14:43:00
If Davies thinks he is first choice pairing he is deluding himself, just not good enough or suited to scottish football. but will find it hard to find someone to match our valuation.

15.) 04 Aug 2023 14:55:26
We badly need centre backs so weak in that area.

16.) 04 aug 2023 15:11:19
deluding himself?

while putting on a first team jersey and playing the entire time he's been here in the first team. i wonder how he can consider himself a first team player?

17.) 04 Aug 2023 15:51:39
A fully concentrated Davies would be a quality player but unfortunately, for family reasons he is desperate to get back home. Whether we can recover what we spent I am not sure but for a decent fee we would be better letting him go as he isn't going to be concentrating on his game. My only surprise is that our scouts were not aware of the family issue before we signed him.

I hope that he goes and that we maximise the funds we can recover and that everything works out for him back home.

18.) 04 Aug 2023 15:58:24
Not seen any picture, was told about it this morning that it’s all player/ PNE side right now we haven’t accepted a bid as of the last couple of days.

Here’s hoping we can move Davies on and get the right centre half in ASAP.

Also got told any more incomings depend on players leaving e. g. if Davies leaves we’ll bring in another centre half/ if Borna left then we’d look to bring in another left back.

19.) 04 aug 2023 16:26:37
i think we need a lb. because borna nor yilmaz is the right guy, imo.

20.) 04 Aug 2023 16:57:13
McKenna or Liam Lindsay would do, some Celtic connections there but maybe shouldn't judge them on that . ask anyway have a wee chat . Davies for Lindsay?

21.) 04 Aug 2023 17:34:14
Forest hust bid 21 million for ch from roma

Craig mullholl New head of academy at forest.

22.) 04 Aug 2023 18:51:22
We talk about 3-4m for davis to the championship is a lot. I'd take a rough guess there are probs 20+ cb's in championship that have cost 3m or more.

23.) 04 Aug 2023 21:59:09
Re. where will our goals cone from if Sakala, Roofe goes etc.
They've really not our mainstays.
Colak in my opinion was the wrong one to let go.
We need to score from all areas.
Tav, Goldson, Souttar, Cantwell, Cifuentes, Raskin, Lundstum and then we look at strikers etc.
Lammers, Danilo, Dessers, Sima. we are in a good place bears!
Chilaxe, when we click we will fly.
But it may not be this season, this is a plan, it may be next season we are flying!
But I hope we start now of course.
Be prepared for a bit of pain before we get going!



23 Jun 2023 16:19:23
Been told that Tom Davies knocked back interest from us in Jan. No update as of yet on if there’s been any developments/ differences in interest from our side or Davies’.


1.) 23 Jun 2023 16:22:59
Iheard, Maybe he did in January but why meet Beale a few times weeks ago?

2.) 23 Jun 2023 16:30:47
I hope to god we get him, quality player.

3.) 23 Jun 2023 16:58:38
Very much doubt he will be coming to us, he apparently knocked back fairly huge wages to stay at Everton, well over double what we’d be able to offer. So why would he come to us on vastly reduced wages when he could probably easily stay in England and get paid way more.

4.) 23 Jun 2023 17:12:47
I'd be delighted if we got him. Great talent. Didn't actually realize Beale had met with him a few weeks back?

5.) 23 Jun 2023 17:22:02
He won't get a team with Champions League prospects in England That could swing it for us. if he is interested and that's a BIG if.

6.) 23 Jun 2023 17:22:41
Don't want him at the club tbh, we have plenty who can operate in midfield and would no doubt ask for very high wages. Guess the only plus would be getting him back on track and selling back to the prem in a season or two.

7.) 23 Jun 2023 17:22:48
Beale my post is about Jan, I said I have no info on if there’s been any change from ours or Davies’s side on potentially joining now.

Besides I do not know his reasoning for knocking us back in Jan, that could range from not being interested in coming to us to wanting to keep his options upon in the summer.

8.) 23 Jun 2023 17:28:01
He knocked us back as Everton convinced him he would play a bigger role that was hardly the case can see him coming now.

9.) 23 Jun 2023 17:39:48
Tom Davies did not knock us back, as I understand it. We have to remember that at the time Davies was still recovering from a knee injury having subsequently had a Hamstring injury, (which was around April time), despite having had remedial work done on it the previous season and he previously had a knee injury.

Davies is Everton through and through and would have happily stayed at the Club had he been assured of first team football. That has not been forthcoming and it is the prime reason why he is leaving.

According to folks at the Echo his current wage is around £25,000 a week and we can certainly meet or beat that. With add ons relating to European progress and winning trophies his bonuses could easily increase that substantially and in any event, for Tom Davies, money is not the prime factor.

Will he come to us, I don't know. He would have no problem settling and he would have the opportunity to play in Europe and challenge for trophies, (something that is unlikely with some of the Clubs that I have heard mentioned in England that are interested in him) .
I am also hearing that there is an interest in Europe, in particular in Italy, and he would fit in well in their League however if we are interested then hopefully Michael Beale can convince him to sign for us. he is head and shoulders above Lundstram and Jack.
We can only hope!

10.) 23 Jun 2023 17:59:40
I was on an Everton forum earlier and those guys were saying Tom Davies has suffered from the instability at Everton. Apparently there has been 8 different managers during his time there. All trying to implement different styles, and putting Davies into different roles, and he’s never been able to reach his full potential as a result. Maybe Davies wants stability and a fresh challenge.

Someone above asked why would Davies choose Rangers when he could stay in England and earn more money. We have Beale who has know this lad as a boy, and can offer Davies regular first-steam football and help get him back on track. We did this with Tavernier, Cantwell, and Butland.

11.) 23 Jun 2023 18:26:56
Good post’s Verdant and Berkshire.

12.) 23 Jun 2023 18:30:13
Everton are one of the worst run clubs in the epl, I think Davies would do very well with us, he's supposed to have met Beale several times, if this is true, he must be interested in joining us.

13.) 23 Jun 2023 19:17:10
I would have took him before but not now .

Rejecting us in January tells me he would only be joining us because a lack of options and he's not really committed

Also we already have that position covered and possibly cifuentes joining midfield too.

14.) 23 jun 2023 19:32:38
Very few players want to go anywhere in january, they have all summer to make massive decisions on they're future

davies can play here a year or twp in europe, then return to england, that's what will be pitched to him by rangers.

15.) 23 Jun 2023 20:46:06
Am a everton fan as well as rangers let me say this Davis is a very good player but was more interested in socal media than football dressing in stupid clothing maybe he's grown up now after seeing what happened to deli Ali and lingard.

16.) 23 Jun 2023 21:01:02
Agree Tom.

17.) 23 Jun 2023 22:21:04
“More interested in social media than football” - Didn't people say the same thing about Cantwell when he was at Norwich?

When a team is being unsuccessful the fans go after anything and everything. I remember Rangers fans having a go at the players for watching too much Homeland and eating Nando’s when we were faulting under McCoist. I remember Celtic fans blaming Strachan’s iPad at one point when we were winning 55. Everton we’re faultering and so they have a go at Davies for using social media.

When a team is being successful nobody cares about these things.

18.) 23 Jun 2023 22:36:33
Calm down Verdant Butland has yet to kick a ball for us.

19.) 23 Jun 2023 23:04:29
I am calm, Foolmonty. In fact, I always had severe reservations about Butland. I’m concerned that we will lose McCrorie because we’ve signed him and that will be a massive mistake because we have such a promising young keeper at the club.

My point here is that we were only able to secure the signature of Butland because we can offer regular first-steam football. Even Lammers mentioned finding ‘stability’ after he signed. Rangers have much to offer players in terms of regular football, exposure to European football, and some consistency. A lot of these guys don’t want to be subject to constant loans, or to stay at a basket case club.

20.) 23 jun 2023 23:27:14
never believed mcrorie will be number one, still dont, love to be wrong but he's not on the same level as previous keepers.

21.) 24 Jun 2023 04:17:37
McCrorie has been very good for Rangers whenever he’s been asked to come in. He's already been called up for Scotland and I think he can push for that number one jersey once he gets regular football. McCrorie is simply too good to be a backup keeper for Rangers for the next 3 years and he knows it. I honestly believe we will now lose him as the lad is ambitious and wants to play regular first-steam football. If he goes down south and turns out to be a really great keeper we’ll kick ourselves. We’ll also be losing a player who has both ‘homegrown’ and ‘trained by the club’ status which is vital for those European squads.

22.) 24 Jun 2023 07:41:49
Tomthumb I agree, mccrorie not good enough yet, might be good enough in a year or two especially if he moves to England but not just now. Not experienced enough to handle the pressure of making the mistakes that would undoubtedly happen, mistakes can lose leagues and cups when at Rangers. I think Butland was the right move for us, better all round keeper.

23.) 25 Jun 2023 13:02:07
Regarding Tom Davies I am told by a previous colleague that is close to folks at the Liverpool Echo that he believes that Davies would definitely be interested in a move to Rangers but that there has been no recent contact between the player and the Club.
Despite rumours to the contrary, Davies would be within our wage range, (he was on £25k a week at Everton and his new contract was not at greatly increased terms.
I am told that money is not the prime motivator with game time and the opportunity to win trophies his main motivator.
Clubs that have been rumoured to be interested in him include Southampton and Leeds and I understand that he has also been offered a contract by a Serie A Team, (AS Monza was previously rumoured to be interested) .
I remain hopeful that we are interested in him and that Beale will convince him to come to Rangers. He is an immensely talented young football player that has lost his way, most certainly not helped by the continuous change of manager and the upheaval in the Boardroom.




IHeard's banter posts with other poster's replies to IHeard's banter posts


12 Jan 2024 14:58:13
Doig won’t be coming to us. Putting it plainly we can’t/ won’t (whatever you choose to believe) pay the fee Verona want or will get for him.

I see reports saying we are interested in him but interested only goes so far before you’re priced out. On Doig’s side I’ve been told he very much prefers a move to stay in Italy/ another top 5 league over us.

No harm to the lad he’s a good player and would instantly be the best LB in the league but with Yilmaz leaving imminently, I’d much rather we focused on bringing in a LB that is the quality much needed and realistically attainable in the very near future.

(Just for transparency this info isn’t from within Rangers. I’ve no info on if we’re showing a real interest in Doig, just going off reports) .


1.) 12 Jan 2024 15:57:23
Not any better than what we have anyway.

2.) 12 Jan 2024 17:13:34
If as expected and yilmaz does leave to sign for verona, i would prefer us to sign owen beck from liverpool on loan with an option to buy in the summer, as yilmaz's replacement ? He's a young, talented left back ???.

3.) 12 Jan 2024 18:55:44
Doig is probably no better than beck judging by footage only, experience and size his only advantages over beck. Smal looks a good bet and hopefully a deal can be done to bring him in.

4.) 12 Jan 2024 17:43:24
I don't have any inside info. but your spot on, if money is involved we can jog on.
We will never be able to afford most of the names mentioned in the last fortnight.
Sad, but true.

5.) 12 Jan 2024 17:54:57
Entitled to your opinion but in my opinion he’d be the best left back in the right now with an even higher ceiling of potential mate.

6.) 12 jan 2024 19:41:43
i agree, doig is head and shoulders, above any other lb for quite some time,

7.) 12 Jan 2024 20:04:03
Didn't really see the hype when playing for hibs either.

8.) 12 Jan 2024 20:56:14
Instantly be the best left back in Scotland if he came ?? what a load of bs bet you ain’t even seen him play more than a couple of games for Verona ? some of the nonsense on here is getting worse.

9.) 12 Jan 2024 22:00:06
He was good at Hibs, we couldn’t get him then so no surprise at what’s being said now.

10.) 12 Jan 2024 22:12:40
I'm choosing Yilmaz over doig everyday.



17 Oct 2023 18:20:00
Probably a bit over optimistic as Clement is just in, but it feels good to be excited to go watch us again already in the lead up to Hibs.

Makes a welcome change of it feeling a bit of a chore with the feeling around the club.


1.) 17 Oct 2023 18:44:50
Just remember if results are not great at start it's not his team and been left a mess.

2.) 17 Oct 2023 20:44:46
Yeah I'm really looking forward to attending the game this Saturday.
Definitely more optimistic about this season with PC at the helm.



30 Sep 2023 19:14:18
This isn’t new info.

Although, going off previous info I’ve had I would be surprised to see him get sacked tbh.

No matter how much we’ve seen this nightmare coming.


1.) 30 Sep 2023 19:25:11
He will be gone soon IHeard.

2.) 30 Sep 2023 19:28:39
There is an important game coming up midweek. We win this game Aris and we have 6 points from our opening two Europa league games. We will have one foot in the knockout rounds. The team fly out in the coming days. We then need to play St. Mirren next weekend before the international break.

Sacking the manage will send us in to free fall. Even if it was something the club intended to do now is not the time. It would need to wait until the international break. We need to give ourselves the best possible chance of winning the next two games.

3.) 30 Sep 2023 19:37:05
I'm sorry verdant but I think the team will struggle to come back from this under MB.

4.) 30 Sep 2023 19:38:37
Verdant nobody is buying this anymore.

5.) 30 Sep 2023 19:42:25
Totally agree Verdant I’m not defending Beale but we need to get these two games out of the way first then look at it.

6.) 30 Sep 2023 19:45:53
Verdant, you are probably correct but it has to happen sooner rather than later. He has made some terrible signings with no apparent thought as to where to play them. Having admitted himself that he needed to replace Kent we are subjected to having Wright in the team because we didn't sign a quality winger. Wright can't even find a Club to take him and clearly isn't rated by the Head Coach! As things stand at present we will be fighting it out for second if we are lucky.
Winning in Europe with this shower certainly isn't guaranteed. They lack fight, they lack quality and there isn't a winning mentality anywhere.
Beale is a dead man walking. It is only a matter of time before he is relieved of his duties.
The question is, does our Board have the balls to make the decision and bring in a top quality manager with a proven track record to replace him.

7.) 30 Sep 2023 19:51:30
Verdant have a day off how can you still back this man? Just admit you have made a mistake as we all have made mistakes on here. Takes a bigger man to admit he was wrong. You have went in far too much defending him constantly on here when the majority could see this coming.

8.) 30 Sep 2023 19:51:45
I hope so Trueblue.

I can see this reasoning Verdant and it’s valid for me. Although, I’ve no confidence in the current system we’ll be winning all the games up until the next international break.

So the question would be is it really worth keeping him on until the international break with points not guaranteed or get a manager (as long as it’s the correct one) in sooner rather than later.

9.) 30 Sep 2023 19:53:19
Nobody except verdant and his bunch of merry men but he’s probably right about the international break unfortunately. I will be surprised if he’s gone before then although I’d like to be surprised on Monday morning.

10.) 30 Sep 2023 19:56:27
Let's be honest Beale is not up to job never was never will be, wrong appointment in first place, he was going to be sacked at QPR and we stupidly paid them compensation. so time to cut our loses. no point on prolonging it. If true he was not unanimous choice in first place. those on board who did not vote for him need to step forward and correct the situation.

11.) 30 Sep 2023 19:59:05
Verdant, you are making me feel worse please stop. Wont matter a jot if we win next 2 games. The fact is we are in free fall already. We ain't going to win the europa. And the league has gone. "Thats what Beale does is win games" famous last words. Give it up.

12.) 30 Sep 2023 20:02:15
Verdant your backing of Beale is commendable but where do we draw the line? Beale is out of his depth. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in a Europa run. That only papers over the cracks. I want domestic success with the league being top priority and cups second. We ain't going to get that under Beale.

13.) 30 Sep 2023 20:03:11
Be 10 points behind come next Sunday under him because St Mirren will be lacking their chops just now. BEALE OUT NOW.

14.) 30 Sep 2023 20:13:36
Verdant last season we were waiting on a break to sack Gio and it ended up costing us more points.

15.) 30 Sep 2023 20:33:24
Already in free fall verdant. The league is basically done by end of september. Mb side is embarrassing.

16.) 30 Sep 2023 20:54:09
Supporting a manager because he has a 71% win rate and one hand on the LC even though he has just been beaten by a manager who has a 25% win rate and one hand on the LC?‍♂️.

17.) 30 Sep 2023 20:57:00
“ I'm not interested in a Europa run. ” - Too bad. Many of us are. The club depends on European success and player sales just to maintain financially. It's critical.

“I want domestic success l - You're in luck because we’ve got a League Cup semifinal at Hampden coming up. You might see us winning a much needed trophy very soon.

Also, for those saying we are a club in free fall - We aren’t. I’ve seen us in that position and thankfully we're not there yet. If Beale is sacked, McInnes knocks us back again, and we appoint and interim manager from within because nobody else will take this job on - Then we are in free fall. That's when we start getting hammered and humiliated by Rodgers again. That's when they start lording it over us again. We might become that team again very soon so stay tuned.

18.) 30 Sep 2023 21:32:41
We won't win the cup with MB in charge.

19.) 30 Sep 2023 21:50:46
Verdant, Like you, I am interested in Europe, I want to win every competition that we enter, even the League cup which I find meaningless, almost on a par with the Glasgow Cup.
That said I have absolutely no confidence that Beale can secure us a run in Europe, he most likely will fail to win the League Cup and in all honesty, do you really see us winning the league.
He cannot use the excuse of a DoF making the signings, they are 100% down to him and his Scouting Department and the vast majority of them have neither the attitude or the quality needed to be Rangers players in the true tradition of the Club. Dessers for one is a total embarrassment and exactly the type of player that will lose Beale his job.
If as John mentioned, we only have to pay £500k compensation if we get rid of him now then he and his coaching staff should be relieved of their duties as soon as possible.
If the Board hasn't already been looking at a replacement then they are culpable.

20.) 30 Sep 2023 22:59:33
I wouldn't be surprised if his Wife hasn't told him to pack it all in, there will be strife for sure, if I was him, I'd resign and take that payoff of £500K/ I will say that we need to get back to form quickly, and I certainly don't want a Frank Lampard or Sam Allardyce in charge, that would be more very expensive wasted money.

21.) 01 Oct 2023 01:19:19
Verdant were crap.

22.) 01 Oct 2023 01:45:00
We are odds on to win the League Cup and qualify for the Europa League knockout rounds. I do think this team and these players have the ability to achieve these things.

The boos and constantly threat of sack or sale must be completely demoralising to the team though. They look anxious, angry, and just unhappy. The fans have massive expectations that include booing wins. Some of these players must be wondering what they have walked into.



06 Sep 2023 21:44:14
Hi all, is anyone subscribed to the Rangers Review? I was considering it and was just wondering what others opinions are on their coverage? Thanks.


1.) 07 Sep 2023 02:32:57
I watch their free to view videos on YouTube and that’s more than enough for me. They do try and push sales a lot and that's getting tiresome. They try to sell:

- £12 annual subscription to their written articles.
- £3/ month to be a member on their channel and access video that are behind the paywall.
- They promote Seneca hair transplant company constantly.
- they just released a new app and want people to download it onto the phones.
- They did a live even a few weeks back and sold tickets for that.

As I said, I like the free videos. The information they provide is sound because they have behind the scenes access at Rangers. However, I’m not paying one YouTube channel £40 a year for their content.

2.) 07 Sep 2023 07:17:18
Iheard a personal choice, cheaper than buying a daily paper

The promotion of Seneca is because they sponsor the site, no different from 32 red sponsorship of rangers.

3.) 07 Sep 2023 08:32:34
Verdant quite a negative spin on the whole thing tbh. They mention Seneca once at the start of each video as a sponsor and try to push people to sign up to their paid content so they can keep doing the free stuff. £12 a year for their articles is nothing and £3 a month for something you use 5 days a week is also nothing. Very reasonable pricing in my opinion. If nobody signs up or they don’t have a sponsor then there’s no free content for you.

4.) 07 Sep 2023 09:44:38
Thanks guys, there daily vids are a okay watch I was looking at the £12 annual offer that may be worth it if there’s decent tactical insight in the articles.

Chris Jack writing for them now as well is a positive.



18 Aug 2023 12:40:36
If Romano is correct about Tyler Adams being sold to Bournemouth, it looks like Leeds will officially complete the deal for Kamara now.

Feels like it’s dragged on forever but that’s how football is sometimes.


1.) 18 Aug 2023 14:49:55
I’ve a feeling mate kamara isn’t going to go to Leeds.
It’s dragged on for so long now hasn’t it?
John or Copland front both u have always got good info, have yous heard what is happening with kamara move and likely destination? Esp regards to Leeds guys?

2.) 18 Aug 2023 15:14:49
Re kamara do not write off Southampton who have expressed interest this week.

3.) 18 Aug 2023 15:57:58
Southampton have a very very good academy John, what’s your opinion on that being clued up on the youth set up down there?
I was thinking perhaps they have a centre back that could do us a job or perhaps a pacy wife man.
Kill 2 birds with one stone kind a thing.

4.) 18 Aug 2023 16:04:00
The Kamara saga has been a shame. I think it all started with the Slavia Prague incident that, I'm my opinion, wasn't handled well by our club at the time. Sitting with the threat of prosecution couldn't have been easy. I haven't a clue what happened last summer but it looked like another instance of mismanagement. It is no wonder the player is disillusioned. Some of his performances in big games have shown that he is easily a £10m player in the current market. With correct handling and support, he will come good again.

5.) 18 Aug 2023 16:46:36
Stevie so many on here want an academy player or England u der 20, we can’t pay 4 to 10 million on a project

Bear how was mismanagement no team met our valuation, highest offer from france three million u think we should have undersold.




IHeard's rumour replies


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24 Dec 2023 14:57:29
Taremi is a top class striker regardless of age. There was talk if I remember right that he wanted a big signing on fee (when leaving on a free) that we won’t be able to afford to pay without taking into account his wages. 0% chance of Taremi happening.




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28 Oct 2023 04:28:33
Look in my complete personal opinion from the info I’ve gathered. Gio’s downfall was completely on partly being too lenient on player performances and partly being too defensive minded when setting up against teams we should be beating.

I have heard nothing of this around Clement of yet. I feel people aren’t completely understanding the rubbish show that Beale left him. Hopefully Clement can sort at least the majority of this out in Jan but it probably will take longer.

I know people won’t want to hear/ accept/ acknowledge it but at the very least our club has been a rubbish show since around appointing Beale (definitely longer as well) . But as usual we are left to pick up the pieces and trying to move forward.




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28 Oct 2023 04:15:11
One of my sources have told me Barisic isn’t signing a new contract he wants to leave. If the club can get a decent fee in Jan that they can use to replace him they will but my source reckons he will be here till the summer then leave for nothing

Personally I don’t see the logic in this. Imo we should’ve sold him when we knew he wasn’t staying but this is a criticism I have held for us for a while. Players tell us they aren’t resigning and rather selling them for the millions we let them go for a free because we have (and probably will) regard 6/ 12 months of their service on the field is worth more than a couple of million in a transfer fee.

Personally I cannot wait to see the back of Barisic, he is nothing but a decent delivery of the ball that has the belief he’s destined for bigger leagues. That’s not getting me started on his “phantom injuries” by the way.

Rangers Football Club will be in a better situation when Barisic finally leaves. That I put whatever little reputation I have on this site on.




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27 Oct 2023 06:29:06
I should add by the way for full clarification.

This info I was told about Weir wasn’t recent, was around the time of our Europa League run under Gio (was also not a conversation based on any concrete info of Weir returning just hypothetically at the time) .

So things could’ve very much changed on Weir’s end in that time but just sharing that info I was told.




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27 Oct 2023 03:29:42
I don’t have any info on who we’re looking at for DOF.

From what I remember from a while ago whatever club Bocanegra was at (maybe Atlanta) the fans were calling him useless and calling for head, so I wouldn’t think the club are looking at him.

I have mutual friends of Weir and they are of the opinion that he absolutely still loves our club and supports us but he wouldn’t be in a hurry to come work here again after his experience of being sacked with Warburton.

Especially when he’s a valued member of staff at Brighton there is some bad feeling there on how things are done (and yes I’m very aware the board has changed since then) .





IHeard's banter replies


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12 Jan 2024 17:54:57
Entitled to your opinion but in my opinion he’d be the best left back in the right now with an even higher ceiling of potential mate.




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30 Sep 2023 19:51:45
I hope so Trueblue.

I can see this reasoning Verdant and it’s valid for me. Although, I’ve no confidence in the current system we’ll be winning all the games up until the next international break.

So the question would be is it really worth keeping him on until the international break with points not guaranteed or get a manager (as long as it’s the correct one) in sooner rather than later.




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07 Sep 2023 09:44:38
Thanks guys, there daily vids are a okay watch I was looking at the £12 annual offer that may be worth it if there’s decent tactical insight in the articles.

Chris Jack writing for them now as well is a positive.




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07 Nov 2022 09:54:36
No chance it’s Vanoli he’s taking a job in the Serie B of a team recently relegated from Serie A.




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